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"Running is a victory, this race is a prophecy."
the basics
NAME || Briarkit, Robinkit, Robinpaw, Robinflight
CLAN || Moorclan
RANK || Warrior
AGE || 19 moons
GENDER || Molly
SEXUALITY || Undecided
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || Light brown broken tabby with golden eyes.
APPEARANCE || A beautiful light brown tabby who looks gold in the right lighting, Robinflight's stripes are a clear contrast. They're a dark brown, nearly black, with a broken pattern. Golden eyes are ringed by cream colored fur and her muzzle is covered in white, though not from age. Her small size does not keep her from streaking across the moor with all the speed of longer-limbed cats and is a direct contrast to both of her birth parents' sizes. Because of her boundless energy, she is often at least a little dusty.
the personality
LIKES || Racing, running, playing with her siblings, spending time with Cherrybloom, the scent of lavender
DISLIKES || Staying still, hurting others for no reason, being mocked for her size, being rude to others
DREAMS || Become an accomplished warrior of Moorclan, train at least one apprentice, have at least one litter of kits
FEARS || Being forced to leave if she or anyone learns who her birth parents are, being alone, dying or losing loved ones to the Spore
OVERALL || Robinflight is a very upbeat and happy molly. She loves to cheer others up almost as much as she yearns for the feeling of darting across the moor. Never say anything cruel in her hearing, because she will be the first to stand up for whoever the victim is. It's hard for her to stay still because of her sheer amount of energy at all times. Her mentor Honeyheart often complained of it during her training. She is dedicated to Moorclan, though even she is unsure if it's because she loves her home more than she fears being forced to leave it. Robinflight so desperately does not want to find out where she came from that she will try to change the subject if it comes up or simply leave if that fails.
the history
FATHER || Cobrastrike, Fogsplash
MOTHER || Hollysky, Cherrybloom
SIBLINGS || Sagekit, Sunpaw, Morningpaw
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || Cherrybloom, Honeyheart
HISTORY || Like many young cats born during or after the reign of Bonestar, Robinflight's story started before her birth. Her father, Cobrastrike, and mother, Hollysky, were once both warriors of Gorgeclan. They grew up merely a moon apart from one another and were fast friends that evolved into more as time went on. Their relationship was tested the day Cobrastrike struck out against Bonestar and found himself not only scarred for life, but homeless and alone, banished from the gorge and forced to half-live in the broken Creekclan. Hollysky remained, fearing for the life of herself and her unborn kits.
Bonestar used their kits against Hollysky. He forced her compliance and skills by threatening harm or worse on them should she try to escape or otherwise work against him. Briarkit and Sagekit were born into a fearful clan and lived in uneasy silence with their mother in the queen's den. The day Bonestar fell, Hollysky fought and died on his side while Shadowfall, the only other queen in the nursery, tried to escape with the kits. Sagekit still met a tragic end at the claws of a Bonestar warrior.
Shadowfall, now fatally injured but stubborn enough to keep Briarkit alive as long as possible, made the long trek to Moorclan territory. She did not make it. Her body failed her and she fell to the ground with Briarkit tucked safely against her. But Briarkit would not give up without a fight. She kept moving in the same direction as the now-deceased Shadowfall had indicated would give them safety before she, too, fell to exhaustion. This was how the Moorclan patrol found her.
Briarkit was rushed to the camp and adopted by Cherrybloom. Not that she was aware of this until later, as the fear and exhaustion and exposure to elements she wasn't ready for made her incredibly sick. She spent her first moon in Moorclan in and out of the medicine cat den with a fever and nightmares until finally settling down. The clan, who had left her unnamed in hopes she would get well and remember it herself, was forced to admit that her mind must have shut away the trauma of her escape. She was renamed Robinkit and grew up with two younger siblings.
Sunpaw and Morningpaw, two moons younger than her but already threatening to grow bigger, were her best friends even as she transitioned into apprenticeship under the warrior Honeyheart. She had an uneventful six moons before earning her warrior name of Robinflight for her sheer speed while hunting and fighting. Robinflight knows that she was born elsewhere; Cherrybloom and Fogsplash never hid that from her. However, she does not know that she was from a different clan nor that her birth mother and sister are dead. She doesn't even know that her birth father is alive, long moved on to Creekclan as he was.
With the arrival of the Spore, things started to change for. Many cats were falling ill and even dying to the disease until the decision was made to combine the Clans. Robinflight feels uneasy on most of Creekclan's territory, so used is she to the openness of the moor, and is somewhat frightened of all the new cats that have been thrust into the same space as her. She keeps to herself as much as possible to continue confronting whatever may still lie in her past.
the roleplayer
ANYTHING ELSE || At this time, no one knows that her birth father is Cobrastrike and her mother was Hollysky. This also makes her unaware that Strikekit and Adderkit are her half siblings.
made by remi of rilla go!

19 moons
Moorclan Warrior
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