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Nov 4, 2019 18:28:14 GMT

Uproar has a multi staged plot that is driven by the characters, for the characters. 


"Trust has been broken, bonds have been severed and now the clans don't know where they stand with one another. But they will be forced to decide and come together once more... or they will all perish.

Death is coming.

In the middle of the night, all she can do is muffle a scream. Pain flashes through her body, an electric sensation flooding every nerve. Her lungs feel compressed and soon she'll die of asphyxiation. Her eyes will remain forever open, every breath she drew now gone, every smile she possessed no longer on her face. A singular cough escapes her dying body, a tinkle of blood slips past her lips. 

Medicine cats struggle to treat symptoms which appear to wax and wane, cats from all three clans begin to feel the struggle. While some may exhibit symptoms one day and none the next, no one can tell for certain who is contagious and who is not. But as the sickness claims it's first life, a Moorclan warrior, and mushrooms begin to sprout quickly from her barely cold body... the illness scratches it's name into history as The Spore.


"Do you see them on the horizon? A group of cats basked in sunlight, masking their faces. They are our saviors... they are our cure."

Isolate the sick, bring out the dead.

Fear rattles the mind of many, the dead lay in mass graves not far from what was once home to the mighty Gorgeclan. Clans have united, in times where they needed to do so. A group of two-legs wander into the forest, they pull the mushroom ring from the Blessed Stumps and retreat as if nothing had happened. The spore - in it's state of airborn - is almost no longer infecting felines. However, the Medicine cat's soon discover the illness nows spreads from contact, meaning what they always worried about is coming true. It is contagious. 

With nothing left to do, with so many of their own dead, the clans join as one, naming themselves Oneclan for the time being. The great Fangstar and Stoatstar die, leaving their deputies to becomes figure heads for their former clan mates. Only Spiritstar remains, and he too has stripped himself of his leader name to become Spiritsong once more. But with no sign for a cure, the sick either get sicker or begin to recover. But with their quarantine status, there is nothing stopping them from catching the spore once more, and becoming ill in an endless cycle.

All the clans can do, is hope for a cure.

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