Brinvoss: A Fantasy Equine RPG

Jul 30, 2020 2:42:49 GMT
Once upon a time, there were four kingdoms: Earth, Fire, Ice, and Air. Once upon a time, they were as one. Once upon a time, the world shattered like glass. The inhabitants of the four kingdoms no longer have any knowledge of each other, or of the world outside their borders. They live within a defined status quo, but how long can such isolated worlds exist before they outgrow themselves?

Combining concepts from traditional play-by-post forum RPGs, tabletop RPGs such as D&D, and art RPGs popular on deviantART, Brinvoss is an experimental mystery game. Players will answer a few questions to get started, then be sorted into their factions completely blind. Each faction has its own positives and negatives, with no advantage over any other, but players will have no idea what they’re getting into before joining. Once part of your faction, you cannot reveal what you have learned to anyone in any other factions, as the first story arc of this game will have players working within their isolated groups to solve the mystery of Brinvoss: What happened to the world? How can characters who have no knowledge of the world beyond their borders ever hope to restore it?

-- A constant site-wide plot for characters to interact with, similar to a tabletop RPG campaign
-- A chance for every player to have a character who becomes legendary within the world of Brinvoss, including a plot tailored to this character
-- Various goals to work towards, including stats and rare coat types
-- A Discord server with dedicated faction chats so players can discuss plots, clues and their parts of the mystery
-- And More? You’ll have to join and find out.

Your world is entirely normal, and exactly what it should be. There is nothing wrong. Go back to sleep.


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