Eclipsing Moon Semi-Traditional Warrior Cat RP

Jul 26, 2020 23:13:47 GMT


elcome to Eclipsing Moon! A semi-traditional Warrior Cat rp! We are a brand new site mostly based off of the Erin Hunter series that we all read and fell in love with! It is a sandbox style forum with no real site plot; giving room to making a site plot or event later in the future! The era is set before the first book era written by Erin Hunter; before the days of Bluestar and Firepaw with free range for all sorts of plotting! We also offer so many things for you if you decide to join us!

-High Ranks available
-Staff positions open
-Sandbox style forum
-One account per user
-150 word count minimum
-simple rules
-Interesting layout
-Room for improvement
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-All levels of writing welcome
-PG13 site
-High activity
-Discord too!

As we are a brand new site we are looking for staffing with experience to be able to help make the site better as well as all sorts of members to be able to start this site to get it up and running smoothly! Everyone is welcome!

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