Out There in the Woods ~ A Camping Inspired Warrior Cats RP

Jul 8, 2020 16:39:35 GMT

Out There in the Woods or OTW, is a 13+ Warrior Cats Roleplay on hosted on Proboards. It focuses on two cat colonies who live in a forest that is cut through by a large creek, based on Camp Redwing in Western Pennsylvania.

The Tribe of the Flowing Creek has lived on the land for many moons. They live and die by their traditions, which have remained the same since their beginning. They believe in acting as one with nature and that each cat has a destiny all their own that they must follow.

RedwingClan is a much younger colony by comparison, having only formed ten generations ago. They are proud and fierce and are all about individual freedom and ambition. They have taken over territory that once was a Twoleg campsite. They have unique abilities, like being able to harness flint in order to create campfires.

OTW Features:
- 2 unique and complex colonies with original hierarchies, featuring many high and mid-rank positions

- an original religion

- diverse name list with many possible combinations

- a shop, where you can buy features with onsite currency you earn while roleplaying

- a breeding system that randomizes kits based on parent’s traits

- a character application that is simple, but can be as complex as desired

- an adoption system that allows for better player interactions

- real life seasons system

- liquid time roleplay systems

- LGBTQ+ friendly

Amber Angelle

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