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the basics
NAME || nina
CLAN || kittypet
RANK || kittypet
AGE || 34 moons
GENDER || molly
SEXUALITY || bisexual
OTHER || meh
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || a fluffy seal-point she-cat with blue eyes.
APPEARANCE || When many look at Nina, it's hard to tell where her actual framework starts and her fluff begins. While it may not look like it, she's quite the compact cat. Her body is smaller, and her height isn't all that impressive. In fact, her height makes her look younger than what she really is. But the volume of her fur gives her a little extra advantage, and she tries to use it in her favor when she roams the area around her house. Most of her fur is a creamy off white tone. However, her points are accented with a dark brown, with some lighter tones of brown fading in and out. Her eyes are a pleasant bright blue.  
the personality
LIKES || wandering, other cats, making friends, romance, leaf-fall(or autumn)
DISLIKES || fighting, dogs, vegetables, black cats
DREAMS || to meet a clan cat
FEARS || somehow being separated from her home
OVERALL || Nina is quite the comical cat. She has a knack for romance and a bright personality. She'd happily play match maker with her friends, and is constantly on the prowl for juicy gossip. This molly is quite charismatic, though can lack some street smarts when they're necessary. Nina, while a kittypet, does get to roam the area surrounding the village. While her two-legs sometimes do lock the cat door, she usually has free reign and appreciates this more than many know. She sees herself as the Queen of her domain. Nina can be quite prissy, though usually it's if her fur gets too wet or she's thrown scraps of two-leg food she would prefer to not eat. Her need for adventure can get her into trouble sometimes, but she always finds her way home and would prefer to keep it that way.  
the history
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || her friends Fran & Sharkbait
HISTORY || Nina's history isn't one that she truly knows much about, and it's definitely not one full of excitement. She was taken from her family when she was but a young thing. And while she may have preferred to stay with her siblings and her parents, she hardly remembers their faces or much about them. She grew up along her two-legs, who she has come to know as Mark and Diane. While they feed her and care for her, she is also allowed outside and to roam as she pleases. This has brought her comfort and friends. Fran, or Francesca...and Sharkbait, are two of her closest pals. They also live in the village and the three seem to go on adventures together as they please. Nina has made quite a name for herself in the village as she seems to do daily rounds and receives love and scraps from her neighbors. In the 34 moons of her life, she has never had a bad encounter with another cat, although she does remember a cat telling her of clans and has marked it down as a dream to meet one. 
the roleplayer
ANYTHING ELSE || any questions or comments you might have, either to the admin, or other people who wish to interact with your character
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