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Jun 4, 2020 0:38:43 GMT


"Blizzardberry, come with me." As the raven leader signaled for the young queen to join him at his side, there was a certain tension about him that was rarely ever seen in Spiritsong, much less by those outside his home clan. Where setting his pale yellow gaze upon the pregnant belly of a queen - the promise of new life no matter to what clan it belonged - had always brought him pride and hope, all the tom felt as he looked upon this young molly was a prickle of discomfort and niggling betrayal.

Without another word, the tom swished his tail and set off away from camp at a brisk yet still forgiving pace.

Spiritsong had never once doubted his medicine cat. Since Skywhisper had taken over his former mentor's post as the carer of their clan, a healer to be trusted and respected, he had faith that the albeit quiet tom would always do what was best for the clan. Even if they never quite got the opportunity to be as close as Spiritsong would have liked, his faith in Skywhisper had never once wavered over the moons. The tom was loyal, resilient, intelligent...and most of all, he put the clan first. There was not a time Spiritsong had doubted that if needed, Moorclan would have been in no safer paws than with Skywhisper and Applecloud. think he might have been wrong in that belief sent a chill along the leader's spine. His closest connection to Skywhisper may well have been their shared, strong connection to Starclan. Their faith. Yet there was no denying that in this instance, Skywhisper's faith must have been severed somehow. Or perhaps it was not his faith...though Spiritsong refused to acknowledge the possibility that it was instead the healer's loyalty that had faltered.

The leader walked in silence with the turmoil of his thoughts, a clear signal he was not in the mood for conversation. Yet even so, he still cast the occasional side glance to the snowy Creekclanner, mindful that while not too far along, she was still in her first pregnancy all the same. The kits she carried were not at fault for their parents decisions.

In time the pair arrived at the border of the quarantine lands, where Spiritsong settled a safe distance away and signaled Blizzardberry to follow suit. However, though they had clearly arrived where he intended, the tom remained deathly silent as he stared across the border, waiting.

Finally, a cat appeared. A young tom, one of the healthier across the border Spiritsong presumed by the way he held himself. No doubt he was out hunting, or on some other resource gathering escapade. However as he spotted the cats near the border, he paused to stare at them before cautiously approaching to pause just within earshot. "Please fetch Skywhisper for me - we need to speak with him. Tell him it's important, but not moreso than any patients who require immediate care."

As soon as the young tom had nodded and wheeled around back into the musty scented territory, Spiritsong fell back into his silent wait once more, tail twitching in agitation at his side. The medicine code be damned...Spiritsong had always trusted his medicine cat first and foremost to never put his clan at risk. That was a trust he had clearly seen fit to break - Spiritsong needed to know why.

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Jun 4, 2020 1:55:24 GMT
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THE FROSTY TOM RAISED HIS HEAD IN SURPRISE AT THE YOUNG TOM'S REQUEST. It had been weeks since he heard anything from OneClan, much less spoken to Spiritsong. He could not be more eager to see his leader despite the trying times. He turned to his trusty apprentice Lilypaw and waved his tail over the rest of the camp, indicating that she would be on her own. Skywhisper had no doubt she could handle it. Lilypaw was growing more and more capable every day. "Spiritstar wants to see me. I hope it's good news."

Cleaning his paws carefully, Skywhisper hoped this meeting would not risk the healthy of OneClan too much. If Spiritsong needed to see him this badly, enough to risk the spread of the Spore, it had to be big news. He took off across GorgeClan territory alone, as fast as his feet could carry him. Pale blue eyes spotted his familiar black-pelted leader, and Skywhisper could not help but allow himself a relieved smile. He bounded toward the border of the more heavily forested CreekClan territory.

But even in his eagerness, Skywhisper could not feel like something was off.

Next to Spiritsong stood a young white fae, delicate as the snow on MoorClan's hills in leaf-bare. An escort? Surely not. A medicine cat sometimes brought a warrior along for protection, but a leader like Spiritsong was perfectly capable of defending himself. A representative perhaps? Her build told him she belonged to CreekClan, but Skywhisper could not recall her name.

As he drew closer, Skywhisper could easily tell the white she-cat was heavily pregnant. His heart dropped. Was she ill? Was OneClan starting to develop more Spore-infected cats? Perhaps the quarantine had not been enough. Skywhisper opened his jaws to detect the musty scent of the Spore, but could find none. He gave them both a curious and dubious glance. What was she doing so far from the safety of the camp? It must have been a tiring journey for a queen.

His mind was riddled with questions, but Skywhisper gave no indication of such. He dipped his head quietly to Spiritsong and the CreekClan companion, waiting for them to begin the news.
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