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the basics
NAME || Foxhowl 
CLAN || Moorclan 
RANK || Warrior 
AGE || 18 moons 
GENDER || Male
SEXUALITY || Homosexual 
OTHER || anything else to note?
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || Reddish long haired Tom with golden eyes 
APPEARANCE || Foxhowl is one fluffy boy but underneath all that beautiful fur is solid muscle which he honed by hunting and training daily with his other clan-mates. His coat is a rich reddish brown color with dark streaks near his back end his underside is a snowy white. His eyes are a yellowish color almost golden sort of.
the personality
LIKES || Eating, Hunting, Cages 
DISLIKES || Storms, heavy rain, his fur getting matted 
DREAMS || live his life to the fullest!
FEARS || Coyotes 
OVERALL || Foxhowl is easily described as a reckless and restless ex kitty-pet. His mother would always scold him for not sitting still whenever she groomed him or when his mother’s owner would try and groom him. As a kitten he liked to tease his various siblings be it the younger ones or his older step-siblings from the other breeding cats that lived in the house with them. He won't hesitate to call someone out on their crap, he hates when others call him names and stuff. Strong spirited, hard headed Foxhowl rarely takes offense to their words or actions unless they turn into something more violent. Level-headed, thoughtful. He always seems to know what to do in a situation because he tries to analyze before he acts. He's protective of his family's honor and his Clan's honor and hates when people speak bad about either. He knows that even though the rest of his family are kitty-pets he hold no ill will against them as they chose their path to live in the lap of luxury.
the history
FATHER || Brandy 
MOTHER || Rosemary 
SIBLINGS || Multiple from various litters 
HISTORY || Originally the son of a breeder kitty-pet Fox like to think his knowledge of the human world is a big asset to the clan, and in ways he’s right. Although, surely other wild born clan members want nothing to hear or say about the humans. Foxhowl eventually leaves his breeders home when he comes of age, bidding his family a fond farewell before hopping over the chain link fence and races down the street. Overly excited Foxhowl’s adventure nearly ended there via almost getting hit by a car but thankfully the gods were watching over him and it missed him by a foot or so. He continues racing down the side of the road and out of his neighborhood and cuts through a park leading to the forest where he would stay for a few weeks, it gave him a taste of what to come having an encounter with a bold fox he is saved or as he likes to tell he helped them fight the fox by some Moorclan warrior cats. They invite him into their clan and a teenage Foxhowl joins the ranks and eventually earns his warrior name which is Foxhowl. He likes to think that’s its from his battle with the fox or his beautiful red colored coat.
the roleplayer
ALIAS || @kondotora
OTHER CHARACTERS || @thornfoot
ANYTHING ELSE || any questions or comments you might have, either to the admin, or other people who wish to interact with your character
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