In The Eyes of Fate (HALFMOON)

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May 31, 2020 5:45:39 GMT
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The dream begins for all much like the last one ended. You feel weak and heavy, a musty scent - perhaps familiar now - cloying in the air like a rich, poisonous perfume. You are within the Blessed Stumps once more, where the clans have not laid paw since the twolegs came to take away the mushrooms that remain present in your dream.

As you gain focus, you see these mushrooms disappear, blinking out one by one. With each, the musty scent weakens, fading until it seems to have only one distinct source, wafting from behind you. However, the fallen remain. To the right of the Blessed Stumps weaves a peaceful stream. To the left, a twisted, leafless tree. Ahead, a mountain standing tall and firm. Surrounding all of these are the fallen, friends and foes alike surrounded by wilted, useless herbs. Yet more notably, as the scent fades away from your right, the bodies too fade, and in their place new cats play and hunt. All except for those to your left, who remain limp around the base of the gnarled tree. Only there does the scent remain, even as the rest of the world seems to recover before your eyes. The problem has shrunk...but it still remains.

Should you turn away from the fallen, however. Should you push aside devastation and seek a solution, you would look back toward the mountain and watch as it moves, morphing and twisting into the shape of a cat silhouetted by fading light. This cat seems featureless, shrouded in shadow...however its eyes seem to glow, and the difference between them is unmistakable. Staring back at you is one eye as blue as the sky above, and one as green as the grass underpaw.

They stare a moment more, before blinking the world into darkness once again.

However, as you rouse from your slumber, it seems reality is loathe to reappear. Instead of waking within your dens, you find yourself within a peaceful clearing full of bright flowers, surrounded by lush trees that echo to you the sounds of prey. The air is warm, pleasant, and brings to you a sensation of peace. While you gather your bearings once more, you notice that you are not alone, though this time it is neither fallen kin nor shadowed figures. Around your rouse your fellow medicine cats, confined to the same peaceful meadow, of which in its center lies a single, large tree stump. Curled upon this stump is a cat who appears by all means to be asleep, their star-dappled flanks slowly rising and falling in restful slumber.

What are you to make of this?

Welcome to yet another Halfmoon! This one is a little different than the usual, for with the separation of the medicine cats and the risk that is travelling through Spore infested lands to the Starpool, the decision was made to hope for Starclan to come to them in their own nests, and discuss across the border the next day. It was fortunate, then, that Starclan was indeed watching over you, for they have granted this one wish.

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Make note that as this is a direct contact thread, STARCLAN may or may not respond to this thread at a later point. You will be notified if you need to wait for Starclan to respond before continuing the thread, so do not worry about that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask staff and we will help however we can. <3

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May 31, 2020 18:55:07 GMT

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The price of  YOUR GREED,

your sons and your daughters
Although she much rather preferred meeting at the Starpool - was she ever going to get to talk to the medicine cats in quarantine? - she understood the need to stay away from the diseased lands and it was with a heavy sigh that she finally allowed herself to curl up in her nest, body arguing for rest and immediately growing heavy. She kept an eye cracked, for a moment, to see if Featherpaw was right behind her or running late but sleep took her before she could truly tell.

Her body remains heavy, even as she wakes, an unfortunately familiar musty smell assaulting her senses. It takes a long moment, one filled with hot panic, before Flickerfrost realizes that she is in fact dreaming, the Blessed Stumps stretched before her much like the last dream she had. She frowned, nose scrunched in a vain attempt to remove the smell from it, but it was useless. There was a minute spark of hope warming her chest, despite her surroundings; she'd been worried StarClan wouldn't come to them if they hadn't gone to them first, but it seemed StarClan was still with them in their time of need. She felt she was justified in not giving up on them.

The fog that had covered her eyes upon waking slowly dissipated. She blinked a few more times to completely rid it, watching as the mushrooms disappear one by one. With a cry, she rushed forward, closing in on the Blessed Stumps just as the last vanished from sight, glancing around warily as if they would spring up around her for getting too close. It's then that she noticed the smell of the Spore wasn't as strong, fading just like the mushrooms had, until one pungent source remained - behind her. She glanced that way before turning her attention back to the grounds in front of her - the bodies of the deceased remained, and she was forced to look away before emotion could cloud her thoughts. Flickerfrost had grieved. It was behind her.

Flickerfrost instead takes in her surroundings, the mountain and trees and stream and the useless herbs that had done nothing to help them. Her grief is briefly interrupted by a spark of annoyance - again, what good were they as medicine cats if they couldn't even use the herbs around them to heal? She cast that aside as well, shaking her head to clear it. There was no time for that! "What are you trying to tell me?" She whispered, voice both begging and curious at the same time.

As she stood there, wondering, she noticed that the smell was fading once more, from her right, and she caught movement from the corner of her eye, dragging her attention to the stream. Before her eyes, the fallen fade like a forgotten thought, replaced quickly by frolicking cats. "Hey!" She called. The new cats paid her no mind and she realized they probably couldn't even see her. Paw raised, she meant to take a step in that direction before the fur on the back of her neck stood, urging her to look to the mountains. She did, not one to ignore her instincts, and gasped as the image before her changed, a cat then staring back at her, eyes different colors and so vivid. "Who are you!"

Flickerfrost jumped forward, running as quick as she could to get to the cat despite knowing she couldn't realistically do so. The world around her plummeted into darkness and when she next blinked her eyes open, she was flailing around on the ground as if she had been running. "Featherpaw!" She called, believing to have woken in her den. "Are you awake?" She glanced at what would have been the general direction of her apprentice's nest, only to find she wasn't even in her den, though she was surrounded by the other medicine cats. She didn't call for them, figuring they'd wake in time if they were all brought there together, and instead took in her surroundings, staring in amazement at the clearing they were in. Were they in StarClan?

Her questions were answered when her eyes fell upon the still figure of a starry cat. If they weren't in StarClan, they were pretty darn close. "Greetings," she said respectfully, slowly padding forward until she was beside the tree stump the cat slumbered upon. It appeared to be asleep, but if it was a message from StarClan, she couldn't logically believe that the cat would sleep for long after they all woke. "Please, if you have a message for us," she trailed off, glancing behind her as the others started to rouse, gesturing for Spiderfrost and Featherpaw to come to her and nodding firmly to Skywhisper and Lilypaw. They didn't have time to catch up, despite how much she had wanted to.


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Jun 3, 2020 3:38:44 GMT
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FOR A MOMENT, HE GAZED LONGINGLY INTO THE ONECLAN TERRITORY. He knew there was no way the other medicine cats were coming to the Starpool. It was far in the quarantine lands, and he doubted the Clans would take such a risk. Skywhisper stopped for a moment to wait for Lilypaw, his apprentice. It had been a dreary moon. The sick cats would seem better on certain days, and then worse on others.

He still insisted that the two of them journey to the Starpool. Just one night, he reasoned. Surely the sick cats could manage without them for just one night. Skywhisper longed for any sort of message from their ancestors, convinced that was the only way they could figure out this mysterious disease. But in the back of his mind, he couldn't help feeling a little guilty for leaving the sick on their own.

"Come on, Lilypaw," he meowed gently. Perhaps she was thinking the same thing. He felt unspeakably proud of his apprentice for sticking with him through these moons. As soon as they arrived, Skywhisper peered into the water of the Starpool, almost a little too eagerly. Please StarClan, he pleaded at his own watery reflection, say something. He crouched down and fell almost instantly into darkness.

His muscles were weak as he opened his eyes. For a moment, Skywhisper forgot about their journey to Starpool and thought himself back to the GorgeClan camp. The musty smell filled his nostrils, and a panicked, conditioned reaction brought him to his feet. He was ready to rush to the sick cat at any moment. But instead, he recognized the Blessed Stumps. Blinking, Skywhisper thought it his own imagination as mushrooms disappeared around the Stumps. However, he realized that the Spore's signature smell began to disappear as well. Skywhisper continued to stand among the fallen bodies of his Clanmates. Some of them seemed vaguely familiar, but he could not pin a name on any of them. The scene seemed to signal rebirth, Skywhisper thought. But something made him very uncomfortable about it.

He wanted to help the fallen, but his paws directed him away. Instead, he found himself facing a looming mountain. It seemed to move, twist, and mold. He gave a startled yowl and tried to notify the other cats about the strange phenomenon. Two distinctly different blue and green eyes locked onto his gaze. Skywhisper froze, a chill going up his spine. The eyes consumed his attention and focus, blurring out everything around him. He could not look away, until he was plunged back into darkness.

And yet he awoke again. He stood up, expecting the familiar scene of Starpool and Lilypaw next to him. To his surprise, it was instead a lush clearing. Warm sunshine hit his pelt, and grass tickled his pads. It was a feeling he missed since entering the rocky GorgeClan ravine.

A soft rustle alerted him that he was not alone.

Lilypaw was next to him. Skywhisper turned to see Featherpaw, Flickerfrost, and Spiderfrost all in the same clearing. Their pelts glittered with starlight. Surely they were not dead and in StarClan? He stared, confused and unsure where to begin. There somehow so much to share but simultaneously so depressingly little.

Instead, he followed Flickerfrost's gaze and turned to the stranger on the tree stump.

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