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The burgundy figure haunted the tom's sleepless dreams. With his reemergence, the atrocities of the past felt real yet again. The past had been buried over and over, Sablefox having tried desperately to move on with his life and see beyond the sins of Bonestar and Screechclaw. But, the fact of the matter was - the tabby was alive...He had somehow survived the harsh lifestyle of a rogue. For moons, Sablefox claimed he had no family. But, to say such things now would be a complete lie. Sablefox was no liar, but he determinedly wanted nothing of the past. If only the past could be washed away as easy as it is to wash away blood.

Frustrated at his own thoughts, he pushed them aside and shook his head; pushing on further through the marshy terrain. The hulking warrior was drenched from paw tip to just below his neck. The mist was thick, but he could make out his direction vaguely enough. He pushed through the soggy grounds, emerging up and out of the marsh and drawing towards the moors that nestled in beside the wet, soggy, slippery hunting grounds.

Sablefox missed his homeland. The constant wet feeling beneath his paws made him ever so slightly uncomfortable. He was grateful for somewhere to call home, somewhere safe for GorgeClan to settle, or - OneClan, but, he did miss the simplicity of the trees, the shelter they provided and of course the squirrels and various types of bird. He sat soundlessly in the moor, his tail casting back and forth; his mind fluttering with thoughts of home. Would they ever return back? Sablefox hoped so, he hoped for one day soon.

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