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The warrior grumbled in annoyance as he lurked through the dense undergrowth. Vrieseapaw, his apprentice had not been around the camp when he had gone searching for her. The russet coloured male had plans to take his young apprentice patrolling the borders, but at her absence, he had learned that perhaps she had gone off exploring on her lonesome. Covesplash was not sure where the she-cat may have gone, or why, but he couldn't help but feel drawn towards the borders shared with the quarantined zone. Although the borders here were not monitored strictly as much as those posing actual threat, he couldn't help but wonder. Vrieseapaw had expressed much interest in the wonders of her heritage; GorgeClan, but alas it was forbidden to go near the quarantined lands. And, of course with Covesplash hailing from CreekClan, he knew sparse information about the mysteries of GorgeClan.

The tom felt frustrated as his own apprentice had somehow managed to escape his eye. Covesplash was usually fairly relaxed; allowing his apprentices time in between sessions to play with den-mates and rest - even going as far to allow them to hunt with another but with his permission, but perhaps he had been a little too relaxed on Vriseapaw. Had Vriseapaw gone wondering into the quarantined lands? Or, had she perhaps got lost when hunting? Either way, the flame colored male was upset at the she-cat's rebellion. Vriseapaw was not a stupid apprentice, although she could easily play it off as stupidity due to her overly excited and delighted nature, he knew that the multi-colored she-cat was in fact clever despite many's perception. This was not a simple accident. She made the choice and he knew it. The tom shook his head steadily, contemplating punishments for such a naughty apprentice over and over in his mind. The she-cat's blantant rebellion was a black mark against her name in his eyes. Never had he thought she would disappoint him so much.

The warrior inhaled the air slowly, picking up vague traces of his apprentice's scent. But, unforunately as he eyed the undergrowth and water edges, he saw no patchy she-cat. "Vrieseapaw! Vrieseapaw?!" The tom shouted, calling after his apprentice. If she were nearby, surely she'd hear his beckons.

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