Don't Suffer Alone (Tagged)

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May 26, 2020 3:35:52 GMT


Vrieseapaw had heard of the Thorn Thicket before. Back in times snuggled up in the nursery with her mother and siblings, a story of her youth discussed before they were set to drift off into dreams. It seemed at though her mother had liked the place, for many of her stories involved it. Though dangerous to those who her not careful, the dauntingly spiked plants supposedly held much prey, and as a Gorgeclan rite of passage, apprentices were often dared to traverse the thicket and return with one of its plump treasures tucked away within.

Vrieseapaw had often dreamed from the words of her mother, the day she would dare herself in there and return without a scratch, the plumpest piece of prey she could find dangling proudly from her jaws as she showed it off to the clan. That would be the day everyone would start looking up to her, rather than expecting her to amount to nothing.

However, standing before what she presumed was the Thicket now, with a strange musty scent cloying in the air and a chill trickling along her spine...Vrieseapaw could not really see the allure. Sure, she could just barely smell the mouth watering scents of prey over the strange scent of the land, but she did not feel her paws pulling her to enter the rather inhospitable squeeze ahead.

Instead, she found herself sniffing the air as she circled tentatively around it. There was no secret to the youth that she should not be here. It was forbidden, not to mention dangerous. However, to picture the fact her mother was stuck here, sick and suffering and unable to watch her own beloved family grow before her eyes, abandoned by a mate who never loved her and with a kit of her own lost to the very same sickness...Vrieseapaw had to see her. It just was not fear, to picture her mother all alone here.

Even if she could never leave, Vrieseapaw was determined to see her mother.

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