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"i should probably keep my pretty mouth shut"
the basics
NAME || hawkthistle
CLAN || gorge
RANK || warrior
AGE || twenty-two moons
GENDER || male
OTHER || n/a
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || large brown tabby tom with long fur and green eyes
there's nothing spectacular about the tom, other than his size. like much of his clanmates, he sports a large build, with strong legs that assist him with traversing gorgeclan’s territory. the toms pelt is a blend of brown tabby markings, dark stripes along his spine, stretching down to his white belly. his pelt is on the longer side, adding to his imposing stature. hawkthistle has piercing green eyes, an intensity in them that never seems to waver.
the personality
LIKES || arguments, sleeping in, thrushes, twilight, the smell of the territory after the rain
DISLIKES || two faced cats, authority figures, losing, snow, kits
DREAMS || become leader and restore gorgeclan to their former glory
FEARS || losing his ability to become a great warrior
to truly understand the young tom, you need to get to know him, and exactly what makes him tick. his father was a devout bonestar follower, and it tainted hawkthistles’ view of the world. he used to be an optimistic cat, but now, his mind is laced with cynicism about the clan, and whether or not fighting for the clan is worth it. though his loyalties lie with gorgeclan, he does humour the thoughts of joining a different clan, if for no other reason than to get away from the dark smudge his father left on his history. most of the clan, however, will never see this side of him.

the tom has perfected a facade that he carefully keeps going around those that he cannot trust - which is everyone. he doesn’t think that anyone in the clan will understand that he is a completely different entity from his father, and that though he influenced some aspects of his personality, hawkthistle believes that the best parts of him were shaped by himself and nothing else. he carries himself with an apparent easy confidence, a cocky smile upon his face, his eyes full of mischief, always looking for the next cat to ruffle their feathers. he generally gets along with most cats, finding it easy to hold conversations about nothing, and catering to their specific needs as a way to further his own agenda.

hawkthistles’ ultimate goal in life is to become deputy and then leader, but he has zero respect for those in authority thanks to bonestar. power, in his opinion, corrupts the weak of mind, and he has something to prove in that respect. if he can become leader of gorgeclan, he believes that he can truly bring them back to their former glory. he isn’t quiet in regards to his disrespect, and doesn’t shy away from the consequences that may come for speaking out.

the history
FATHER || falcon-nose - deceased
MOTHER || blossomfoot - senior warrior
SIBLINGS || eaglepaw - deceased
you’re born to falcon-nose and blossomfoot, two strong gorgeclan warriors, though their personalities could not be more different. your mother is a quiet she-cat, comfortable in her position, not seeing any reason to make a show of herself, knowing that her actions will always speak louder than her words. your father on the other hand, is loud and obnoxious, boastful and arrogant with a sharp tongue and little regard for anyone else. the pairing was off by all means, but for whatever reason, it worker. blossomfoot brought out the softer side of her mate, and falcon-nose built her up with his sweet words and affirmations.

eaglekit is your only surviving sibling, the other one being stillborn. the two of you are as close as most kits, though your father takes a keen interest in you, more so than your sister. you’re pleased, wanting to be just like him when you grow up. you’re rambunctious, talkative and everything in life is an adventure. the first time you and your sister leave the nursery, you can barely contain your excitement, talking a mile a minute, asking every question you can think of. your father humours you, answering most, but not all, saying that some answers need to be found by yourself.

you become an apprentice at the peak of bonestars’ reign. your father takes an unhealthy interest in what bonestar is trying to do, a devout follower, and relishing in the bloodshed that follows. your mentor is a soft she-cat, disgusted by bonestar and his power lust and tries her best to keep his influence out of your head. yet, at such a young age, you are still trying to follow in your father's footsteps, even if it will ultimately make you a social pariah. you don’t mind the extra training, realizing that you are a very skilled fighter, even if your hunting skills leave something to be desired. for the most part, you stay out of the power plays of gorgeclan, until the battle that ends his reign of terror.

the battle is one you will never forget. the scent of blood, the screams of pain, the terror in the eyes of the creekclan cats. all of it is burned into your memory, plaguing your dreams for the rest of your moons. but the one thing that will remain crystal clear in your memory is the sight of your sisters mangled body, torn from belly to chest, staining her light brown pelt black with blood. you stop fighting, crouching over her lifeless body, protecting her from everything else. unbeknownst to you, your father has also been killed, though his death was swift.

the moons following the battle are met with distrust. not only in yourself and your abilities, but in your clanmates. there are whispers about your loyalty, whether or not you should’ve been exiled as well, even though your fathers sins are not yours, and never were. you recieve your warriors name, and along with it, a new view of the world. you continue on now, distrusting every cat that crosses your path, loathing the cats in positions of authority, and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

the roleplayer
ALIAS || diesel
made by remi of rilla go!

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