euphoria cove [m] original small town premium jcink site

May 24, 2020 16:02:10 GMT

Welcome to Euphoria Cove, a lazy beach town just off California’s scenic Highway 1. Surrounded by cliffs, redwoods, and fields of brilliantly purple lupine flowers, serene beaches and a bustling harbor complete the postcard-perfect seaside town (so be sure to pick one up when you’re visiting). Set in the Big Sur area and located just three hours south of San Francisco, residents and tourists alike get to enjoy all of the charms of small, family-run businesses as Euphoria Cove so far remains untouched by large chain stores and big corporations. This doesn’t mean there’s nowhere local to get coffee and do a bit of shopping, but if the residents want to hit up Target or grab a drink at Starbucks, they will have to make the 45 minute drive north to Monterey or the two hour drive north to San Jose.

We are a no word count, small town site with relaxed activity requirements, set in the fictional town of Euphoria Cove, California. Grab a surfboard or pull up a beach chair, and enjoy a little slice of utopia with us for a while.


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