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currant: named due to his dark rounded spots, looking similar to currants
kit: denotes rank
1 moons
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
a lithe snowy colored tom with black rosette markings
General Appearance
Currantkit is a medium sized tom with a lithe body structure. He appears to be agile footed and all elements of grace; traits he believes are the result of his MoorClan linage. He inherited his father's short, but smooth creamy-white fur with dappled dark brown and grey rosette coloured spots. Currantkit's gaze is a very pale blue; mimicking his father's in several ways. The tom's curiously blue eyes will never fade with age, instead they may even appear darker and brighter in some lights than in others. With a pale pink nose, this tom makes for the perfect colours to blend in with the cold leaf-bare weather.

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Blizzardberry, leaf-bare, snow, StarClan, white owls, swimming, traditions and fish

Heat, birds of prey - falcons, eagles, hawks; their size and strength mixed with the bonus of flying makes him uncomfortable, being underestimated, peer-pressure, cowards who do not stand up for their beliefs or values.

Ambitious, strong moral compass, confidence, humble, patient, stamina, speed, agility and swimming.

Holds onto regrets, Blizzardberry, too trusting, multi-tasking, climbing, punctuality.

To be free to be whatever you want, no matter your past or heritage

Being bullied or misunderstood simply due to his father's broken promise to StarClan

A bit of a tough cookie, Currantkit is one of the most stubborn cats you'll have the pleasure of meeting. he enjoys having things his way and will argue with you nonstop if he has to, until it is proven that he's in the right. he, however, is not a bratty cat like some may claim, he just doesn't like to lose or give in.

Currantkit prides himself for his ambitious nature. he has the mindset to climb the high ranks and focus on being the best all-around cat that he can be, for his clan's sake. He'll do anything to prove that he is capable of doing anything that anyone else in her clan is. Despite his hard-ass nature, he is a massive mama’s boy. His mother is his biggest supporter in his life and will often refer to Blizzardberry as being his hero. He believes that she can do no wrong, which is a warped perspective to have.

His morals are very set in stone, and he has a very vivid idea of right and wrong. He believes in sticking up for the little guy and protecting them should they not be able to protect themselves, but will not baby them as his ambitious and seemingly tough nature prevents him from doing so. Currant is not one to be easily talked down from something, once he has made up his mind, it's extremely difficult to convince him to choose another path or see another way. He's not a black and white thinker per-se, he's very much open to seeing the grey areas, given the situation isn't too extreme. He's not one to be quick to judge either. given being the product of a medicine cat, he'd be a hypocrite if he were to judge someone else.

He believes in the value of justice strongly, and always believes that those who commit crimes should be held responsible and punished fairly. He's not quick to forgive once you've gotten on his bad side, as he believes that you can flop back and forth however you please once you betray his trust. Now, as unbreakable as he may try to make himself out to be, this tom-cat is extremely soft-hearted when it comes down to it. It is hard to break the tom's trust as he's a generally trusting cat, and values his clanmates' word for what it is. He has an extremely soft spot for those whose histories or heritages may not be what they wish and understands that not everyone can choose the past. What he believes in is having the ability to be free to choose your future.

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↳ A petite long haired white she, vibrant blue eyes

Biological father (not known):

↳ snow bengal tom with blue eyes

Presumed father:

↳ a white tom with dappled light-brown markings and light blue eyes


↳ aunt - sister to Blizzardberry

↳ uncle - brother to Blizzardberry

↳ uncle - brother to Blizzardberry

↳ uncle - brother to Blizzardberry





The truth of Currantkit's heritage is kept silent; sealed away in Blizzardberry's heart and soul. The words of truth not seeming to ever pass her lips. The biological father wanting nothing to do with his resulting affair. The blame of the kits passed onto a medicine cat by the name of Skywhisper. Unfortunately, Currantkit being his near-identical twin - it was not plausible to claim the kits held no father. Dovekit was the river's reflection of mother, inheriting both her beauty and grace. Currantkit possessed an agile, lithe body structure and clear brown rosette spots. Currantkit although the older of the two, was always at his mother's side. Blizzardberry quickly became his favorite cat in the entire forest, very rarely straying far from her side. The tom earned himself the nickname of a 'mamma's boy', not that it phased him in the slightest. Currantkit's views towards his father - or the one presumed to be his father is currently unknown.

Currantkit would feel torn and angry if he ever learned the truth of his father as Wavestep had firstly had an affair and then secondly allowed his son to take the result of a one night stand. The emotional turmoil would implicate this feelings towards his mother too.

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