the heart of snow white [OPEN]

May 16, 2020 21:46:28 GMT

A large white molly moved about in the fractured shadows of the lush forest, every once in a while scenting and checking the air for signs of prey. Vervainflower was better off than most, the spore didn't take her fully like it did most. To her it simply felt like a moon went by where she was sick out of her mind and then the next she was feeling better, reinjuvinated even. Despite that she missed both her kits terribly. She wondered how they were doing and how Talonflight was coping especially with the loss of his sister Fangstar. Ever since she died while kitting he hadn't been the same. He was more shut off and often appeared as if a part of himself died along with Fangstar. It was truly unfortunate that she was unable to really reach out to him since she got sick shortly afterwards.

It left her feeling weird inside and icky. Being unable to comfort her mate and help him raise Vrieseakit and Valeriankit even if their relationship was a little more on the unconventional side. They both might not have shared a nest together and were perhaps not the most affectionate couple around, but in the end, Talonflight was the father of her kits and she wouldn't change anything about how they came into existence. Even if their parents did not love each other Vervainflower would make sure to know that they were loved, loved very much by them both.

The thought of her kits put a smile on her lips, especially when she recalled their age. They should have been made apprentices and given mentors. How she desperately wished to see them, to congratulate them on their next phase of becoming a warrior. She only hoped to be able to see them and part take in their warrior ceremony.

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