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Sakura: A kittypet name -
comparing her to the beauty of a blooming Sakura
15 Moons
Female (spayed)
None - Outsider

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Odd Feature - Short legs (Minuet)

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Screechclaw's honorary daughter; she is a spayed former kittypet. A crossbreed of Neva Masquerade and Minuet, she has the looks of a Neva and the build of a Minuet. She also has a habit of making marks in the ground or with certain objects like her twoleg kit once taught her.

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A very small blue lynx point she with blue eyes.
General Appearance
Sakura is indeed...well, a rather unique looking little cat - and when it comes to little, she indeed seems to have taken that to its extreme. From her Neva Masquerade ancestry, she has beautiful long and fluffy fur, mostly a soft snowy white and accented with pale grey points marked with darker grey stripes upon her face and tail, a dark pink nose, and bright blue eyes to add a pop of icy color. Her ears have the smallest tufts of darker grey fur, but that is a fact that often goes unnoticed compared to her strange proportions. Despite her admittant pretty looks, her minuet ancestry has taken much of the attention away from it by gifting her far shorter legs than most cats, despite her rather ordinary length body and tail - it makes her look as though she is always crouching, though if she were she likely would not even seem lifted off the ground at all. These short legs make her almost half the height of a normal cat, and considering her company...well, its a wonder she is not simply stepped on, being so small. Despite this, she is full of energy, and it shows in her bright eyes and radiant smile. She is soft with rounded features that give her a constant welcoming presence.

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Screechclaw, Making Friends, Hunting, Helping, Twolegs, Making shapes, Flowers, Twoleg Gardens

Fighting, Arguments, Water, Heights, Fish, Dogs, Being yelled at, Negativity

Caring, Perceptive, Friendly, Patient, Hunting, Tracking

Climbing, Swimming, Others in need, Kittypet treats, Flowers, Catnip

To reunite her newfound family, and to make everyone she meets happier than she found them.

Swimming, Heights, Being abandoned

Sakura is a naive little thing, sweet, curious...and honestly some might say a little airheaded at times as well. She wants the best out of life, truly, and in her mind the only way to get it is to strive for it. So to get kindness in return, she is kind, to be helped she helps others - treat them how you want to be treated, its always what she has gone by. That, and a sense of good behavior has been long ingrained in her, to be sweet and gentle to keep herself safe. Twolegs, after all, have interesting rules and expectations, and they aren't something one can ask for details on. Even so, it does not seem the way she acts is in any sense self serving. She truly does enjoy making others happy, the smiles and hopes of others being the brightest of lights in her life. She cares truly and deeply about anyone she meets, and she never hesitates to show it either. Everyone, after all, deserves a little love and warmth in their life.

Despite her sweet and playful nature, however, she is also incredibly stubborn and very good at getting her way, even though she is lacking in the slightest intent to lie and manipulate. She sees the light in everyone and every situation, and its hard to get her to budge to a darker mindset. She may not be fool enough to think a dangerous situation safe, but even after a scare she is always making excuses for others or trying to understand. Not only that, but she always tries to help. The give of this young molly's heart is seemingly endless, and she is persistent when it comes to helping others, or insisting that others cooperate for what she sees to be the better. Unfortunately, her idealism can often wind her up in difficult situations, but she is at least smart enough to realize that she would never make it on her own. She is not dumb, after all...just incredibly idealistic and hopeful. All she ever wants is a friend, and so she treats everyone she meets as such. It is rare to ever see a frown on this sweet face beyond the occasional ones of confusion. Some might wonder if there is anything more than just a heart behind those bright blue eyes of hers.

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Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown, Screechclaw (honorary)

Siblings: Unknown

Mentor: Screechclaw (unofficial)

Sakura was a kitten that was never really meant to come into the world, no matter how much she always tried to brighten it. Her mother was a purebred showcat who fell in love where she was never supposed to, the holder of her heart sporting tiny paws and warm eyes. Her mate had already been decided for her, but he was a molly who yearned to follow her heart at every opportunity. So, she did. Her twoleg was not pleased with the kittens she birthed, compared to what he had been expecting from the pairing he had selected. One kitten especially, with her short stubby legs, was a particular disappointment. The kits were weaned as quick as was reasonable, and given away to anyone who would take them, of no use to the twoleg who only desired the birth of purebreds to continue the legacy of their line. Sakura and her siblings were a mistake, and for that they never got to know their parents or each other, nor the devastation their mother faced or the heartbreak of their father never seeing her again.

Sakura was picked out for her cuteness, truly. There was a certain charm about the innocence of a kitten that would draw round childish eyes. Her new home was the result of a begging young twoleg kit who tired her parents enough to agree. Where the child was patient and gentle so long as Sakura kept her little claws to herself, even if a little clingy at times, the parents and her brother were quite different. Sakura was quick to learn where her safety lay, as well as how best to get on the better side of the others. Litter training and behavior management was a breeze with her aim to please and stay safe, and soon enough she came to try her best in every little thing that was asked of her no matter how confusing. It was nicer that way. Behave inside and she didn't have to go near the dog, keep clean and she did not have to suffer a bath, stay low to the ground, out of the way and she would not be pushed off anything by a disgruntled twoleg.

However, even the better things did not last too long. As Sakura grew, the girl became less and less interested in her. Sakura never grew out of the playful demeanor the child liked for it was the best way to make her smile and keep her interested, but despite this it seemed her less than favorable height displeased the girl. Every other cat grew to be bigger and beautiful, while Sakura only seemed to become less and less well proportioned until it seemed there were not even legs between herself and her paws. Clearly the twolegs had higher hopes, much like all the others.

When the family moved, there was no hesitation in leaving Sakura behind. She was set outside, and with their lives packed up they moved on without her. Sakura waited for a time, in hopes they would return for her. She fed herself by begging at the neighbors or occasionally catching a mouse or a bird, just so she could wait it out a little longer...but they never came. To stay here long term all alone was not something she would last. The roads were dangerous and the dogs were scary. It was hard to get most anywhere without climbing the fences. So Sakura did as she had always done - she sought company.

The group of cats she found, however, were not as receiving as she had hoped. They attacked her, drove her off, and when she found herself caught between them and rushing water, for once truly afraid of her life, she could have sworn she saw the end. That was, until a huge tabby swooped in the save her, scaring off the mean cats with fighting prowess she could never have even imagined, and rescuing her from right beneath their threatening claws. He was truly a savior...but he was a sad one. She could tell.

Determined to repay the tom's kindness, and knowing that she would not last long alone if others were like those cats, Sakura forgave and let it go as she tagged on alongside the tom. At first he was reluctant, trying to chase her off as well. However, Sakura found that stubbornness within herself, and the strange pain that radiated from him only made her more determined. He could keep her safe, and in return, she would do everything she could to bring happiness back into his life. That was how she would replay him.
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15 Moons
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