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Sable: Due to his dark grey patches and stripes
Fox: His long fluffy tail and excellent jumping abilities

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A large, muscular silver-grey tabby with olive eyes
General Appearance
Sablefox is many things, but grace is not one of them. This tom possesses thick muscles and heavy fur. The linage of his homelands present in his bulky shape, deep tabby stripes and smokey fur. Sablefox's tall, muscular structure makes him adept when it comes to combat and strength based maneuvers. A heavy pelt makes swimming a rather dreadful experience, one he prefers to avoid at almost all costs. The thick muscles based on his back legs prove his worth as a GorgeClan tom as he he can leap extraordinarily large distances and glide through trees as if they were a spacious field. In contradistinction to his ebony stripes and smokey pelt; he has a white underbelly that extends up to his neck. The only other white elements are his legs and the base of his tail. Sablefox - also named 'fox'. not only due to his superiority in jumping and leaping, but also his remarkably feathered tail. It is a key identifying feature of Sablefox. Sablefox has several faded scars littered across his body; many of them faded and near easy to miss; reminders of the hardships of Bonestar's reign. To top of Sablefox's unique appearance, he has olive green eyes that are faded and dulled slightly.

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Listening to the birds, teaching and educating others, being out at night, strategics, magpies.

Discussing matters of Bonestar's reign, the past, liars and manipulators.

Combat, trustworthy, loyalty, belief in StarClan, intelligence and kind heart.

Awkward and clumsy with flirting, still holds on to some distaste for the other clans (Creek / Moor), easily falls in love and trust.

To see Gorgeclan strong as it once was, to be loved, to have a family

To loose everyone he loves again and coyotes

Sablefox - while built with muscle and strength, he is a fairly quiet tom, one of few words. Despite his quiet demeanor, he is not one to be underestimated for he is skilled in battle and is a true warrior who would put his all into a fight without hesitation. The scars across the warrior's body demonstrate his experience on the battlefield.

Sablefox possesses armored loyalty to his clan and still awkwardly believes that the other clans will never be as superior as GorgeClan but he has very different beliefs on how they can achieve that. Sablefox was reintroduced to StarClan after it's absence with Bonestar's leadership and as such believes firmly in StarClan and upholding tradition and the warrior code. Sablefox fails terribly when it comes to others using charm against him; he quickly becomes flustered and awkward, unsure how to handle the ways of the heart. However, he has managed to pick up on some cunning sayings over the moons, making him appear somewhat cute in a rather awkward and clumsy way..

The dark moments of Sablefox's life are unspeakable; never revealing the stories of Bonestar and Screechclaw to anyone - the sins and atrocities committed in the name of GorgeClan. While he is not ashamed of his past, he simply feels there is nothing to say on them and hides them away under his thick fur. He still cares for his brother, although he has presumed the large tabby may be dead by now; the dangers that crawl the forest may have been no match for him, but starvation could not be fought with claws.

Sablefox is a night owl. He enjoys being out in the darkness, creeping along the large tall trees, hopping from branch to branch. The night time and being up in the trees were his solace until the merge of OneClan; forcing Sablefox into a territory with mostly water.

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Mother: Jasminecloud
↪ deceased, died due to intense grief

Father: Minkjaw
↪ deceased, died in the large scale battle between Creek and Gorge

↪ alive

Mentor: Cobrastrike
↪ alive

Apprentices: Asphodelsky
↪ alive

Although born during a time of death and destruction of the forest around him; GorgeClan was prospering and that is the lifestyle the tom knew growing up. The tom was conditioned as a young tom to fight fiercely and to use the mindset of 'claws first, talk later'. Life was about bloodshed and growing up hating the other clans; considering them far less superior than GorgeClan. But, as he became an apprentice, Sablefox was granted Cobrastrike as a mentor at the ripe age of 5 moons. The big tom was calculating and cold; quick to fight and aggressive. Sablefox was delighted to have such a tom taking him under his wing. But while he was many of these traits, Cobrastrike also bestowed knowledge onto Sablefox that would later shape him into a fundamental part of who he is today. Cobrastrike taught Sablefox that there were alternatives to death and destruction; that superiority could be forged with other methods alongside simply aggression. The tom was hard and stern but intelligent and clever. Cobrastrike gradually ceased the ideal of Bonestar's glory from his mind. Sablefox gradually began to learn that the leader was perhaps not as well-adjusted as he ought to be; forcing others around him to bow to his every wish or have their blood spilled. Bonestar was violent, cruel and it became ingrained into Sablefox that that was the reality. Cobrastrike's desire to see GorgeClan rise to it's former glory became quickly a large part of Sablefox's dreams. Sablefox started to worry about his brother though, watching as he committed atrocities in the name of Bonestar, loyal to whatever the white tom commanded. This caused a rift between the two toms, one that had already been strained by long training sessions and time apart. Screechclaw was visiting the medicine cat regularly; wounds littering his pelt. His body becoming a canvas for scars. Sablefox found it hard to observe, but he knew he could do nothing to sway his brother. Bonestar was the leader; Screechclaw was his apprentice. Sablefox kept his worries to himself; sharing them only with those opposing the white menace. Screechclaw earned his warrior name a lot sooner than he did; likely due to Screechclaw's willingness to please. But, eventually Sablefox too was given his own warrior name - albeit 3 moons later at 13 moons, he did not mind too much. Sablefox was named 'Fox' due to the fact the tom had a strikingly fluffy tail and was quick and agile like one too.

The fall of CreekClan drove Sablefox's disgust for Bonestar even further. The death of Minkjaw as a result of Bonestar's cruelty caused a great deal of grief. Sablefox retreated into his shell; watching as Screechclaw finally snapped, rebelling against his beloved mentor. Around that same time; Cobrastrike planned to murder Bonestar. He was successful, but alas the white furred leader had several lives remaining. Cobrastrike was exiled from the clan. Sablefox felt it within his chest; the desire to stand up alongside his mentor and the numerous others who were only now beginning to turn against the vile leader. It wasn't until Whiteflower murdered Bonestar, that relief finally came over the clan in a wave. Albeit, Sablefox still shaken by the grief of his father, struggled to keep his head above water and voice his thoughts on Bonestar. And so, he kept his maw closed. When Fangstar rose to power as the clan's next leader, her first decree was to banish Screechclaw and Whiteflower for their crimes. Shortly after the banishment; Jasminecloud passed away due to grief. This broke Sablefox; sending him spiraling into depression. Everyone he had ever loved or cared for had suddenly left his side within the space of several moons.

Sablefox kept to himself for a very long time. The affects of Bonestar's reign still played heavily on his mind. It wasn't until he was granted his first apprentice that he started to come out of his shell and rediscover who he really was again. Asphodelpaw was a bubbly, carefree feline who absorbed every piece of information Sablefox gave her. She enjoyed spending time with him; even though he never really understood why. But, as the two became closer, he too started to realize the bond he had formed with her. Asphodelpaw became a sister like figure to him; she came to him about problems she was facing with other apprentices and he would joke about dealing with them if they don't back away. The two were inseparable and he was grateful for her aid. Asphodelpaw was diligent and clever, earning her warrior name in no time. She was named Asphodelsky for her delightful nature and keen ability to catch birds. The two are still close friends, but she has no knowledge of the tom's rocky and emotional past.
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