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Watcher of the Flames
Tribe of Fiery Skies
May 8, 2020 16:29:01 GMT
[attr="class","jelly1"]It was unfair. Being stuck in a cave where she rarely saw others. Especially when she herself was such a social feline. 

But it was for her protection and own good. 

Her bi-colored eyes rolled slowly in their sockets. The voice of her father was one that often visited, reminding her of her duties and her devotion to her tribe. How she had wished one of her brothers would have drawn the short end of the stick. Why hadn’t her eyes been the ones unchanged, normal, mundane in hue.... why couldn’t one have matched the other? Flame sighed, before pushing herself to her paws and pacing to and fro. If she was left to her own devices she would go crazy before the day was through.

She lazily walked to the entrance of the cave, a sentry taking note of her presence. “Could you perhaps fetch me somebody, anybody to talk to? I can’t fathom sitting her alone the rest of the day.” She smiled politely, hoping that the tribe could soon ease up on the restrictions that had been placed. The burly feline dipped their skull and padded away in response, Flame beamed brightly at the thought of company.  

With the fear of the cats that had pushed them into these new lands still lingering, and the sightings of the new felines on the other side of the mountain.... well she had been placed in her cave quietly for some time now. She would have to speak with Wolf sooner rather than later and find out when exactly her life could proceed normally.  
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dragonfly hovers over water
Tribe of Fiery Skies
May 8, 2020 21:16:53 GMT
i don't wanna live my life in circles
The Flamewatcher? See me? Dragonfly shook her head slightly in disbelief. It was not that she seemed to actively avoid authorities. She spent most of her days hunting, if not exploring the territory for new places for more hunting. The higher ranks were to her... just that. Her loyalty to the Tribe implied she would obey them, but nothing more, and nothing less. 

Her recent interaction with Wolf reminded her how little she had bothered to connect with the authorities. They were cats too, of course, but at times it was difficult to speak with them the way she did other cats. Inevitably, she had to stay on their good side. Since the rumors flew about that she had been the one to kill her mother and abandon her siblings to the fox den, Dragonfly had laid low. The Tribe was all she had ever known, and she could not bear the thought of losing their trust.

Rising to her feet, she gave the burly sentry a nod and headed toward Flamewatcher's den. She doubted Flamewatcher would be the one to bring up a past long behind her. Rumors they were, after all. Then what could it be? Was this related to her scouting duties? That would make no sense, Burn was preymaster and surely would take care of scouting concerns. Dragonfly did not think of herself as anything special.

Well if you don't go, you'll never know, Dragonfly reminded herself and took a deep breath. At the sight of Flamewatcher, Dragonfly was reminded once again how the feline's contrasting green and blue eyes never failed to shock her.

The lithe mottled molly hesitated a moment before approaching in anticipation,
"Flamewatcher, you... called for me? Is there something you can't take up with Burn himself?" 
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Wolf That Howls Past Dusk
Tribe of Fiery Skies
May 9, 2020 22:59:45 GMT



The ebony feline had been out stalking the edge of the Tribe's territory; checking warily for signs of trouble. Fortunately, few instances of trouble had made it's way to the male's ears. Stale scents of foxes and hawks; his team were doing their duties diligently, he thought. The skillful shadow-like male made his way back to the heart of the Tribe after confirming no immediate dangers loomed over the Tribe. It was his regular routine - he would check in with his sentries daily; hearing them speak of predators or lack of in recent moons and then head to the edge of the territory. Only quick checks before the next assignment of sentries went out for their scheduled patrol. Wolf had the sentries running a fairly organized schedule; it reduced worries in his mind, which meant all round, a safer environment for the Flame and the Tribe.

As he silently emerged through dark foliage that sheltered the camp. The steep rocky formations and precarious entrance ways gave the tom no fear. He knew the pathways well and had always thought to them as warnings for unknowing wanderers. Although, none would ever get that far if he was concerned.

Wolf watched as Tribe members padded by; some with rodents and birds in their jaws, others seeming to be readying for the next scheduled patrol. The male gave the sentries a gentle nod as he watched them prepare their expedition to the edge of the territory. The tom's bright luminous eyes shifted to the mottled Bengal as she slowly made her way towards the Flamewatcher. The Flamewatcher herself was sitting at the entrance of a cave, seeming a little bored, if he was honest. A smile passed his maw as he warmly gave the pale Flamewatcher and the mottled Bengal a small nod. Wolf wanted to venture over, but he didn't want to interrupt if the two were discussing something important.

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