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Tribe of Fiery Skies
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Sheen of Spider's Silk


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silk for his silky fur and lustrous appearance
43 moons
Tribe of Fiery Skies

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A large gray and white tom with green eyes.
General Appearance
Imposing at best and terrifying at worst, Silk is a cat of stature. He walks with a strut and a step to make any cat feel small, and his pale fluffy pelt makes him seem even larger and more visible. Like his sister the Flamewatcher, he bears a coat of medium-length fur that is light gray to white in color. Groomed meticulously and cautiously, this tom gives off the vibe of living a life of pretentious luxury. His intense green eyes have a stare to faze those who dared challenge him. If he had not been chosen as Keeper, he might have become an intimidating sentry for his Tribe. He is a very large cat and stands tall, appearing strong and muscular despite not receiving as much training as sentries. The only expressions you will ever see on this cat's face are his indifference frowns and searing judgement.

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sparrows, elders, quiet, respect, cold weather

useless chatter, faithless cats, lack of discipline, disrespect

knowledge, faith, confrontation, decision-making, loyalty

empathy, hunting, criticism, loneliness

to be remembered by his Tribe, and to live up to his mentor

to be ridiculed and to feel powerless

Terrifying is too light a word to describe this massive white tom. On his face rests an expression of constant disapproval. Silk, despite being named for his once gentle demeanor, has changed since those days. He stands tall and dignified, face ready to snarl a challenge. When he walks by, cats quiet their chatter, fearing Silk would deem them heretics or renegades. It was true, unfortunately. Silk hated useless chatter. He despised cats who hung around with no ambition, no contribution to the Tribe that gave them a home.

His condescending and judgmental attitude is well-known throughout the Tribe. He is often seen scolding young cats for their uncivilized behavior and calling those who did not believe in their ancestors heretical. Strict, stern, and unyielding, Silk hates when the Tribe ignores his advice. After all, he is a cat of faith; the word of their ancestors is law to this tom, and he would propagate such thinking into the rest of the Tribe. If they did not follow the word of their forefathers, then who would they follow? Despite his normally condescending attitude toward other cats, he cares deeply for the Tribe that raised him. His knowledge of their past only amplifies this love. A fierce protector, Silk would not hesitate to defend the Tribe and everyone in it, even the pesky little to-be's.

Perhaps his greatest fear would be to lose the Tribe's respect. His mentor had taught him that the most important thing was to suppress opposition, whether that be by respect or fear. Silk cares a great deal about his own image and his own dignity, making sure that he does not lose face in front of other cats. He also makes sure he always does his best and shows his best to Flamewatcher, as her loyal right hand and adviser.

However, this uptight tom has a hidden side too. It is simply unlikely he ever shows it to anyone. Silk fears making friends and fears conversations about himself. There is simply nothing to explain beyond this cat's regal and stern presence. Occasionally, Silk would be tired from his duties and would sit alone in his den. He too, wished for company beyond that of diplomatic relations. He wished he had hobbies, or something to live for other than his job. In his heart, Silk hopes that some cat in the Tribe truly cared for him, although he is unsure why they ever would. The law enforcer, the authoritarian, surely would not make a good friend. His loneliness often manifests on late nights, when he might be seen wandering out alone to see the stars. Perhaps if he had friends, he would show them his loving and nurturing side.

In his busy life establishing traditions and order within the Tribe, he has failed to do some introspection on what he wants out of life. Many questions remain unanswered for Silk, such as whether he truly cares for his sister, or was simply bound to her by their ranking.

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Mother: Snow

Father: Stag

Siblings: sister: Flamewatcher, brother: unnamed (adoptable?)

Extended: many

Mentor: Heron Stands by Calm Lake

Apprentices: none


Who knew that the common luxury of having two of the same eyes would land him the place of a Keeper rather than the Flamewatcher. It was a fate that would write this young tom's life into stone.

Stag, the previous Flamewatcher, had been about ready to give up hope, waiting in despair for one of his kits to have bicolored eyes. This fluffy little tom's first months into the world was met with one of disappointment and anxiety. Even at a mere few weeks old, Silk was made aware of how important his eyes were. Luckily for him, his sister's gaze had a remarkable transformation when the litter was two moons old, and in her eyes, the world deemed the chosen one. She was named Fawn by her father. Silk was named by his mother, for his no less than glorious long fur which ran his mother's side of the family. Sheen of Spider's Silk.

Much sooner than he expected to become a to-be, Silk and Fawn were taken from their mother, leaving their last brother behind. Here, Silk met Heron, the previous Keeper and his uncle. Strict, demanding, and unyielding, Silk soon found himself jealous of his last brother, wondering why he had to be the one to undergo such treatment. The Keeper, he was told, was a very important role. The Tribe relied on him to contain the knowledge of generations.

At first, the young and boisterous tom despised his responsibility. He despised Heron's constant micromanagement and frequent punishments. However, Heron believed that any cat's spirit could be broken. This was true of Silk as well, unfortunately. In time, Silk became a closed off and unsociable tom, lacking the time for hobbies or friendships. Silk took the job as a Keeper more and more seriously, and began to strive at one day winning Heron's approval.

Under Heron's ruthless mentorship, the once boisterous young tom became an elite and disciplined cat. As Silk grew more and more capable, he also developed an air of condescension. Perhaps it was his way of justifying his strict lifestyle, convincing himself that his position was above others in the Tribe. Upon the aging Stag's death and Fawn's ascension to Flamewatcher, Silk began to truly to understand his role. Heron was aging as well, being the brother of Stag. However, he still pushed Silk constantly, encouraging him to take on more and more power in the Tribe. With Heron's goading, he began to believe that the Keeper was the true holder of power in the Tribe. The one to interpret their ancestors. The one to abandon kits with bicolored eyes. The one who kept their lineage pure. The backstage, the ones who do the dirty work, if you will.

Heron's death was a first casualty in the Tribe's interaction with a new group of cats that arrived, those that threw around the name Bonestar. Forced to find new hunting lands, the Tribe looked to their new Keeper for guidance. Heron's presence had a strong hold over the Tribe's order, but upon his death that responsibility now fell on the young Silk. Like his mentor before him, the younger tom took on the role with an iron paw, enforcing order as strictly and sternly as his mentor had done.

Silk interpreted the invasion of new cats and Heron's passing as a sign of a new era in the Tribe. It was time for him to rule, and show them the knowledge Heron had passed forward. He would not be ridiculed. He would not be intimidated. He cares little for the Flamewatcher's emotional well-being; emotions were something long beat out of him. What he cared for was merely order, respect, and status. Despite finding his sister rather weak-willed, he advises her with confident words, gaining her trust and enjoying the immense power that he wields.

He has long given up on a normal life. The job of a Keeper was unpleasant and ruthless, but someone had to do it.

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