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17 moons | Oneclan | ♂ | He/Him

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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
Wind: relating to his speed
Cry: the suffering he went through as an apprentice
17 moons
Former Clan:

Player Alias - Pippin

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Special Marking - First character bonus

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Anything Else
He has an interesting, triangular mark upon his forehead.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A black smoke shorthair (ghost tabby) with markings only visible on the right side of his body and electric blue eyes.
General Appearance
Windcry has a very unique appearance, as if Starclan had decided to give him stripes but forgot to finish the job. His base coat is a near black, a dark grey most akin to a rock or stone in the shadow of a tree. Painted all across the right side of his body are dark stripes, darker than the base of his coat. They begin on his forehead and travel to the tip of his tail. Upon his face, these stripes create a frame around the unique mark upon his forehead: a triangle-like stripe. Underneath his eyes, these stripes reach to his cheeks like waves, then continue down his body like patches. There is a patch of stripes upon his neck, shoulder, and upper back, then upon his lower back, thigh, and butt. They nearly wrap all around his tail in sparse lines, and at the end of his tail, his coat fades to the color of these stripes. Inside his ears is a grey a bit lighter than his coat. He is a lean cat, tall and lithe with a short-medium length coat and a long, slightly fluffy tail. He has oversized ears that make him look almost bat-like.

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good company, hunting alone, gathering herbs for the medicine cats, studying the stars

loud and obnoxious beings, being manipulated, slow learners

fast and stealthy, a good hunter, intelligent

sacrifices strength for speed and intelligence, not very brawny, bad at small talk with strangers

to find a place where he feels safe and like he belongs

being unwanted, left behind, or lonely

Windcry was built from the experiences of an isolated kithood. What he once was he lost long ago, and what he is now is as swaying as his uncertain choices. Mostly, his persona is a clashing battle of cunning, savvy and poignant; also, he can be feely, sensitive but commonly emotionless. Hewn from days of solitude and endless verbal violence, he's a foe to be reckoned with. He often comes off, or appears, calculating and cold with almost little remorse for the well being of those around him. He can be manipulative, and his charming, devious tactics often heeds him no friends and he's quite a lonely, broken soul.

When Windcry was a kit, he was quite shy and gentle, never wanting to draw attention to himself or pick a fight. He was extremely introverted and tended to only speak to himself or his sister. He never really had any friends to play with or talk to, because he feared loss so much. He never wanted a friend to die like his mother had. But as he grew, he eventually took on an extroverted personality, and became more of an ambivert. He was forced to break from his shell in order to fend for himself. He knew he couldn't let his sister fight for him forever. In effect, many of his traits clash with one another, and he has become quite complicated.

Windcry is not rude, nor arrogant and prideful. He's intelligent, beyond what is good for any living creature. And being so, he's learned how to manipulate the ways of others in order to end a conversation as quickly as possible. Polite, he is; he tends to be easy to converse with. However, though his words are never dry, they are cold, emotionless, feeding to his near-inhuman-like posture and his longing to simply be alone.

Being astute, he has a clever brain just as sharp as his eyes. He's an expert observer, and can easily assess a situation and build a theory for an outcome. His adroit nature lends to his gifted way of deduction, being able to deduce a reason from behind something as little as a shift in weight. His mind is polished, always working in overtime. He is not an amateur in the subject of observation; yet, he hardly allows anyone to know what happens within his head. He keeps his mind closed off, and almost everything else about him in check.

Windcry is skeptical of all cats, thinking them all fairly untrustworthy. He believes the world around him has lost all sense of honour and trust, and frankly, he's lost all hope. The only cat he ever gave his all to was his sister, and she only stood up for him was behind closed doors. When other’s opinions mattered, she let them speak their minds and beat her brother up instead of risking her own reputation. This kind of grief was something Windcry never wanted to experience again, and he could never put his faith back in something that spat in his face.

The boy is a broken fragment of a shard of glass. It is hard to tell if he will ever be pieced back together; he was shattered long ago. Once a caring, playful individual, this demeanour snapped when his life was flipped upside-down and he was forced to leave his only home. He is often emotional but a master at masks, and able to control it with natural ease. He tries to distance himself from emotions in any way, sometimes leading to little tact around others. It is hard for him to connect to the warmth others put off anymore.

It will always be easier for Windcry to stay cold, distant and emotionless, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have some sense of kindness for others. He may show some sort of sympathy for someone in hurt, but will hardly take a step to help. If someone is indeed in deep hurt or pain, he may try to aid this individual in some way.

He can be protective of those he becomes close to, if that were to ever happen. He is not entirely heartless, no matter how he may seem upon first interactions. He is very much at war within his own heart, a battle between two different personalities that don't seem to fit together and the fear of growing close to another once again, only to have them ripped away.

He has always had an anxiety about not belonging. All he ever wanted was to feel wanted and welcome wherever he went, but he never quite achieved this. He wanted to feel a connection with others beyond simply the family relationship he had with his sister. He had always been looked down upon, sort of as a disgrace, and now he longs for that sense of trust and connection. This can be through any kind of relationship. Because of this sense of alienation he feels, he's become broken and lost. He has a fragmented heart, which only furthers his need for belonging, yet it also pushes others away. Like a battle within his mind, his traits begin to clash. His broken heart causes him to estranged himself from others and wish for loneliness, yet all he wants is a friend to know him. Although he wishes to belong, he is also afraid of being broken once again, and would rather drive others away than let them closer.

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Mother: "Mom"

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Lythe (sister)

Extended: Unknown

Mentor: N/A

Apprentices: None

Other: N/A

Windcry was born to the name "Caelian," a loner on the outskirts of the clan. His family lived a distance away from the Homestead, the only thing Windcry knew to be "off-limits." Even though he was shy and gentle as a kit, he was rather reckless and went out of his way to find trouble, a ball of laughter and fun. His sister was quite the opposite, a social butterfly who stuck to the rules.

One day, Lythe was unable to stop her brother from his daily attempt at traveling to the homestead. His curiosity and ambition was too much for his twin, and together they left their mother to seek out a new journey, sure that they would be back before their mother noticed they were gone. However, their astute plan had quickly turned vile when they'd climbed up the old windmill, running into a ratty, dangerous cat that lives amongst the beams of the Homestead. Upon seeing them, the cat had become enraged and attempted to kill the two kits, as he swore they stole what little amount of prey he had in the windmill. The twins had escaped, but at the cost of their mother. She had come to rescue them from the wrath of the attacking cat, but had died in the process, leaving the twins motherless and lost in the wide, wide world at the age of 5 and a half moons.

Once the two had hit apprentice age, they split ways, destiny calling them each to different lands. Caelian, before he became Windcry, went to the twoleg village, trying his best to live his own life. He lived on the streets, a wild cat scrounging for food and avoiding all contact from two-legs. Here, he learned certain herbs to heal ailments, and a strategic, astute brain and keen eyes that never allowed him to stop watching his back. He lived every day being ridiculed by kittypets, other loners and rogues, as well as two-legs alike. He would be kicked, called a rat, a mistake or a useless waste of space. He never found any friends in the village, and once he was close to hitting warrior age, he decided that the village was no longer his home.

He left to attempt a life in a clan. He'd heard talk of wild cats that roamed the wilderness beyond the village, that lived in organized groups and hunted together, and to him, that sounded like home. A place where he could be useful, where cats would want him. So he ventured out, finding the clans in the wilderness. At first, he was looked down upon. At first, they didn't except him. In fact, they told him to leave, to find a different place and to stop trying to push his luck. Yet he fought back, and he suspected his grit was what they liked. So with great reluctance and wavering trust in him, they accepted him into the clan. He was named Windcry, wind for the speed of his paws, and cry for his anguished past.
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17 Moons
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