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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Screechclaw
SCREECH: named for his loud mews during birth and lustrous brown pelt
CLAW: named for his aptitude in combat and in honor of Bonestar's warrior name
37 moons
Bisexual with a male preference

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
large burgundy long-haired tom with dark evergreen eyes and patches of white
General Appearance
Screechclaw pays traditional homage to Gorgeclan, up taking their bulky frames and rich earthy toned pelts and tabby stripes. He has a completely white underbelly and chest. The white fur creeping up to his neck and the bottom half of his muzzle, creating an artful white bib. Solemn, haunted green eyes add to his ragged appearance, dull from the shadows of his past. A simple glance in his direction can inform someone that he's lived a life of hardships. While his whole body is covered in scars of varying sizes and severity, only a few can be seen through his thick feather like pelt. Both ears are torn and ragged looking, cuts and knicks taking place of what was once a whole flesh. His lips and muzzle also harbor smaller less pronounced scars. Three jagged lines make up his left cheek, the fur parting to allow the scar to shine through. Lastly a rather jagged claw mark can be seen on his hunches, starting on his left shoulder and stopping at his right side. The fur had never truly grown back, and even despite his mane being thick, it can never fully cover the horrifying scars. It's also important to note that Screechclaw was once an intimidating figure with large muscles and frame. However, due to malnourishment encountered as a rogue, he's replaced some of that muscles to adopt a leaner, more slender figure. His ribs peek through, though they are hardly ever viewable from his thick fur unless you press up against him.

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» Stargazing
» Bird watching
» His solitude
» Cloudchaser - his mate will always hold a special place in his heart even if he is hated, nothing will ever change his love
» Sparrow - while bird, in general, is harder to catch, Screech enjoys the favorite food his mate once liked
» Prairie Flowers - As a show of his love Screechclaw would leave flowers for his mate to find. He still values flowers and often times pick a few to remind himself of Cloudchaser

» Fangstar - for banishing him from Gorgeclan despite knowing what he went through under Bonestar
» Bonestar - for helping shape him into who he is today
» Gorgeclan - for turning their back on him
» Himself - Screechclaw struggles with loving himself. To him, he is unworthy of love and as such should be treated as a monster that he knows he is. He also loathes his existence for harming his mate.

» Charismatic - Screech knows how to use words to his benefit if he really wants to. He's hardly at a lost for them
» Fighting - he was one of Bonestar's elites for a reason
» Hunting - while he is more adept at fighting, he can still hunt pretty damn well
» Decisive - once a decision is made he hardly backtracks
» Perseverance - he's lived a hard life and as a result is a survivor, but to get there he had to be as tough and as unmoving as a rock
» Climbing - growing up in Gorgeclan he had to know how to climb trees

» Cloudchaser - his one and only love
» Trillium/Sakura
» Connecting - making meaningful and long-lasting relationships if difficult
» Self-deprecating - always eager to put himself down

» To be forgiven or repent for his past sins and crimes against all those he's hurt
» To see Cloudchaser one last time to apologize and express how much he loves him
» To reconcile with his brother and mend their fractured relationship
» To find a safe and stable home for Sakura/Trillium
» To belong again

» Cloudchaser never forgiving him and losing his love
» Becoming out of touch with himself
» Being forever alone
» Never forgiving himself of his sins and learning to love himself

Screechclaw is many things when it comes to describing his personality. He's a rather charming and charismatic feline who is capable of talking with just about anybody like they were best of friends who have known each other since kit-hood. He’s known for his flare and buoyancy, always eager to experience the finest things out of life. He was confident and always seemed so sure of himself on an outward appearance. Screechclaw is a proud and dignified feline, someone who holds himself to high expectations. He acts almost regally when in the presence of other others, haughty and sardonic. He is proud of who he is and his clan and isn't afraid to show it off, no matter if it annoys others. He's a little on the devious side, someone who's both looking for trouble and causing it. His charismatic playful attitude can be almost off-putting, especially when he's well known for his cruel and underhanded tactics, his sardonic mind games and once being one of Bonestar’s elite warriors. Screechclaw also expresses a thrill for the more daring and dangerous side of life. His courage is unmeasurable and you'll oftentimes find him being bolder than what is strictly necessary. At times his reckless behavior endangers those around him, even if it's not intentional.

However, life has a way of beating the good out of us all, and Screechclaw is an excellent specimen of conditioning. Kit-hood was fun and games, but apprenticeship was the building block for Screechclaw’s core personality. His determination to excel at many things is his main drive, his focus. It’s something that keeps him going even when the task at hand is difficult to accomplish. It’s because of one of his main drives. Once he sets his mind to something it’s near impossible to deter him away. The downfall of this trait is it causes him to be narrow-minded and at times insensitive, even if he doesn’t intentionally mean to be. He is a very passionate tom who is dedicated to any cause he decides to serve under, especially his clan - even with their betrayal, no one cannot say that Screechclaw ultimately looked out for his clan’s well-being. Fighting, sweating, and bleeding for their safety. Because of his devotion, Screechclaw tends to lose sight of the things that really matter. Making long-lasting relationships and taking care of himself.

A life of hardship under his mentor's instruction has conditioned the tom to an “act now and think later” kind of mindset. He’s impulsive, over-eager to draw first blood before sitting down and talking. He also thinks very highly of Gorgeclan, or at least did once upon a time. He believed Gorgeclan was superior to Moor and Creek and at one point supported Bonestar’s campaign, albeit he was hesitant on how Bonestar accomplished Gorgeclan’s supremacy. He is steadfast in both his opinions and actions, seeing no point in deflecting or going back on his word.

The more sensitive side of Screechclaw is buried deep, even his family getting rare glimpses of it. The only person who has truly seen him is none other than his forbidden mate, Cloudchaser. To him, Screechclaw is the epitome of romance, always eager to express his affection for the tom. And even if Cloudchaser thinks differently, he will always be the light to Screechclaw’s darkness. A brightness he can dream wistfully about in hope of a better, brighter tomorrow. And despite what others might whisper about his cold and abrasive nature, Screechclaw cares. He cares very deeply, he just isn’t very good at showing it. He would do anything to protect those he loves if he believed it meant they would ultimately be safe. It's why he’s willing to make the tough calls and live with the consequences, even if said consequences will hate his guts in the long-run. He would gladly deal with such anger and hate if it meant those he holds dear to him lived to breathe another day.

As a result of living a life as a rogue, barely scraping by let alone surviving, he can be a bit self-serving. He will only give you information or help you if it benefits him in some kind of way. It’s important to note this is a factor of circumstance. A way he’s had to evolve in order to survive on his own and will be a hard habit to rid himself of. He is also every bit of masculine. Everything about him screams dominant to his posture, the way he speaks, and the cool leveling look in his emerald depths. He is self-reliant and resourceful, thinking outside of the box and learning to never fully trust others to have his back. He will always be alone in the end and so it’s hard for Screechclaw to open up and connect.

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Mother: Jasminecloud
↪ deceased, died due to intense grief

Father: Minkjaw
↪ deceased, died in the large scale battle between Creek and Gorge

↪ brother, alive and well

Extended: None

Mentor: Bonestar
↪ deceased, former mentor and clan leader

↪ alive, former apprentice

↪ alive, former mate

Screechclaw is the byproduct of cruel hardships and moral corruption, a being conditioned to be a mindless soldier for the betterment of the clan. He was born during a period of death, destruction, and decay, but it was also a time of prosperity for his clan. A time where they were at their strongest, even if such circumstances came to be through bloodshed and moral decay. Screechclaw was born alongside his brother, Sablekit to two loving parents. Their mother, Jasminecloud was a startling beautiful she-cat, matronly to all those in her clan. She was older, however, and as such tired out more quickly when caring for two rambunctious tom kits, especially when compared to the stamina and patience of a younger molly.

The brother’s father was stoic and a little more distanced from his two sons. He was a well-known warrior in Gorgeclan who wholly supported Monarchstar and avidly disagreed with Bonestar. Despite not knowing her for long, her dignity and grace left a lasting impression on young Screechclaw, it's unfortunate that Bonestar managed to corrupt and taint such an innocent ideal.

Screechclaw barely remembered the time before Monarchstar’s resignation and Bonestar’s sudden and unexpected reign. What he did remember was the fear Bonestar inflicted on Gorgeclan. What was once a peaceful, even pleasant childhood spent sunning with his mother and rough-housing with his brother was quickly turned into a memory of pungent fear and a long road of hardships. However, such things were beyond such a young kit who was simply enjoying their life day by day. The future may have seemed obscure, the clan unsure of what was to become of them living under the rule of a cruel and unpredictable leader, but one thing was for sure. To a kit, it meant nothing, a superficial concern to the young minds - a concern fitted only for the adults.

It’s rather unfortunate that Screechclaw thought like that, a mindset that would be quickly begrudging of him. The tall tales of innocence he supposed. Screechclaw was talented in fighting, something that caught the eye of Bonestar himself. His large and muscular frame only further drew the former Gorgeclan leader in. The attention received by such a ruthless leader who led with an iron paw was both invigorating and terrifying to the young Screechclaw. He felt special, and perhaps he was in a sense, however, that special treatment would soon become a curse, a burden that couldn’t be shaken.

It was no surprise when at the tender age of 5 moons both Screechkit and Sablekit were made into apprentices a moon early, Bonestar especially eager to get a head start on Screechclaw’s training. It was also no shock when the white tom named himself as Screechpaw’s mentor, much to Screechpaw’s utter delight. Being the leader’s apprentice meant Bonestar obviously saw potential in him and his abilities, and as a result wanted to personally nurture those “fine” qualities. Unbeknownst to Screechclaw at the time, this was where the beginning of his hardships. Looking back now, the tom understood the pitying looks of his clanmates and his mother's anxiety.

Screechclaw allowed the idea of being the leader's apprentice meant he was superior to the others in his clan. He looked up to the older tom, idolized him, and put him up on this pedestal unfit for him. Nobody could compare to Bonestar and as a creature of imitation, he allowed the alabaster tom to corrupt his innocence. In a way, Screechclaw was an ideal apprentice. Devoted, determined, and loyal to a fault. However, Screechclaw was too trusting of his mentor, too blind to the destruction going on around him. As a result, he distanced himself from his brother, eager to excel in his mentors' expectations of him and to prove that he was a worthy apprentice. The realization of his mentor’s machinations came too late. He had already committed heinous crimes and sins against others, even if the excuse was to better Gorgeclan. In the end, he hurt those he loved and as a result of his multiple betrayals has lived a life of exile.

It was a well-known fact that Screechclaw suffered under Bonestar’s teachings. If he failed to perform a battle technique correctly the first time he was punished. If he failed to uphold the whimsical and unpractical standards Bonestar set for him, he was punished. Even failing to catch something bigger than a mouse or to move at a fast enough learning pace he would be punished. As the leader's apprentice, he was held to more rigorous and higher standards and it's safe to say Bonestar was creative with his punishments, further motivating Screechclaw to perform better than those around him. This motivation stemmed more from fear than awe and though no-doubt other apprentices suffered, Screechclaw wouldn’t neglect to mention how he endured more. He would be thrown to the wolves - figuratively of course - but nonetheless he was oftentimes thrown into sticky situations. Fighting bloody battles an apprentice his age shouldn’t have to endure, frequent trips to the medicine cat den were common in his youth, but with experience and effective persuasion from Bonestar, those trips decreased less and less until he entirely stopped going. If he had a wound, unless life-threatening, he simply shook it off.

Because of such pressures, Screechclaw soon became an elite of Bonestar’s and as a result, was given his warrior name a few moons earlier than normal. At the ripe age of 10 moons, Screechpaw was named Screechclaw, in honor of Bonestar’s warrior name and for his superior fighting capabilities. For a little while, thing’s mellowed out and on one starry night, the young warrior found himself meeting an eccentric jolly tom named Cloudpaw. Cloudpaw was older than him by a moon but was still an apprentice whereas Screechclaw already had his warrior name. While their friendship was brief and their relationship even shorter, there was an instant connection between the two toms. Cloudpaw was the light to Screechclaw’s darkness, something the warrior eagerly looked forward to. Before he even knew it his feelings developed into something more. Raw, wild, and bittersweet. A feeling that set his heart a-flutter and blood roaring in his ears.

Their relationship was kept secret, the fear of Bonestar ever finding about his love was motivation enough for Screechclaw never to say a word, to anyone -- even his brother whom he rarely acknowledged in the first place. Yet if it was meant to be or it was some divine punishment from Starclan themselves, Screechclaw would never know. The banishment of Creekclan was a huge defining moment for Screechclaw. He participated not only because it was expected of him, but with full intentions of making sure Cloudchaser ran away. The death of his lover was inconceivable, but unknowingly to Screechclaw, his selfless and noble intentions would turn ugly. The fight was intense and bloody. Screechclaw will never forget the faces of the dead who fell to his own paws or the screams and howls of the pain of the dead or dying.

Meeting Cloudchaser in battle on the opposite side was gut-wrenching. He may have been trying to save his lover, but in the end, he participated in the regicide against Creekclan. He drew Creekclan blood and just as easily ended Creekclan lives. This would draw a wedge between the two mates, one Screechclaw never expected Cloudchaser to forgive, let alone forget. However, what really broke Screechclaw and served as a wake-up call was when Cloudchaser refused to run away, to back down. Screechclaw’s paws were tied, Bonestar was within eyesight, and knowing how cruel the tom could be, expected Creekclan to be treated without mercy. To Screechclaw it was to have Bonestar put two and two together and force Screechclaw to kill Cloudchaser himself or make the fight between the jilted lovers look believable. The anguish of having to choose between a rock and a hard place left a bad taste in his mouth, but in the end, he chose, albeit perhaps not the most ideal option. A quick swipe to the face with his claws sent Cloudchaser reeling back, yowling in pain as blood spurted from an open gash on his face. His eye was missing, forever lost, and a constant reminder of Screechclaw’s betrayal. Screechclaw would have to live with that self-hate and guilt for the rest of his life and honestly, he’d carry it without fuss. In the end, Cloudchaser was alive, wounded and disfigured, but alive and should he forever hate Screechclaw’s guts, he’d cope for all he wanted was Cloudchaser's continued breathing.

It was also a tragic affair to hear about the death of his father, one of the many casualties from the battle with Creek. As a reward for his fighting, and lack of suitable mentors, Screechclaw was given an apprentice at the age of 16 moons. Lionpaw was his name and he was an idealistic tom who reminded Screechclaw so much of himself. The apprentice admired Bonestar, much like how Screechclaw once did.

The maiming inflected by himself to his mate and the death of his father left a hole in his chest where rage and disgust towards Bonestar festered and grew. Screechclaw quickly made his outrage apparent. While he may have been for Gorgeclan supremacy, he did not agree with Bonestar’s methods and the exile of Creekclan only served as a pushing factor. For the rest of the few moons, Bonestar was alive before his untimely death, Screechclaw sewed dissent among the clan in hushed whispers and subtle words.

The collective sigh that came from the clan when Whiteflower killed her own brother was apparent. Gorgeclan was on the brink of collapse, the clan tore between each other. Bonestar had not only nearly destroyed Creekclan, but he also nearly tore Gorgeclan apart. However, Screechclaw’s true hardships were just beginning.

A warrior known as Fangstrike took on the role of a leader and her first act as leader was chasing out not only Whiteflower, but Screechclaw as well. While Screechclaw understood Fangstar’s reason, the blow nonetheless hurt. For a long, while he was angry, frustrated, and grew to hate Fangstar - not that he still isn't, albeit he’s calmed down and rationalized it, chalking it up to divine punishment. However, having everything you know ripped away and leaving your clan, your family, and friends behind was destabilizing. For once Screechclaw was nervous, his future uncertain and he was completely alone. Leaving behind his mother and brother was hard and though he was not as close to them as he liked, his imminent banishment really put his mistakes into perspective. It’s a shame he’d never be able to make up for them with his mother for not shortly after he left she died to grief. A fact he doesn’t know to this day.

Left to fend for himself he quickly came to understand it was a dog eat dog world out there, especially in leaf-bare. But if there was one thing positive about Screechclaw it was that he was a survivor. And for the year and odd moons he was left to his own devices, he did just that. Survived. However, at some point, we all reach our limits, no matter how strong or how skilled we are and Screechclaw was no different.

About halfway through his exile, he stumbled upon a young she-cat being hounded by a gang of street cats. Screechclaw was already having trouble with the gang and the pleas of help from the youngster only spurred into action. He didn't make it unscathed, but he certainly did give them a piece of his mind. It was then that he met the little lady. Ever since then she has continued to stick by him, no amount of scaring her away or being mean would get rid of her. And so he found himself getting used to her presence, welcoming it even.
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