If looks could kill it would just be you and I (tagged)

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May 5, 2020 8:05:31 GMT


Have a strange child

Kits are supposed to be curious little creatures, enthused to learn about the world and all its wonders around them as what was once so new and strange slowly becomes familiar. Anyone could see the tiny tabby form settled just outside the nursery and presume much the same of the kit. They had not strayed far, perhaps wary, or perhaps so as not to worry the queens, but they were still eyeing something just as intently as any other kit might watch something new and strange that came into their lives. However, many might also say that Adderkit, personally, took this expectation of kit-like curiosity to, well, rather odd extremes.

This time, what had caught the youth's silvery gaze was an insect. More specifically, it was a moth, stuck in a web. It was fluttering frantically, trying to free itself from the trap it had been snared in, as the small fluffy tabby watched it with intense interest. After a moment, a tiny paw lifted, and ever so gently, the little feline pried the moth free from its prison.

It did not fly away immediately. It settled on the ground, and Adderkit's tail swayed absently behind as they watched. Perhaps the moth was watching them just as intensely? Part of Adderkit wondered what it might be thinking, if it could think at all. Did it think they were its savior? Or perhaps, it was just as scared of them as the spider's web?

The kit sat, pawing the thing closer with a delicacy one might not expect of them. The moth fluttered slightly, but it still did not fly away, did not try to flee even now that it was no longer trapped. Adderkit's whiskers twitched, and they lowered their head, giving the tiny creature a slight sniff. Its wings tickled the youth's nose, inciting a quiet sneeze as the kit sat back up again.

It was not until a paw landed squarely upon it, just as small as their own, that Adderkit finally looked up from the moth, one ear flicking with mild interest. Strikekit stood before them, slightly bigger, but less fluffy, in an odd mix that still allowed them to appear the same size. Adderkit blinked in acknowledgement to their sister, seemingly uncaring that she had just demolished their former item of interest. Strikekit came first above all for Adderkit, after all, and no doubt she knew it too.

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