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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Cloudchaser
Cloud: For his mostly white fur and long, fluffy coat.
Chaser: For being a good hunter with fast reflexes
38 Moons

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He's half Blind having lost one of his eyes as a young warrior
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A large, pale, fluffy tom with large scars and only one eye.
General Appearance
Cloudchaser. Honestly, no one could have picked a more perfect name for him. Cloud. His coat his almost completely ivory white. It's soft, plush appearance making him look like a cloud come to life. Small, delicate paws carrying him with a grace one wouldn't expect form one his size. And that's not to say Cloudchaser is big, he isn't too much bigger than average, but his thick, plush fur gives the illusion of a bulky muscular tom, but it's all just fur. He has a rather slim figure underneath it all which accounts for his speed. Against his implacable white coat are a few patches of cream. The left side of his face is mostly cream with speckles of it flecked across his muzzle and to another smaller patch around half of his right eye. A small spot on his right shoulder and part of his right leg. A large patch covers part of the top of his tail, surrounded by smaller flecks of the color. All of his paw pads match the delicate pink of his nose. Perhaps the most striking thing of this handsome tom are his eyes. His left eye in the patch of cream has stark white eye lashes, and the right eye is surrounded by ebony lashes in a strange mismatch of the usual color combination. A rich, amber yellow with long lashes give the handsome tom a very feminine look. If not for his scent, one could very easily mistake him for a female.

He has rather rounded features, from his plush cheeks to his more rounded shaped ears. Or rather, ear. Despite his soft, delicate features and warm inviting demeanor, there is an unsettling sight plastered against half of his face. He no longer has his right eye, a gnarly scar of 4 claw marks bore deep into his skin and left him distorted. The ear on the same side is half missing, deep slits in it suggesting it had been bitten and ripped off. It's a surprise that such a gentle cat could have such nasty scars, but it's even more of a shock he managed to survive the damage.

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Stars, flowers, sparrows, Warm greenleaf afternoon, family

fighting, Gorgeclan, his own reflection as the scars remind him of Sceechclaw

Skilled Hunter, Inviting personality, warm demeanor, gentle, a motherly figure

Hopeless romantic, Fighting, Screechclaw

To be loved, To find some kind of closure about his former mane Screechclaw

To die alone/ outlive everyone he loves

Cloudchaser is an interesting tom. It's been joked that he would have made the perfect queen had he not been, well, a he. Cloudchaser has always had a way with others, his gentle smile and warm demeanor was hard to hate and others often came to him for comfort. It didn't bother him though, in fact he loved that others saw him as a safe space, someone that they could trust and could always come to.

When he was younger, this tended to leave him very naive though to the cruelties of the world, thinking all problems could be solved merely by talking it through, avoiding violence all together, but history would be sure to kill any innocence.

Cloudchaser had always been a hopeless romantic, choosing to see the best in others and when he fell for someone, he fell with his whole being, regardless if someone would be there to catch him or not, and so when he met his former mate, the gorgeclan tom Screechclaw, Cloudchaser gave all of himself. An open book who was flowing with love and made sure that Screechclaw knew it. This sort of no conditions trust however would not last forever. After the death of his sister and the loss of his eye to his own mate during a battle, Cloudchaser's trust was a permanently damaged as his face. He is no longer so easy to give himself to others, but it still happy to let others trust in him.

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Mother: Breezejumper - deceased

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Bloomthistle - deceased


Mentor: Brookfang - deceased

Apprentices: NA

Other: - former mate

Breezejumper was a beautiful molly, albeit a little strange. Her thick, lush coat was a solid pale red hue. Almost peachy in color that shone in the sun light, and it's soft texture was rivaled only by her soft personality. Certainly a mother to her fellow clan mates, she was courted by two toms in the clan, each vying for her heart, only to be gently let down. No one could figure out why. Maybe toms weren't her thing? That thought was shut down when her belly started to become visibly swollen, but no one would come forward as the father and she never would tell who it was either.

Little to anyone's knowledge, the tom that stole Breezejumper's heart was a kittypet. The suave male had swept her off her feet and stolen her heart. When she came to him with the news that she was expecting kits though, his demeanor towards her turned cold and distant. Shutting the queen to be out of his life, leaving her a single mother with a secret to burden her now heavy shoulders. The one she loved tossed her aside like trash, and she felt she had betrayed her clan for nothing. Well. Not for nothing perhaps.

All the love she'd had for the kittypet was then directed at her two kits. One, a cottonball looking tom she named Cloudkit, and the other, a smaller Molly she named Bloomkit with a fire in her heart. With both kits taking after the mother in appearance, there was little in speculation anyone could really do to discern who the father may have been and with time, they stopped asking. There was more pressing things to worry about in the coming moons as the kits aged and a war was waged against Creekclan as a vile tom took leadership of Gorgeclan.

As uncertainty and turmoil flooded Creekclan in the oncoming threat, Cloudkit and Bloomkit were sheltered from the brunt of it by their mother, but she could only protect them so much and for so long.

By the time the two kits became apprentices, Gorgeclans war on Creekclan was in full swing. Turmoil had become the norm as they fought for their land and home. Cats would come back wounded and bleeding, forever marred from the fight, and that was the ones that did return. Several lost their lives to the battlefield.

Cloudpaw excelled when it came to his hunting training, and he was happy to do it, provide for his clan how he could, but when it came to fighting, the soft tom couldn't muster it in his heart to harm another cat much to his Mentor's disappointment. His sister though, she was ready and eager to get her chance to payback the pain Gorgeclan dealt them. Bloompaw's fierce nature and skills in fighting earned her a spot light in this time of war, but her proud, boastful personality left something to be desired. Cloudpaw's soft demeanor and warm smile brought comfort to those around them. The pair couldn't be more opposite, but together, they were a force to be reckoned with.

However, where Bloompaw was vying for a more bloody end to the war, Cloudpaw had other ideas. His naive mind thought it was possible to talk to the enemy to get them to leave. Resolve the bloodshed with peace. At 11 moons old, his ferocious sister had received her warrior name, Bloomfang, while he remained an apprentice, his lack of bloodlust making Briarstar weary to give him his warrior name early like some of the others. It wasn't long after that the pair's mother, Breezejumper did not return from one of the battles, having lost her life in a fight to protect her clan and family.

This gave Cloudpaw an uneasy feeling, the thought of his sister going out to fight and not returning made his stomach churn and he couldn't just sit back and do nothing. He'd snuck out with full intentions to confront Bonestar, somewhere in his heart thinking he could talk sense into the blood stained leader. However, he met someone else at the border, a meeting that had saved his life that night. That was the night be met a Gorgeclan tom named Screechclaw.

Cloudpaw may have been a moon older, but even he had his warriors name. A chance meeting became a quick friendship only to blossom unto so much more. They were not able to meet often, opposing sides of two warring clans, it doesn't get too much more taboo than that. Should anyone find out, the consequences would be dire for both toms, but much like his mother before him, the now warrior named Cloudchaser couldn't resist the call of his heart, falling prey to the charm of Screechclaw.

Everything would change the night of Briarstar's death. Creekclan and Gorgeclan both met ace to face on the battlefield. Gorgeclan cats fell, but even more Creekclan cats would meet their end. There was no shying away from this fight, all who could fight, did. This included young Cloudchaser. It would be a night that would haunt him for the rest of his moons. Cat's collided in a flurry of red, one dropping after another. He almost fled the scene in fear and panic, but had frozen to the spot he stood, only to be protected by his sister. Seeing his sister fight, he couldn't afford to be a coward and launched himself into the fight by her side, only to lose her to the claws of another, right in front of him and he was powerless to save her.

In a fit of grief and rage, he spun to turn on the next closest gorgeclan cat, not wanting to let his sister die in vain, but as he turned and let out a hiss, he was face to face with his blood stained mate, Screechclaw. For the briefest moment, the red of the world melted away and he wanted to just bury his face in Screechclaw's fur and cry, but in the split second of solace, everything he knew was destroyed. A raised paw came crashing down on Cloudchaser's face and the feeling of excruciating pain flooded his mind. He reeled back in agony, Blood soaking through his white coat as he struggled to fight back in a panic. It was this day that he lost his eye, his ear, his family, and his lover all in the blink of the only eye he had left.

He was scattered with the tattered remains of Creekclan. The once skilled hunter could hardly walk in a straight line, the world seeming distorted as he was left to adjust to the loss of his eye on his own. Had the disheveled tom not later run into Stoutstar, Cloudchaser would have surely starved to death. When the news of Bonestar's death spread across the land, Creekclan slowly and nervously started to return to their former lands, Cloudchaser and Stoutstar among the first.

He grew close to the new leader in that time, learned to adjust to the loss of his eye and regaining his abilities as a hunter as well as trying to be someone of comfort to what clan mates were left. With time, things seemed to be calming down, a tense peace having settled across the land, but something still didn't sit right to Cloudchaser.

The tom he loved killed so many of his clanmates and took his eye, but why? He knew he should have despised the tom and a small part of him did. He resented Screechclaw for what had happened, but for moons, he would go out near the boarders late at night and wait. He waited for Screechclaw most nights, sitting at the boarder and with each passing day, Cloudchaser's heart grew colder towards his former mate and eventually stopped waiting for him at the boarders all together. It was around this time that Stoutstar fell ill and word of the Spore became the hot topic. The clans were on edge about this new unseen enemy that was infecting their ranks and eventually, an agreement was met and the three clans merged into one.

Clouchaser couldn't decide if he was disappointed or releaved though when Screechclaw wasn't among the Gorgeclan cats that arrived at the camp as the clans joined. But he wouldn't have long to dwell on it as Stoutstar passed away. It's been a few moons since then, but Cloudchaser as his clanmates once knew him, still hasn't returned.

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38 Moons
Gay as hell
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