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May 1, 2020 1:35:19 GMT
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[attr="class","bandittext"]It’d been about a moon since they’d been relocated to GorgeClan and while excitement clung to the little pointed feline, she was growing weary with each passing day. The forest was more boring than the moors. At least there, she could watch the clouds during the warm sunny days and imagine the things they’d seen. Here, the forest blocked those views and everything looked the same. There was nothing to see that she hadn’t already seen. The trees were all the same, the ground was coated with undergrowth, and there was nothing here for her now besides her siblings.

The same way it’d always been. Her siblings had been there for her through everything, patient with her childish ramblings of adventures to far off places. Everyone she’d ever talked to seemed to think it was a phase, that eventually she’d settle into MoorClan and be happy with the endless rolling hills that they made their home within. But she ached for adventure and new horizons. To see the world and everything it had to offer and it felt like nothing was enough.

She’d thought that maybe - if she saw GorgeClan’s territory - she’d grow tired of the world and be ready to settle herself into the role of a warrior, to do her duties. To do what was expected, but since getting sick and getting better, it only furthered the curiosity that burned in her soul. After all, she’d lived through this mysterious disease that no one could find a cure for. Life was too short to spend it cooped up within one territory.

However, it was with a heavy sigh that Cloverwish pulled her head out of the clouds. Her paw steps were hurried as she entered camp, two scrawny voles in her mouth. Hunting today had been a distraction - though one she struggled to wrap her head around. As one of the few able-bodied cats they had, Cloverwish was frequently sent out on patrols and out hunting to keep her paws busy. Traces of the illness were gone, she had no shortness of breath, no pain in her chest. She felt healthy, better than ever, thanks to the hard work of Skywhisper and Lilypaw.

Digging through the pile of prey, she found a small rabbit that would easily feed them both and set off to where the sickest of the cats were kept. Cloverwish knew she should have been more careful about wandering right back toward the disease, but she figured since she’d survived it once, there was nothing to worry about. As she approached, she saw her sister darting to and fro to check in with her patience, and a small bubble of pride filled the feline’s chest. Sitting at the edge of the clearing, she waited patiently with the rabbit at her paws, tail tucked carefully around them.

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