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Nov 13, 2019 5:46:10 GMT
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"don't need money, don't need fame, I just want to make a change"
the basics
NAME || Flickerkit --> Flickerpaw --> Flickerfrost
CLAN || OneClan, previously GorgeClan
RANK || Medicine Cat
AGE || 40 moons
GENDER || Female
SEXUALITY || Asexual
OTHER || anything else to note?
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || white and black blended molly with pale green eyes.
APPEARANCE || The majority of Flickerfrost is an off-white, gray coloring; it takes up the majority of her body with the exception of her chest. Her ears and parts of her place are a dark black, the rest of it white, with a curved line of black forming a half-circle around her right eye. It resembles the flickering of a lightning strike high in the sky, which is were her name originates. Her nose is a soft pink, and her eyes are a pale green. Her back legs are more black and white, though her front are more gray and white; her paws are white, almost like socks. She's free of scars and other injuries. She keeps her fur straight and cleaned as best as she can, though she often ends up sticky or smelling of herbs by the end of the day.
the personality
LIKES || storms, herbs, medicine-catting, forest floors, the breeze, smooth rocks.
DISLIKES || cowards, the heat, bullies, crybabies.
DREAMS || to be memorable in the Clan once she passes, and to train an apprentice to be better than she ever could be.
FEARS || no longer being needed, betrayal.
OVERALL || More than anything else in the world, Flickerfrost cares about being a medicine cat and all that it entails. She grew up surrounding herself with the previous medicine cat and their herbs, curious as can be. Now, as a fully-fledged medicine cat, Flickerfrost is bitter and snarkish; while she still loves the practice, she cannot stand her patients. All of the whining that they do when they're asked to swallow a simple herb that doesn't taste the greatest, she can't stand it. She's standoffish to those around her, borderline cold to those she treats. She dislikes many of the current cats in GorgeClan, irate that half of them thirsted for so much power while the other half sat by and watched. She doesn't consider many cats acquaintances, except perhaps the other medicine cats. She has a fondness for kits and will treat them with the best bedside manner she can afford; it carries over to apprentices in some regard but she's pickier about them. 

Along with being standoffish to her clanmates, Flickerfrost is also very meticulous and cares greatly about organization. If everything in her den isn't where it should be, she gets annoyed and loses herself in the time it takes to reorganize it. She despises laziness and is known to make scathing remarks at those she sees lounging around camp. She knows she's not perfect, that she's not the best she can be, but she prides herself in her work ethics and her ability to heal.

the history
FATHER || Duskstripe
MOTHER || Leafdapple
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || Skycall (mentor)
HISTORY || Flickerkit grew up in a loving Clan to Duskstripe and Leafdapple, parents who asked for nothing more than a healthy kit and that's what they got. Almost immediately after opening her eyes, her curiosity drew her outside of her den and into the medicine cat's. It smelled differently, not like the warriors and apprentices that she often scented passing the nursery. She found herself bothering Skycall more and more as she grew, declaring herself Skycall's apprentice before she was of age to actually be one. 

It wasn't a surprise when it was announced that Flickerpaw was to be the medicine cat apprentice. Her curiosity never waned and she found herself challenging herself to learn more, learn faster. Herbs became second nature to her, and it wasn't long before she could pick through herbs with her eyes closed. At first, as an apprentice, she hadn't seen much action aside from a paw or two with thorns in them, or general injuries from the territory.

Then Bonestar became leader. The medicine den was more often than not overcrowded with injured cats, and Flickerpaw found that caring for cats was much more difficult than knowing which herb did what. Still, she gathered her wits and followed Skycall's instructions carefully and efficiently. She was going to be a great medicine cat one day, and no other cat was going to stop her. Even when Bonestar prevented them from going to the half-moon meetings, Flickerpaw ground her teeth and threw herself into her duties with even more vigor.

Then Duskstripe and Leafdapple were killed in an unnecessary attack on CreekClan, to 'ensure that they stayed in line'. Then Skycall was killed in combat tending to those fighting on a border assault. Flickerpaw, all at once, found herself alone in a Clan she no longer wanted to be in. She couldn't even get her full name, unable to travel to any meetings with other medicine cats so that somecat could name her. She was stuck. She wanted out.

Moons passed and Bonestar was gone, and GorgeClan was all but feral. Trust was a thing of the past, and Flickerpaw wanted no part of her Clan's petty in-clan rivalry. They brought everything upon themselves, those who followed Bonestar blindly with the taste of blood sweet on their tongues, and those too cowardly to stand up the tyrant. She ran off a day later, living in the cave the Starpool resided until the other medicine cats met at the next half-moon meeting. There, she claimed her name of Flickerfrost, for her cold disposition and her solid walls of defense against whatever went her way. She returned to her Clan that night, renewed with the strength of StarClan, and make every cat know that they were to trust her no matter what they felt for another. 

Though she is hard to get along with, an offset of her personality, she quickly found herself getting attached to her apprentice, Featherpaw, one part of her seeing herself hidden under layers of insecurity, another part seeing her as the kit she'd never have. There were rough patches, a rocky start, but eventually Flickerfrost found Featherpaw opening up to her, and the two formed a bond. 

With the loss of Ferretmask, and Fangstar's chosen replacedment whispered in her ears, she quickly set upon scrutinizing Littlebird, secretly of course. She would guide, in her own way, mold her to be a deputy fit of the Clan. She didn't have to do much, but she was ultimately satisfied of Fangstar's choice, despite their disagreements.

Fangstar's loss struck a chord in Flickerfrost, one she didn't know she had. She found herself missing their banter, their arguements when both of them were full-throttle bickering about one thing or another but ultimately trusting each other at the end of each night. 

She blamed herself, Fangstar's blood - metaphorical and otherwise - staining her paws with nothing to show for it but kits with no mother. It shook her belief in herself to be the medicine cat she wanted to be, and now, doubt whispers in her mind when she least expects it, something she's never before had to deal with. In an attempt at normalcy, she often sticks to Featherpaw or Spiderfrost, as well as the other members of her Clan, hoping that things will eventually return to normal.
the roleplayer
ALIAS || Kein Jair (or Dong Knot, I guess)
OTHER CHARACTERS || Tigerblaze (quar.), Chaton (loner)
made by remi of rilla go!

Medicine Cat
Kein Dong Knot Jair
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