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Ice From Jagged Mountain
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 29, 2020 1:57:20 GMT


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Ice from Jagged Mountain
Tribe of Fiery Skies

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White tom with tabby patches and green eyes.
General Appearance
When it comes to his appearance, Ice is average at best. His pelt mostly white, which makes up the majority of his face, stomach, torso, and legs though it is dotted with patches of black tabby with brown base. His coloring is most prominent around his ears and along his back, though there are also two small spots on either side of his nose. Ice is of average size, not too big and not too small, certainly nothing that stands out in the crowd. His eyes are even a dull shade of green that blend into the brown of his pelt, giving him a very muted appearance compared to some of the other very colorful outsiders of their clan.

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  • Staying Busy
  • Patrols
  • Sparring
  • Root
  • Picking on Others
  • Warm Afternoons
  • Training
  • Swimming

  • His Family
  • Bumble
  • Deep Conversation
  • Late Nights
  • Winter
  • Deep Snow
  • Storm
  • Sleeping

  • Adventurous
  • Daring
  • Freethinking
  • Independent
  • Intelligent
  • Passionate
  • Sentimental
  • Spontaneous


  • Abrasive
  • Conceited
  • Cynical
  • Destructive
  • Discouraging
  • Ignorant
  • Tactless
  • Troublesome

  • Be good enough for his mother again.
  • Be seen as something other than a burden.

  • Solitude
  • Storm

There had once been a time when the young Ice was full of life, happy and bouncing off the walls like all kits do. He'd once been friendly, kind to many, but that kindness was shortlived when his sister, Frost passed away at six moons old. Since, it has made Ice cold and callous, turning away from anyone who sparks light into the world.

To the youngest cats of the tribe, Ice is known as a bully, quick to turn against anyone who defends them too. He'll pick on them for anything, though often his favorite target is the young Bumble and her massive bat ears. He's been told by countless adults to stop terrorizing her, but there's something about her stupid little face and the way she carries herself throughout camp as if she has no cares in the world that makes him want to break her. He hates that she's so happy and wishes for nothing other than the ability to be happy too, but since losing Frost, it's like he sees the world in muted colors.

He's got a bad temper and is quick to lash out on whomever tries to tell him to cheer up or force him out of it. He's quick to turn from verbal to physical altercations, often jumping from zero to a hundred with the drop of a hat.

When he's in a good mood - which is almost never - it is usually because his closest friend, Root is around and distracting him. Root seems to be the only one that has bothered to break past that thick exterior to find the broken cat within. Root distracts him with swimming and adventures and they're likely the only reason he hasn't hurt someone more severely, because they stand in the way when he goes to far, dragging him off to use his energy in more creative ways.

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Mother: Dove that Flies Above

Father: Screech of Fallen Eagle

Siblings: Frost that Touches Meadow

Extended: - Great, great grandmother

Mentor: Unknown

Apprentices: NA

Other: Root that Breaks Stone

A sweet pair of kits, a boy and a girl, blessed the family eight moons ago. Dove and Screech had been together for moons, trying so many times over and over again that it'd they'd nearly given up. Countless miscarriages and stillborns paved the way for Ice and Frost, so when they entered this world, they were cherished and overprotected by Dove. She was hysterical any time the kits received so much as a bump, and it often lead to them being hidden away from the other kits in the den and as they got older and learned to walk and talk, it seemed their mother's hysterical treatment would never end. 

So at six moons, they devised a plan. They weren't old enough to become to-bes, but were old enough to be restless with the inside of the den and the minimal sunlight their mother allowed them to see. While she was sleeping, they snuck out one afternoon, slid through the brambles that separated camp from the outside world, and set off on an adventure. And it would have gone so well, had Frost not lost her footing while they were scrambling up the cliffs.

She'd been so small and fragile that the fall took her almost instantly and Ice's screams were heard from camp. He was returned, traumatized by the image of his fallen sister and his mother was devastated by the loss of her daughter. She retired from being a hunter several moons before her time because she snapped, unable to carry out the duties as she was overwhelmed by grief and sadness, and unable to look at her son again.

Ice has been a to be to become a sentry for almost two moons and became friends with Root after his mother was moved to the elder's den. And while their friendship was peculiar and began with Ice bullying the younger tom, they were fast friends and soon inseparable. It was shortly after the death of his sister that the tom's interests found a young, massive eared kit who he took out most of his frustrations on, often batting her about to and fro or throwing his weight around to shove her out of the way, or just plain hurting her feelings over her disproportionate size.

And he wouldn't change a thing.
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