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Apr 27, 2020 21:08:06 GMT

"Why did I follow you out here," Valerianpaw couldn't help but whine out pathetically. He was trailing behind his sister, hunched in on himself as he practically tripped over Vrieseapaw to stay close to her. The moon was high in the sky, providing light to the dark starry night. The croak of a frog had Valerianpaw yelping out in fear, the fur along his back stranding up as his tail twitched in agitation. "S-seariously Vrieseapaw! W-we shouldn't be out h-here without a w-w-warior." Who knew what they would do if the siblings got caught. Personally Valerianpaw wanted to avoid any form of punishment, but he couldn't leave his sister to wander about in the middle of the night.

He has chased after her in worry after her trying to convince him to join her in a moonlight stroll. Valerianpaw had vehemently declined, eager to fall asleep in his comfy nest. No amount of persistence would have changed his mind. At least that was until Vrieseapaw had grumbled under her breath a gruff 'fine' and stalked off, sneaking out of the dirt-place. Being the good brother that he was, even if cowardly, he followed the she-cat, tripping over his own feet in the process.

"What are we even l-looking for?" The orange tabby stuttered out as he finally managed to calm his racing heart from his scare. "Are we going to go see mom?" Valerianpaw whispered out even though Vrieseapaw was the only other cat. Both apprentices had been shown where the sick were being held, but had been told - quite sternly might he add - to not visit. Valerianpaw hadn't asked any more questions, the thought of catching the spore sent his heart racing. However, unlike him, Vrieseapaw was willing to risk it to see their mother and while Valerianpaw loved her just as much, he also knew she wouldn't want him or his sister catching the sickness. So on the off chance that they were sneaking off to see their mother, Valerianpaw mumbled out a quick caution. "Mother and... f-father wouldn't like that Vrieseapaw."

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Apr 29, 2020 7:27:12 GMT


Vrie just like let's goooooooo

Another whine from her brother drew Vrieseapaw's ears back toward the cowardly tom - not that they had to go far, considering he was practically melding into the tabby calico splotching of her fur, overriding her darker patches with his fluffy orange pelt. She loved her brother, oh very dearly, but the apprentice could not help but huff at her brother's antics. If he thought himself such the protector, then why was he the one squealing at every little noise barely a few fox-lengths from the camp. Toms, honestly.

"Well I'm not afraid of them, what are they gonna do anyway, make us clean the elder's den?" the molly snorted softly, tail lashing behind her to most likely slap her brother harmlessly across the face, considering his proximity. "We gotta do that anyway. Come on ya big scaredy, lighten up a little."

Pausing in her tracks, the young molly spun around to bat her brother playfully on the nose, before wheeling back and bounding off at a slow lope through the trees, training memory steering her paws in the direction of the training clearing so they would not get lost. She was hoping to inspire her brother into a playful mood and get him to chase her, but after a moment she gave in once more and slowed her pace with a sigh. Really, he could be so boring sometimes. He was the only one she was real with and they couldn't even explore!

Slowing down as her brother spoke again, Vrieseapaw settled herself into a walk by his side and pressed against him so that hopefully her presence would comfort him. They'd never get anywhere if he was being so scared! And besides, she did not want him to be scared anyway, and not just because it was annoying. She was not sure exactly how to explain why but she just wanted to shred whatever scared him to little pieces sometimes.

"Well I dunno, whatever I guess," she molly shrugged - honestly she had not really thought this through, because she had expected to not even make it out of the camp with her brother, much less into the territory. She had expected him to refuse, her to try and lure him out, fail, and have to turn back and give in to his stubborn scarediness. Yet here they were...and she had no plan at all.

"Don't worry, no matter how much I wanna see mom I know you don't wanna risk it," she soothed, though she hardened the soft touch of sisterly love by flicking him with her tail once more and bunting him lightly with her head. "Come on, you know the mossy clearing right? Bet if we came back with moss they would barely tell us off for sneaking out. Let's race there!"

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