Bumble of a Young Fawn

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Bumble of a Young Fawn
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 27, 2020 2:34:45 GMT
Bumble of a Young Fawn


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Bumble of a Young Fawn
8 Moons
Tribe of Fiery Skies

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A lanky Calico with large, oversized ears.
General Appearance
Bumble of a Young Fawn is certainly on the stranger side when it comes to appearances. She's almost alien in appearance compared to her clan mates. She's got a pair of ears the size of her own face that almost make her seem unreal. Her body is covered in large patches of Black, red, and white, a striking example of a Calico. Colors trailing into swirls in certain places, splotches like paint drips in others. She's surprisingly small compared to her parents who both leaned on the taller side, but there is no doubt she is their child. Her ears could have come from none other than her mother who bore a similarly large pair of ears herself. She also follows in their wake with the same lanky, slim body of hers. A body as slim as her's and ears that large, some would joke that she'd get blown away by the wind and when she was a kit, the wind certainly tried it's best.

As a young kit and even into her To-be training, her ears were too heavy to stand on their own, flopping over at the ends and bouncing around when she moved, often times smacking her in the face as she went. Her facial feature's, while unusual in their own right as being very slender and a face that's on the longer side, it actually compliments the strange appearance of her ears. Her large eyes were the same color as her father's, a delicate greenish blue color so deep you could go swimming in her gaze.

Despite the bizarre hand genetics has handed her, Bumble of a Young Fawn grows into her features, becoming a, though very untraditional, beautiful she-cat. Though she remains insecure about her appearance, especially her ears.

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Sunbathing, Attention, Learning

Her appearance, lazy cats, mud

Her friendly demeanor makes her easy to like, very Fast

A pushover, Selfless at the expense of her own well-being

To make her parents proud of her

To be a failure

Bumble of a Young Fawn is a bubbly young she-cat, eager to please anyone and everyone. Her smile is contagious, able to find the good in most any situation. Her flexible personality makes it easy for her to adjust to most she comes across, and who could possibly say no to a literal ray of sunshine? She will become fixated on new things, her curiosity getting the best of her. Putting the needs and wants of others seems like a kind, noble pursuit from the outside, but what of the cat that would give their lie for that of a stranger?

On the outside, she is daylight, but Bumble of a Young Fawn is far from perfect. Behind her smiles is a lonely young feline. She's felt lose and sadness at such a young age and it's become ingrained in her. She gives her all to those around her to be a beacon of happiness, not wanting anyone else to feel what she did when her parents passed away. She gives her all and leaves nothing left for herself, leaving her feeling hollow and empty at the end of the day.

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Mother: Dance of Sun (Tortoiseshell) Deceased

Father: Flap of Raven's Wing (Solid Black)Deceased

Siblings: None

Extended: None


Apprentices: NA

Other: NA

Bumble of a Young Fawn is the lone kit of a pair that no one was sure were even mates. Neither one took a mate in their lifetime, but the duo shared a sort of hot and cold relationship. From young warrior well into their moons, it there were times that it was thought they may become a pair only to seem like they hated each other.

It wasn't until they bore a litter together did the rumors seem to hold any sort of weight. Unfortunately, they were edging their way towards the elders den when the small bat eared kit was born. A single kit born to two aging cats. Her mother, Dance of Sun, couldn't keep up with the strain motherhood put on her body at her age and fell ill from the strain. With time she seemed to be shriveling away into a shadow of her former self until sickness took hold of her and she passed away soon after. Bumble of a Young Fawn knew something was wrong when she was told she couldn't see her mother, and by the next day, the kit knew she wouldn't. She spent that night curled up with her father, but even he seemed not all there. His mind wandered elsewhere and his once warm smile was shallow and cold. He still had his duties to perform and it would be his undoing.

Flap of a Raven's Wing fell prey to a dog as he was out hunting to provide for the tribe. The small kit couldn't help but feel like their death's were her fault. If not for her, Dance of Sun would not have fallen ill and if she were still here, her father might have paid more attention and still been here. But perhaps the worst of it was how everything changed.

She'd lost so much so young and everyone began to treat her like she was so fragile that breathing in her direction would cause her to shatter. Not only did she lose her family, but she was losing everyone to the sorrows and her young mind couldn't handle everything changing so rapidly and so she smiled. She smiled at everyone, hoping they too would smile. She was so desperate to see them smile, she gave them what they wanted at the cost of her own small heart.
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8 Moons
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Apr 27, 2020 4:07:27 GMT


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