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Butterfly Flutters at Dawn
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 26, 2020 11:24:11 GMT


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Shortened Form: Butterfly
35 Moons
Tribe of Fiery Skies

Former Clan:


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Purchased Items
Disability - She is deaf and thus requires someone to be her ears when she is hunting so that she can be warned of things she cannot hear.

Anything Else
She was made a scout for she is still a good tracker and hunter, though she does require accompaniment to keep her safe, as well as to warn her if she happens to be making too much noise whilst stalking
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A snowy, black rosetted she with blue eyes and severe scarring
General Appearance
Butterfly was once, undeniably, a very gorgeous she-cat. Her looks were her mother's pride and joy, and something she took great care in as well. Some might say she is still pretty, though perhaps just from a certain angle, or if they can truly see past all the scars of her youth that mar her. Her pelt was once soft and smooth, always clean. A pale, snowy cream that lightened to white along her underbelly and chest, marked with faded black rosettes that dappled the entirety of her body aside from where they delicately striped her face and legs in curving patterns. Her eyes were a bright, vivid blue like the sky, and her nose a darkened pink. Even her ears had a softness to them, tall but rounded rather than tapering to a point. While she still retains the softness of her fur, her beautiful patterning and her sky blue eyes, it is all broken up and marred by the many, prominent scars that mark much of her body. Mostly they are upon her left side, though they still snake around onto her chest and up along her right side as though to leave no part of her untouched. The most obvious and alarming scar, however, is the one over her face, the one that stole away one of those rounded ears and left nothing but tatters in its place. She was never a large feline, rather, petite and slender, though her scars only serve to make her look smaller and frailer. The pain of her injuries may have faded...but their mark and memory will stay forever.

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  • Happiness - Butterfly loves to make others happy, by being kind to them, helping them, or living up to their expectations, though she will neglect her own happiness in favor of others even if not intentionally

  • Hunting - To track and hunt, thus providing for the Tribe, makes Butterfly feel a little more free and capable, as well as worth something rather than merely being a burden

  • Company - Butterfly feels vulnerable travelling alone, so while her helplessness and need to rely on others frustrates her, she relishes companionship because it brings with it safety and security - she is seldom seen alone

  • Meeting Expectations - Butterfly constantly hopes that by meeting expectations as she always has, things will begin to be alright again, so the approval and pleasure of others when she meets them gives her hope, however fragile


  • The place she was attacked - she will not set paw in the area despite knowing the danger there is gone

  • Being Deaf - Her injuries are one thing, but the vulnerability of being deaf always sets her on alert

  • Herself - She does not really understand why but Butterfly harbors an intense distaste toward herself

  • Not Understanding - Practical matters with clear answers are a safety net for Butterfly, because when she struggles to understand something it feels like she is drowning in it and nothing seems to make sense


  • Tracking - She may not be able to listen for prey, but Butterfly remains an excellent tracker

  • Intelligent - Butterfly is very good at planning a hunt and thinking things through logically

  • Focused - Not easily distracted, Butterfly can put all her focus and energy into one task, though this can leave her rather vulnerable with her disability


  • Silent - While she can speak, Butterfly has not since her injury, thus losing her ability to express herself and her ideas verbally and making communication rather difficult from both ends

  • Understanding Herself - Butterfly is great at understanding and sympathizing with others....herself, however, is not so easy. She struggles with self-reflection and understanding her own needs and desires beyond the basics of common sense and observation

  • Her Disability - Unsurprisingly, her deafness is a great hurdle for Butterfly. She can still track and hunt, and function like normal, however she is more vulnerable and requires others to be her ears and thus keep her safe - she has learned to work efficiently with some but others find it quite challenging


  • To feel content and accomplished in her life and herself

  • To feel a part of a happy family again

  • That one day the confusion will go away and she will know who she is

  • The smell, sound, sight or mention of foxes

  • To never truly know herself or feel truly happy

  • Letting others in again and trusting them because she does not believe she could go through losing everything a second time

Butterfly was always the sweet and demure kind, another sheep in the flock that followed what others expected of her, that blanked out her own instincts and desires as void and empty. She lived for her mother, who in turn lived through her, even if she often felt her constant desires and expectations to be suffocating. She has always been one to seek direction, even if she never knew it - there was a certain comfort in always knowing what was expected of her, how she ought to behave or even think. In a way, Moth stripped Butterfly of her independence, whilst her siblings constantly tried to bring out something in her that was being suffocated into silence by her mother's tight grip. In the end, no matter how much she tried to hide it, anyone could see she was torn between two ideals she was not sure how to achieve and neither of them were hers.

In ways, the Accident was equivalent as much to an eye-opener as it was to crumble the only foundation beneath her paws. With her mother's support gone, so too was her compass, the direction that had always guided her and helped her feel as though at the very least she knew who she was and she could accept it. She found herself lost, but unsure how to voice this feeling, unsure what it even meant. No longer could she fall back on her mother's expectations, not even what she remembered them as, for the beauty that they once arose from was as gone as the guidance itself. Everyone would expect her to grieve and to slowly figure out who she is by herself...everyone might indeed think she has.

They imagine wrong. Butterfly is just as kind and quiet as before, perhaps even more so. However, she is hurt and confused, lost, and she has no idea how to express it. So she does not. Butterfly stays quiet as she always had, even more so than ever before to the point that not a word passes her lips, and she keeps her suffering to herself. She desperately wants company, for someone to understand, to help her understand, but she is afraid to let anyone in again. At best, they might simply fail to help her, to live up to the guidance she feels she requires. Yet at worse, they might take that trust and make her lose herself even further until there is nothing left. She is afraid to be alone, but she is also afraid to trust again. So she smiles. She hides it all behind her gentle, friendly ways and acts as though everything is just how it should be, bringing delight, awe and smiles to all those around her at just how much she can go through only to bounce back - because that has become their expectation, and to follow those expectations is the only way Butterfly knows how to convince herself that everything will end up alright.

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Mother: Moth that Flies toward Light

Father: Cricket Chirps at Daybreak

Siblings: Dragonfly Hovers over Water, Glow of Midnight Firefly

Primary Guide/Protector: Star on Silent Night

Many would say that as Moth fell into her delusions, she came to live through her daughter, Butterfly. While this is something the scarred molly would deny, part of her will always recognize the truth to this.

Moth was an ambitious she-cat, one who would never let anything get in the way of her goals. One of these ambitions was to have the perfect family, and it was this that lead to her bearing Cricket's kits. There seemed little love between the pair, however, Moth was determined to keep her family whole and exceptional. Unfortunately for her, though perhaps fortunately for everyone else, her kits did not quite meet the expectations she desired from them. Stoic and sulky, rambunctious and brave...they were not what she desired at all, and for this is seemed she blamed Cricket, with whom she bickered constantly. One kit, however, seemed to be salvageable in her eyes. A quiet, pretty little molly who would do anything her mother desired for the love and affection it garnered her.

Moth latched onto this daughter of hers, and as her other kits Firefly and Dragonfly grew to be curious, playful adventurers, she molded her daughter into her image of the perfect kit. Quiet, obedient, demure, and friendly. She had high expectations and a tight leash upon her chosen kit, and it often left the little kit confused. She came to adore the play she had with her siblings, the bond that formed between them as they treated her without high expectations toward something that might not even exist.

It was this bond that saw them get into trouble. Where Butterfly was often held back by her mother, to not participate in such foolery and danger, her siblings were relentless. Perhaps it helped, the way she never dared set a paw wrong, for when her siblings came to convince their mother to let them venture into the territory together before their duties as full members of the tribe would split them up, she managed to convince Moth of the innocence that they intended. A simple stroll, a little sisterly hunt with their Sentry brother to keep an eye out for their safety. Moth was reluctant, but she allowed it, on the condition that Butterfly would tell her every detail once she returned and that they be back by sunhigh.

They were not. Determined to show off their bravery and encourage their sister to have more confidence and independence, the bonded trio sought out a fox den, into which they dared Butterfly to enter first. It was supposed to be harmless pups with an injured mother who could not fight, just a little expedition to chase them the short distance to the edge of their territory. Butterfly was determined to be brave, perhaps another unintentional bid to yet again meet the expectations and desires of others. She should have listened to her gut.

The fox's company was certainly not just pups, and the injured mother was far from helpless. Driven by fear to protect her own life and her pups, the fox and her companion attacked, ravaging the young molly before she took so much as three steps in. Her cry sent her sister bolting, abandoned, and her brother seemingly did nothing to help her, just watched. They were lucky that the sentries came to save them when they did, but the damage was already done. All Butterfly could hear was a painful ringing in her ears before it faded to nothing, her world fading with it. She woke up in pain, and unable to hear anything at all. Internally, she blamed herself...externally, she followed suit and blamed her siblings.

It took time to adjust to her disability, but fortunately, tracking with her eyes and nose had always been a strength over tracking by sound. She required protection, constant companionship...and some fears refused to fade away, but at least she could still hunt, with time. It took much longer than her siblings, but eventually she graduated to a Scout, even if she felt more dispensable than anything. In hopes to feel less like a burden, as well as to get past the pain and disappointment of her mother finally deciding to shun her too, Butterfly did her best to become the best tracker and hunter she possibly could, to make up for her need for constant protection by providing meals to the hungry bellies of her tribe. If she could not be loved, she refused to be useless.

Despite her overbearing nature and subsequent shunning after Butterfly was injured and deafened, Moth's death still struck Butterfly hard. Her mother had always been her compass, the one who directed her growth and progress even when she ceased to care for her daughter...without her she was quite entirely lost, no longer certain who she ought to be when the life she lived was molded by one now dead. She did not hear where it came from, could not, but the disgusted looks directed to her sister told Butterfly enough. She did not know how, or why, but it seemed their mother's death was Dragonfly's fault. Yet another betrayal she wished she could forgive to earn their bond back, but felt she never would. To look upon her siblings and think traitor or murderer stung, made her feel like she was the bearer of those sins...yet as easily influenced as ever, it was all Butterfly could picture when she saw the faces she once cherished.

Perhaps life was simply something not to be enjoyed, after all.
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35 Moons
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