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Blooming Fields of Lavender
Tribe of Fiery Skies
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Blooming Fields of Lavender
Tribe of fiery skies

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A small white and grey pointed feline with icy colored eyes
General Appearance
Lavender is a fairly stocky she-cat, with both short legs and a short tail. This feline due to her build, is a lot shorter than most cats and in general, a lot smaller too. What she lacks in size, she quickly makes up for in speed and stealth. Lavender's small body makes her adept for hiding in places most could not. As a to-be, she was taught to use her small legs to her advantage, moving them faster and quicker than most, making her surprisingly quick. Lavender demonstrates a snow-white complexion, with faded grey markings on her front paws, forehead, ears and around her eyes. One of her most identifying traits are her big, round icy blue eyes; like pools of crystalline water.

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Sparrows, catching cicadas, taking naps and stargazing. She also likes collecting precious items – such as leaves, stones, shells or sticks. These items are generally fairly precious to her and she enjoys playing with them and keeping them in her nest. She doesn’t mind sharing them, though.

Fighting, loud noises and extremely noisy cats (exception being kits), grumpy or moody cats, spiders.

Curious, affectionate, sensitive, tracking prey/locating scents, surprisingly quick.

Clumsy, too friendly, naive, moody.

To be respected and loved, known for her excellence in tracking and locating prey rather than her inability to fight

Being looked down on, not being good enough, not being strong enough (mentally and physically)


Lavender is a feline who is fairly easy to get along with. She makes friends fairly easily and is always more curious or intrigued than hostile or aggressive. Lavender is affectionate and enjoys spending time with those she loves or cares for. Lavender does get extremely moody and bitchy on occasion when she does not get what she wants. This is rare, but if she really wanted something and it didn't come to play, she might get fiery about it.

She is incredibly cuddly too; enjoying physical touching more so than anything else – little nuzzles or nudges. As a kit, Lavender was always known for sticking close to her parents and siblings and rarely straying from their sides. As she became a to-be and grew older, she gradually became more and more independent though. Now, she is fairly independent but still retains her affectionate and 'touchy' personality.

Despite Lavender's friendly and curious nature, she is incredibly clumsy. As a young kit, Lavender was well-known for tripping up over her own tail or paws as a kit and even running into the walls of a den when playing moss-ball. Now that she is much older, she has managed to stabilize herself much more of the time. Her mentor as a to-be spent a long time training Lavender; having her look and listen to her environment before acting. But, that won't stop her from getting tongue tied or making clumsy mistakes if in a hurry or out of her responsibilities. Despite her incredibly clumsy persona, she is an incredibly talented scout. When she focuses on hunting prey; the feline's small build makes her adept at hiding in undergrowth and waiting out prey. While due to her small build, she struggles to take on large game on her lonesome, she is adept at tracking and locating prey in first instant.

Lavender is not good at confrontation and dislikes bloodshed. She ideally wants everyone to just get along and be friends with one another, however she knows that would never happen. Push come to shove, Lavender would remain loyal to the tribe but that would not stop her from helping those across the border if they desperately need it.

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Mother: Snow on Highest Peak

Father: Echo of Eagle's Cry

Siblings: (full), (half) , Roar of Shattered Ground (half)

Mentor: Mink Hidden in Mist

Apprentices: Grass on Rolling Hills



The relationship of Snow and Echo was strange one, happening in an unexpected way. Echo stumbled upon the love between Quake and Snow and within a few short moons, both she-cats were heavily pregnant with his kits. A fire destroyed Quake; but amidst the smoke she left behind two young kits. The kits were named in memory of her death - Burn that Fire Leaves and Roar of Shattered Ground.

Snow birthed her kits only a few hours later after saving Quake's kits from the fire and returned with four squirming kits. She named her own kits Star on Silent Night and Blooming Fields of Lavender, and nursed them all, caring for them as if they were her own.

Lavender was very close to her mother, Snow. Lavender looked much the same of her mother, with some minor differences. Lavender was constantly at her mother's side and very rarely left it. Snow brought comfort to Lavender and would often settle her whenever she was hurt or upset.

The kits did not learn until much later that they were only half siblings. The news came to the kits ears upon Snow's death. She wanted for her kits to know the truth. The death of Snow was hardest on Lavender. Lavender was beside herself for she had suddenly lost the one cat she went to for dependability. The news of the adoption did not affect Lavender for she had always grown up believing they were her siblings and learning of the truth did not waver her views. Roar however was not satisfied and wanted to know more about her birth-mother. Roar managed to convince Burn to go with her to find answers. Eventually, Burn returned on his lonesome. Roar had not made the journey and had died along the way. The death of Roar was extremely difficult, especially given how close it had been to Snow's.

When Lavender was made a to-be, she was assigned a scrawny and lanky dark coloured tom by the name of Mink, or Mink Hidden In Mist. Mink was a patient tom, never raising his voice or becoming angered with the young to-be even though she on more than one occasion stumbled over, tripped up, misjudged the targets or completely scared off prey. It was a hard decision for Mink - choosing what role his to-be was truly destined for, as she lacked the grace for hunting and the strength for fighting. Eventually the two aimed to target the clumsiness. Mink taught Lavender to slow down, watching and listening to her surroundings before acting. It significantly reduced the amount of accidents she had and eventually she became fairly decent at hiding and keeping quiet. Her ability to track and locate prey was her strongest capability. The feline's nose never once failed her. It was for these reasons, Mink decided he would train his to-be strictly into the role of hunting. Mink was a great hunter too; his long body made him agile and quick.

There were a lot of young to-bes in and around the Tribe at the time of Lavender's training and even when she succeeded into the role of scout. Lavender did not become close with anyone in particular, opting to stay close to her two brothers instead. Due to her closeness with her siblings; she was well aware of the struggles Star felt in love. Lavender kept her nose out of it, watching from the sidelines as Star continued to give his everything to someone who was not yet willing to accept it. Lavender was heartbroken by her brother's unrequited love, but she never once decided to interfere.

Lavender was granted a young to-be when she reached about 28 moons. Although she was young, she showed promise to train young and pass on her knowledge of hunting and tracking. The young apprentice - Grass, was an over eager apprentice who constantly tried to push boundaries and irritate Lavender. The trainee complained his mentor was too small to be of any use. The tom's words stung and caused Lavender to retreat to her former mentor; Mink, for advice. Mink was someone Lavender trusted, she had put her faith into him several times and not once had he ever let her down. Mink told Lavender to be strong; that she was given a challenge for a reason and that she must not fail it.

The next day, Lavender woke bright and early, waiting for Grass at the training grounds. Grass was late as usual and, as usual, was running his mouth about something disrespectful. Lavender simply turned her head and dismissed her apprentice, claiming that with such attitude, there would be no training session. Grass was taken back by his mentor's sudden backbone and protested, but Lavender was firm in her word. Mink's words lacing her with confidence and determination. Be strong, she reminded herself.

Eventually, Grass showed up to training sessions on time. And eventually, he managed to keep his mouth shut; holding his negative and wrongly perceived thoughts about Lavender to himself. About a quarter-moon ago, Grass became a fully fledged Scout. He took longer than most by about a moon, although it was debatable as to whether it was his own fault or Lavender's own teachings, but Lavender was firm in that a young to-be needed to learn respect and how to show up on time.

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