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A stocky black ticked tabby (pale ginger base) with green eyes.
General Appearance
Star is a stocky tom, with short legs and a short, thick body that is made up of (mostly) muscle. Due to his build, he stands shorter than most cats but what he lacks in height, he makes up in power. He does have some fat, but it is hidden beneath a thick layer of fluffy fur that keeps him warm in the winter and cool in the summer. His pelt is a soft ginger color - almost golden - that gets darker as it trails up his back, except for around his eyes and toes which are a pale cream and the tip of his tale which are black. The most stunning parts of his features, however, are his rounded face which only makes him appear pudgier, his large, rounded sea foam green eyes, and a bright pink nose.

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  • Dragonfly
  • Sparring
  • Hares
  • Mid-day Naps
  • Playing in Snow
  • Cloud Watching
  • Star Gazing
  • Light Bugs
  • Butterfly
  • Heights (Climbing and Tall Mountains / Cliffs / Ledges)
  • Burn

  • Rejection
  • Water (Swimming / Rain / All Forms )
  • Extreme temperatures ( Too Hot / Too Cold. He's a "just right" kind of cat. )
  • Hunting ( It's so Boring )
  • Cloudy, Windy Days
  • Pine Needles (he has tender paws)
  • Hawks, Eagles, and Owls (birds of prey)
  • Moss (the smell is gross)
  • Long Patrols

  • Articulate
  • Charming
  • Courageous
  • Decisive
  • Faithful
  • Leisurely
  • Observant (Learned)
  • Protective
  • Sociable
  • Witty
  • Blunt
  • Critical
  • Impulsive
  • Lazy (See Full)
  • Opinionated
  • Regretful
  • Short-sighted
  • Submissive
  • Unrestrained
  • Vulnerable

  • Dragonfly to one day say yes
  • To make up for Small's death

  • Birds of prey
  • Deep water
  • Loss of friends and family
  • Failure
  • Being alone forever

Most who know Star know that he can come across as very impulsive and lax when he has no responsibilities. When he is not scheduled for a patrol or to help monitor Butterfly's hunting trips, he can be found lazing about camp, staring up at the sky, whether it be day or night. He has a fascination with the sky - including cloud watching and star gazing, and is a firm believer in the tribe in the sky. This side of his personality is very fun loving and unpredictable, his plans are often hare-brained but it's never a dull moment when one is in his company.

On the job, however, Star has become very rigid with his responsibilities, to a fault really. He lost his first to-be four moons ago while they were out patrolling, a massive owl swooped down and carried the small she-cat away. Star had ran as hard as he could, prayed to the stars to let him find her alive, but he arrived to find only remains and returned what he could to camp, his heart heavy. He listened to the wails of her parents, took the anger of her father, and blamed himself. And ever since, he's never been able to forgive himself for the moment he'd taken his eyes off of her. Because of this, he's extremely protective and will do anything to protect to-bes and those in his care (like when he is charged with watching Butterfly).
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Mother: Snow on Highest Peak

Father: Echo of Eagle's Cry

Siblings: (full), (half) , Roar of Shattered Ground (half)

Extended: NA

Mentor: Mist at Early Dawn

Apprentices: Meadow of Blooming Flowers


The union of Snow and Echo was a peculiar one, but it happened in a way which no one could have expected. Echo stumbled upon the love between Quake and Snow and within a few short moons, both she-cats were heavily pregnant with his kin. A fire destroyed Quake, but the two bundles of fur she carried, whom were named Burn that Fire Leaves and Roar of Shattered Ground.

Snow birthed her kits only a few hours later after saving Quake's kits from the fire and returned with four squirming kits. She named her own kits Star on Silent Night and Blooming Fields of Lavender, and nursed them all, caring for them as if they were her own.

The kits did not learn until much later that they were only half siblings. While this did not change his reaction to his siblings, and Star loved them all the same, it was obvious that Roar would not be satisfied without meeting her birth mother and without knowing the truth of what happened to her, she insisted that she and Burn go to find her. Burn returned without Roar, she perished in the journey, and Star slowly began distancing himself, though he did not blame him for their sister's death.


When he was made a to-be, Star was assigned to a soft spoken she-cat by the name of Mist at Early Dawn who remained patient through all of his lazy tendencies. However, he was a strong cat and his body was too stocky and graceless for hunting. He tried his best, but struggled and ultimately was forced into role of sentry due to his powerful fighting abilities and complete gracelessness when it came to hunting. He knew enough to essentially keep quiet and catch a scrawny mouse here or there should he ever get separated from the tribe, but certainly not enough to keep himself alive.

And it's important to also mention the young Dragonfly around this time. They'd known each other all their moons, though it was not until their twenty-fifth moon that they really began to grow close. He knew of her life and the dark spots that plagued it, but chose to try to be there for her when she'd allow. On his fifteenth moon, Star became a sentry, and Dragonfly followed him into her scout role three moons later.


Though the story between Dragonfly and Star really begins in their 25th moon, where the two grew closer, to the point where the tom was ready to give her the world, should she ask for it. And thus began the question he posed each moon. At first, he was persistent, trying to win her over, though he learned quickly that the more he pressed into her to try to win her over, the harder it seemed that she pushed away.

So at the end of each moon cycle, he turns to her and asks if she will be his mate. And thus far, he's been rejected. But it's obvious that Star is patient and determined to become mates with his lifelong friend and hopes that one day, she will see in him what he sees in her. That she's worth every minute of the wait.


However, the darkest moment in Star's life occurred only three moons ago when he was assigned his first to-be, Meadow of Blooming Flowers. The she-cat was small, dainty, but she packed a powerful punch and within a few short moons of training, she was already starting to show promise to become a powerful sentry. They'd made plans to go on a night walk and explore the territory after she'd begged to see what the mountains looked like at night. But disaster struck too quickly.

He'd looked away for a moment, scanning the sky above for birds when he'd heard the scream from behind him. In the undergrowth, she'd moved around too much and caught the attention of a massive barn owl flying overhead. By the time she screamed, she'd been caught by it's talon's and ripped into the air. Star leaped after and had caught the massive bird by it's leg, but the grip wasn't enough and he fell. Chasing the bird through a patch of trees, he lost sight of it as it disappeared into a nest up above but in the cover of night, he couldn't see where it came from. Try as he might, desperate to save his beloved to-be, the screams fell silent.

And Star waited there til morning, his face stained with tears. He spent the first half of the day hunting down the sleeping owl and killed it and it's young swiftly, before returning to camp with her remains.

To this day, he still bares prevalent scars on his muzzle and tips of his ears missing from the owl and from the attack he faced from Meadow's father when he returned to camp. This took a piece of Star's usually fun and charismatic behavior away when he has a duty to uphold. Should he be given a to-be again, he'll be over protective and unwilling to let them leave camp at night. When he receives charges to watch over - like Butterfly or a pack of scouts to help take down birds of prey, he loses all sense of playfulness that he usually has.
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