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"I know I’ve changed. That was the point."
the basics
NAME || Ferretmask
CLAN || GorgeClan
RANK || Warrior
AGE || 63 moons
GENDER || Female
SEXUALITY || Bisexual
OTHER || none
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || lanky blue ticked tabby
APPEARANCE || Ferretmask is a long-legged, slender cat. Her body type is well adapted to climbing trees, a hobby she pursues with glee. Her fur is thin and glossy, blending easily with their forest surroundings. She even blends easily with the off-white sand, were she to attempt fishing. She has several prominent scars littering her pelt from her time on the front lines of war.

the personality
  • The ambient sounds of camp
  • Sharing tongues
  • Climbing trees

  • Wide open spaces
  • Losing control of a situation
  • Mice (moderate allergy) 

  • Regain her Clanmates' respect
  • Protect GorgeClan and it's honor
  • Promote stability between all three Clans
  • Nurture and protect Poppynose in her sister's stead


  • Being chased out of GorgeClan like Whiteflower was
  • Witness her Clan fall apart due to her own actions
  • Being rejected by her kin

OVERALL || When Ferretmask commits herself to something, she commits herself 100%. She is known to her Clanmates to being a devoted, if not one-minded warrior; often-times, she loses herself in her work and misses the forest for the trees. She is gullible, easily misled, and is ready to commit her life to cats who have done far less for her. But after her close run-in with death, she is working to change herself into a cat who is more critical. But her own guilt and anxiety stops her from examining her own behaviors too much, lest she find out what really lies within her own heart.

the history
FATHER || Foxjaw
MOTHER || Bluestripe
SIBLINGS || Lionpatch, Stoatflower
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || Hollysnap, Firpaw, Poppynose
HISTORY || Under Monarchstar, Ferretmask had proven herself to be a useful senior warrior. She was certainly nothing to call home about, but what she lacked in energy she made up for with steady paws and an endless drive. She worked herself night and day for her leader, with whom she was deeply infatuated with. When Monarchstar chose Boneclaw for next in line instead of Ferretmask, it hurt her, but she would’ve never said that. She was her biggest advocate, after all. So she closed her eyes and ears to all the criticism tossed Boneclaw’s way, and stood behind him as he became GorgeClan’s next leader.

Despite her misplaced dedication, Bonestar had no intention of including Ferretmask in his closed door conversations. She was valuable as a machine, a fighter, not a cat, and was often the leader of battle patrols and training sessions. She was rarely invited to gatherings under the guise of watching camp - an excuse she was often too willing to accept. Though she had no mate or kits herself, she watched proudly as her sister’s kit became a warrior, and took on an apprentice of her own.

Things began to change during Bonestar’s leadership, and when given the choice to open her eyes or squeeze them shut, she opted for the latter. She couldn’t handle the shaking up of routine, nor could she break the warrior code’s most important rule: the leader’s word is law. And it was this law that kept her mouth shut as she fought CreekClan time and time again.

Ferretmask was not a killer - that was against the code. But CreekClan cats fought for more than just their territory; they fought for their lives. During a late patrol on the newly-won GorgeClan territory, she was attacked by a brazen warrior named Hollysnap and her apprentice, Firpaw. The two of them fought, and Hollysnap’s life was cut short with a crack as the pair tumbled into an ill-placed boulder. Panic bubbled in Ferretmask’s throat as she stepped away from the she-cat’s slumped body. CreekClan cats often suffered the same fate, but with one major difference: it had been an accident.

But did that really matter at all?

In the distance, she saw Firpaw staring at her in horror. “Wait,” she choked out, suffocating from her own panic. But one pawstep was enough to send the little ‘paw scampering away.

Hollysnap’s wide eyes, glazed with death, haunt her dreams to this day. She led her patrols into battle, sharing tongues with her Clanmates with what could be for the last time. When Stoatflower came back with a traumatic head injury that retired her to the elders’ den, or Lionpatch’s eye became infected from a claw scratch, all she could think of were the CreekClan warrior’s eyes, staring blankly into hers.

She would never join the rebellion that brewed underneath GorgeClan’s surface; she was too interested in her own kin’s security, and too scared of what that would mean for her reputation. But her own reputation suffered from her inaction, but when Bonestar was finally taken down, she dipped her head and accepted it. She weaved back into the Clan’s split ranks, apologizing to the cats she had wronged. When the Clan came to the decision to exile Whiteflower, Ferretmask rose her muzzle and declared her support with everything she had.

“Healing will only come if we speak truth to one another,” Fangstar had told her gathered followers. Ferretmask shuddered, Hollysnap’s blank green eyes haunting her memories.
the roleplayer
ALIAS || @jori
made by remi of rilla go!

63 Moons
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