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Shadow of a Brewing Storm
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 26, 2020 2:47:19 GMT


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Shortened Form: Storm
41 Moons
Heterosexual, Demiromantic
Tribe of Fiery Skies

Former Clan:
N/A - Former loner


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Purchased Items
Hybrid - Savannah Cat (Serval hybird) Lineage

Anything Else
In a sense, he views himself as a prisoner to the tribe, though he does still does his best to serve them. Sometimes his wild instincts (more pronounced due to his hybrid lineage) are difficult for him to ignore or control. He is the chosen mate for the Watcher of the Flames, as per a sign sent to the former Keeper when he was found.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A huge black spotted silver tom with olive green eyes
General Appearance
Storm is undoubtedly an anomaly among his tribe mates. The first thing anyone will notice about him is his sheer size and strength - with Savannah heritage from the interference of twolegs, Storm is much like his wild serval ancestors. He may be smaller than they are, but he is still about twice the height and weight of any ordinary cat, a pure hulking form of muscle even if he looks rather lanky without comparison to the height and weight of others. However, while he does indeed tower over others and could likely out muscle any cat simply for his sheer size, it does not remain his only eye-catching feature. Indeed even with his somewhat hidden scars telling of the day he arrived within the tribe bleeding to a near early death, he could still easily be considered a rather handsome tom. For the most part, his short, thick fur is a striking pale silver that ebbs daringly toward white along his underbelly. This silver is marked by inky black spots as well as barring along his legs, tail, and the prominent ocelli marking his large triangular ears, much like the deep inky black of his nose and lips. Unlike his particularly long limbs, neck and large ears, his tail is not as long as one might expect, rather a little short for his body but still rather thick. The color of his eyes may not seem to feral, a soft olive green as they are. However, the look in them, paired with his far more feral build and appearance, certainly give something to be greatly intimidated by.

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  • Exploring - It allows Storm to feel a little more free once in a while.

  • Company - Despite being quite the loner and slow to trust, Storm is not a fan of being alone, even if he would rather sit in silence with someone than actually force conversation.

  • Youth - He finds them blameless compared to their elders, and their innocence reminds him of his sister.

  • Hunting - He may not be the best at it, nor is it his duty, but Storm enjoys providing for himself, and its a far safer outlet for his instincts as well.


  • Divided Duties - Storm would much rather provide and fight for himself, he does not like relying on the Tribe that holds him.

  • The Tribe - Essentially his captors, thus he does not trust them, however he also does not try to leave. It will take much to sway his opinion but it is certainly possible.

  • Twolegs - He wants absolutely nothing to do with them, and both his mother and his own instincts only ever paint them in a bad light. He cannot comprehend why a kittypet would not rather be free but he won't argue them on it.

  • Fighting - Despite being very good at it, Storm actually hates fighting. The potential of his own strength and feral instincts scare him sometimes with how small and fragile his opponents usually are comparatively.


  • Strength - With his sheer size and muscle mass he is a lot stronger than any ordinary cat

  • Combat - After learning how to fight, Storm is impressively skilled at it

  • Patience - Storm is never in much of a hurry, willing to wait things out as long as they take

  • Adaptable - He is surprisingly good at taking things in stride, though perhaps he just lacks the will to react


  • Passive - Despite how lethal he could be, Storm submits to the tribe bossing him around without fight

  • Instinct Driven - Though he does try, Storm has a hard time suppressing his feral instincts which can make him a risk in pressured situations

  • Disloyal - Storm feels little attachment to the tribe, and thus seeing himself as their prisoner he feels no loyalty to them

  • Distrustful - It is very hard to get Storm to believe the best in others, with his life experiences he is far from quick to trust anyone

To be free, or at least one day feel like he belongs and has a purpose

That the Tribe is wrong about an afterlife and he will never see his family again even in death - indeed another reason as to why he stays with the Tribe, though he does not admit it.

Anyone who hears about his story, his situation, and his wild nature would likely imagine a savage beast willing to tear anyone before him down for little more than a glance. That is certainly not the picture that Storm provides, however, even if it sparks in his eyes from time to time. For the most part, Storm is like a circus animal. He still has enough of that fire to preform, but he is docile, he allows himself to be pushed around and bow down to those he could just as easily kill. He feels trapped and pressured, more like a prisoner than a member of his tribe - however, he is not violent, not as dangerous as his instincts sometimes drive him to be. If anything he is a rather quiet and peaceful tom, one who prefers to keep to himself. He is stoic in nature, but he tends to keep his thoughts to himself, and it is rare that he finds himself baring ill intent. Even so, while he serves the tribe well and there is no denying that, there is little loyalty to be found, just as there is little reason for him to give it. He does not trust easily, after all, and while part of him feels he has no choice but to live and serve beneath their rule, this does not mean he is contented with it. A strange tom indeed, especially seeing how easily he could free himself, but after the loss of his family he does not feel a drive to be alone. So he simply lives, for them, and takes what hand life decides to deal him. Perhaps one day he will find his purpose, or feel like he belongs somewhere, but for now he does not have the spirit to seek for either.

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Mother: Nameless - Deceased (was heterochromic)

Father: Unknown Kittypet

Mentor: Former Sentinel

Siblings: Nameless Sister - Deceased (was heterochromic)

Other: Watcher of the Flames - Set mate, as per the former Keeper

Of course, the byproduct of something that was never meant to exist would surely be another. The existence of Storm's mother was by the tampering of twolegs who did not seek to respect the laws of nature. She had never known freedom, yet she wished for it all the same, for she yearned to follow the instincts within her to hunt and thrive in the wild outside the cage she was kept in. She did not seek kittens, or a mate, only to run free and provide for herself like the other cats she would see from time to time. To them, however, she was an abomination. Larger than any cat, she was treated more like a dog by those who were supposed to care for her. They had high expectations, limiting ones without regard for what she truly needed or desired.

It was this fact that saw her bearing kits. She had never wanted to be a mother, having never even known her own, but again the twolegs seemed oblivious to her wishes. Or perhaps they simply did not care. Nothing in her life was ever a choice of her own, but to be forced into was a line she could not accept being crossed. It was easy to overpower and take down the tom that was chosen for her, her wild instincts overpowering the lack of fighting skill they both shared. The commotion had drawn the attention of her two-legged watcher, and that was all she needed to make her escape. She would taste the blood of both...but one kill rather than two had to sate her in order to escape with her own life.

Surviving alone was not as easy as she had hoped...yet all the same, it was not the challenge that those other cats made it out to be either. It took some practice, some careful observation, but it was as though everything came to her naturally, as though she truly was always meant to be free. In time, she grew attached to the kits she had never wanted, those protective instincts cropping up and drowning the urge to be rid of them. By the time her two kits were born, fortunately baring little resemblance to their father...she wanted nothing but to see them thrive.

Despite her inexperience, the mother did her best in raising her kits. Having no name, nor did they receive any either, but this did not mean she loved them any less. No, she was a fierce and protective mother, one who drove her kits to do better than her so that they could live freely without fear. Yet when the bravery she instilled in the pair took a turn for the worst, leading them to an unfortunate encounter with a badger, she knew they needed far more than just her to survive. She sought everywhere for someone who could help her children, who could save them and give the family a home. Eventually she found hope, a group of cats that called themselves a tribe, guided by a tom renowned for his healing abilities.

This Watcher of Flames seemed the safest choice, and so she took her ailing kits to his border. The family were not to be received kindly, however. Despite their wounds, it was their eyes that drew the attention of these seemingly savage cats. Eyes that echoed the sacred mark of their leaders. They were to be chased off, and killed if they resisted. That was his command. One, was spared by a sign. The only one who's eyes were unified to one single color...the Keeper of the tribe proclaimed he would be needed among them. And so, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and weakened from blood loss, the young tom had little choice but to watch as his mother was killed for trying to fight for him, and his sister fled to save what little of her life she had left. All he could think as his world blacked out was that he would rather go with them, to wherever they might meet in death.

However, this was not to be his fate. Destined as he was for something beyond his knowledge, the seemingly heartless tom put great efforts into healing him. Whatever it was he was being spared for...Storm - as they came to name him - began to realize it had something to do with a young molly only two moons his senior that would often stand stoically by the healer's side. He could tell she was related to the leader, that she was important - it must have been those eyes, so much like the cat who treated him - and yet there was something about her that told him she was less cruel, even without a single word to be passed between them.

It took two whole moons since his arrival for Storm to be deemed ready for training beneath the Sentinel of the Tribe. He was nine moons by then, a to-be as they so said, though he felt more like a prisoner than a pupil. Still, with his strength returned he felt it was better to live beneath their rule than to die at their paws. He was determined, then, to live for his mother and sister, even if he had to obey. He knew he was safer here, learning from them, and he hoped in time he would feel more a part of their tribe.

Moons passed, and Storm never ceased to stand out even as he made himself blend in. No matter how docile he acted, how much he allowed them to push him around...not only did he never truly feel like one of them even as his drive to leave dwindled to a distant sensation, but his size and his far more feral instincts always set him apart. There was a certain wild hunger in his eyes that he tried to keep at bay, that could scare them sometimes, for they knew he could not help it. However, there was no denying that he had to stay, and it was so much safer not to will such strength from an ally to an enemy. So they would bide their time with wildness in their midst, at least until his blood would provide them the next generation to lead.
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45 Moons
Apr 26, 2020 19:29:58 GMT


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