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Apr 25, 2020 21:34:48 GMT
Hey guys! :3 Here is the characters' tracking page. It keeps track of their relationships with others and plots. If you would like to plot/thread with me, you can let me know through Pm or via Discord. (Try not to reply to this thread.) Enjoy!

List of Characters:
Palilaflame ♀
Nemesia (WIP) ♀
Rebelwind (WIP) ♀ or ♂

Tracking Legend:
Likes: ✔
Crush: ♡
Lover: ♥
Best friend: ★
Neutral: ◒
Dislikes: ✗

Apr 25, 2020 21:39:46 GMT

Palilaflame of OneClan

Acquaintances (Open)
Due to Palilaflame's lack of trust in others, she would consider someone to be an acquaintance for a while before friendship. However, it's easier to become an enemy.

- Larkspurpaw ( has humor and can tolerate her sass.)

Friends (Open)
It's hard to become friends with this warrior. However, once friends with her, she's one ride or die cat. Cats who are candid, patient, sassy (playfully), independent (mentally & physically) and have humor get along with her the best.

- None

Romance (Closed)
Her fear is falling in love, so that's not an option at the moment. She doesn't like to be flirted with either. That might change in the future, though.

- None

Enemies (Open)
This she cat has tough-skin, so she's not easily offended. If someone betrays her (or her friends) and/or attacks her, one would be an enemy very quick. She is very feisty, direct, and somewhat confrontational. Therefore, it is easy to tell if she's has extreme distaste for someone.

- None

Plots (Open)
Plots are welcome! It takes time for Palilaflame to warm up to others, so don't be surprised if she's sarcastic and irritable at first approach. When she's comfortable, she becomes less stand-offish.

- None

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