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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
milk - based on her pale pelt color
berry - reflects size and sweet personality

Former Clan:

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Purchased Items
Odd marking: physical abnormality - Polydactyl. One additional toe on each paw (4 additional toes total, 5 toes on each paw).

Desired Warrior Name

Anything Else
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
Petite, faded smoke coloured feline with golden eyes
General Appearance
Milkberry is a small, petite feline - she is considerably compact and lightweight. Milkberry's Burmese heritage is demonstrated as she is round all over - round head, round ear-tips, eyes, chin and even round paws. One trait that stands out when looking closely at her rounded paws is that she is polydactyl. This physical abnormality has resulted in Milkberry having one additional toe-bean on each paw. Her fur is short and glossy; smooth to the touch. It is a pale silvery lilac with darker seeming points on her face and legs. Milkberry's small but strong body shape makes her excellent at climbing trees and jumping. She is fairly quick on her paws, but is no match for those with giant lanky body structures. Milkberry's short glossy fur helps her in and around water. The glossy texture helps the water simply roll off her pelt as if she were an otter. Milkberry holds bright golden yellow eyes and a faded pink - almost dark gray nose.

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Climbing trees, snoozing in the sunshine, the smell of new-leaf with all flowers in bloom, keeping herself clean and well-groomed, being around those she cares for.

The taste of mice, being alone, mud, the idea of unnecessarily killing or drawing blood

Swimming, fishing and general hunting, running and speed, placid nature.

Concentration, has her head in the clouds, lack of confidence, idealism.

To be a mother, to be successful and to make a difference

Failing her clan, letting her abnormality define who she is.


Milkberry is a pacifist. She believes strongly that one can achieve great things without shedding blood. She respects that her views tend to be largely ignored and that others have different ways of thinking. But, she will not tolerate others disrespecting her ideas. Milkberry feels that unnecessarily drawing blood, killing or causing violence simply makes all situations worse. Bloodshed causes injury, loss and pain...While political discussions and communication do not cause any injury or loss to the same degree.

Milkberry is an idealist; always aiming for unrealistic perfection from herself. This does not apply to others and is purely based on her own skills and capabilities. Milkberry lacks confidence in herself and her capabilities - it is not made easy when she is teased or mocked due to her polydactyl.

She places immense pressure on herself to perform masterfully; to her there is always room for improvement. Milkberry is an independent feline who aims to do everything she can on her own. When the time comes that she’s overwhelmed or burdened and needs help, it is hard for her to admit the fact that she needs someone to lean on and provide some help. She’s always trying to prove her worth to not only her clan but others. Milkberry wants to be seen as an asset to the clan, no matter what. Milkberry is a bit of a dreamer, often caught up in her own imagination that she sometimes does not see what is clearly right in front of her.

Although Milkberry has a lack of confidence in herself and a determination to be fiercely independent, she has high social needs. Milkberry likes socializing with others and likes being around others that make her feel recognized and happy. Milkberry although independent in most ways, certainly relies on the company of others.

Very few things can bother Milkberry - aside from war and her own unrealistic views. She is very relaxed and laid-back especially when it comes to others. Insults seem to gloss over her pelt, as does sassy, snarky personalities. Milkberry only really gets upset if someone is defiant against her beliefs. She is usually the first one to agree to disagree and let sleeping lions lay, but if someone is persistent enough, it will eventually upset her. Even then though, she believes that the first time offence is always a learning curve or demonstrates a lack of willingness to accept others.

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Mother: Doewhisper (a small fawny colored feline with golden eyes)

Father: Stormy (a medium sized tom with dark black fur and yellow eyes; polydactyl on all paws - deceased)

Siblings: Fawnpaw (deceased)

Mentor: Sparrowflight (brown tabby tom)

Apprentices: None.


Stormy was a loner; he was once a kitty-pet but was abandoned when he was just a young kit for his strange physical abnormalities. Stormy spent moons learning how to survive, just managing to scrape by on leftovers from close-by Thunderpaths and scrounging on kittypet food. Eventually he learned to hunt and catch prey and would sneak into clan territories to try and catch his next meal. He became rather successful at it, finding skill in jumping and leaping, especially when it came to birds and rabbits. One day, he met a young she-cat who was named Doewhisper. Doewhisper was the most beautiful feline he had ever set his eyes on. She was furious at Stormy for hunting on CreekClan grounds and even went as far as to attack him. But, Stormy still came back to the borders; desperate to catch his next meal. Doewhisper kept discovering his scent and tracks, she even managed to catch him a few more times. Eventually, she caved. The warrior understood that times were tough and if he was still returning, even after she attacked him...It clearly showed how desperate times were. The two ended up talking, talking for hours and hours on end. Doewhisper almost forgot to head back to camp, having spent almost all day with the black tom.

Moons passed by. Doewhisper would sneak Stormy a piece of prey - always something small, like a bird or rodent. It would always be her own kills and she always took his prey out of her rations. Doewhisper did not mind skipping meals to provide for Stormy. Not at all. Stormy and Doewhisper became lovers. The two would sneak away into secluded spots in the forest and spend nights together. Doewhisper begged for the male to join her in CreekClan, but fear held him back.

After about 15 moons of their relationship developing; Doewhisper fell pregnant. The she-cat was excited to say the least, but her persistence for Stormy to join the clans only grew. Rumors started up in the clan about the sire of Doewhisper's evident litter. The queen refused to tell a soul, but upon the birth of her healthy litter...The evidence was clear. Both of the small kits had Stormy's physical abnormality. Stormy was well-known around Creekclan, he was the loner with the extra toes. However it had been awhile since Creekclan had last saw Stormy...Many thought he had died, but the truth was in Doewhisper's newborn kits.

Doewhisper naturally denied all allegations. She wanted to warn her lover, but unfortunately she could not leave the Nursery. Her little kits needed her. 2 moons passed with Doewhisper stuck inside the nursery. Suddenly she heard commotion coming from the camp. Curiosity tempted her, but she wished she had truly stayed back in the nursery. A patrol were just entering the camp, bloodshed stained their pelts. In the claws of several were thick, black tufts of fur. Fear enveloped the queen, but she tried to keep her cool. Doewhisper overheard the patrol discussing that they had killed the annoying loner; Stormy, who seemed insistent on hanging around the borders. Doewhisper's heart broke into a million tiny pieces. She retreated into the Nursery where she cried her heart and soul out; broken by the loss of her loved one. Milkkit and Fawnkit did not understand what was going on, but tried to comfort their mother.

Doewhisper was heavily depressed for the remainder of Milkkit and Fawnkit's kit-hood. She was withdrawn and emotionless, but the little ones knew that it was death and bloodshed that had caused their mother so much pain and agony. When the kits became apprentices, they suddenly found life a lot harder than it had been back in the nursery.

The other apprentices did not like Milkpaw or Fawnpaw and would mock and bully them due to their polydactyl. Milkpaw hardened herself to the others; letting most of the insults glide off her pelt. Internally the insults made her doubtful of her capabilities, they pushed her to train hard and never accept anything less than perfect. Fawnpaw however was a lot more sensitive and would run away and hide. The other apprentices focused on Fawnpaw, enjoying the reaction they got from her a lot more than Milkpaw. Fawnpaw was eventually driven out of CreekClan, bullied to the point she was bloodied and beaten, vowing to never call the clans home again. Milkpaw was upset by her sisters absence. Milkpaw even tried to find her, but Fawnpaw was good at hiding.

Sparrowflight was a good mentor; the brown tabby often tried to teach Milkpaw to be less harsh on herself and put less pressure on herself. Perfect isn't real, perfect is a made up measurement, he would say. Sometimes Milkpaw believed it, other times she did not. Despite the flaws though, Sparrowflight recommended she become a warrior at 14 moons. She had one or two hiccups with battle training and her battle assessments, but he was still happy with her overall progress and development.

Milkberry adored her new name and her new role in Creekclan. The challenges were constant, but she never backed down. Several moons passed, Milkberry continued to serve Creekclan well, up until the merge happened.

The merge was loved by Milkberry; a good way to unite against a common evil. The warrior doubted how long it would last, but was curious to see how the clan would be affected by the new merge. A moon later and she has discovered how many new warriors she has around her.
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Your character has been accepted as a member of UPROAR!

Now, all you have to do is a few things. First head on over to the Name Claim so that no one can attempt to take your beautiful kitty's name. Once posted, we ask that you update your Who Plays Who section so that we known who is who on the forum. Once that is done, the next thing you will need to do is post into the Census. We have the Clan one here, the Tribe one here, and the OuterClan one here. The last thread you must reply to is the Mentors and Apprentice thread. You may request the cat who would be a mentor to be a last resort, but they must be signed up. If they are an apprentice, reply stating you are looking into getting a mentor as well.

Lastly, have fun! We look forward to role-play with your new kitty-cat!

Much Love,
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