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Burn That Fire Leaves
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 24, 2020 18:01:08 GMT
Burn That Fire Leaves

35 | Tribe | Male | He/Him

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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Burn That Fire Leaves

prefix: Burn - injury or damage resulting from exposure to fire, heat, caustics, electricity, or certain radiations (pelt color)

suffix: Fire Leaves - damage left behind as the result of a fire (burning fire in the distance)
thirty-five (35) moons
Tribe of Fiery Skies

Former Clan:

None - half loner roots previous to birth


Other Characters
(One) - (Quar.) - (Outer)

Purchased Items
Strange Marking

Desired Warrior Name
Burn That Fire Leaves (current)

Anything Else
Loner roots through his mother
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance

Burn That Fire Leaves - a small, ruddy-colored cat with golden eyes.
General Appearance
In another life, or perhaps under different circumstances, Burn would have a name consisting of 'fox' - his pelt is almost similar to one that it wouldn't be farfetched. An orange/reddish hue adorns most of the fur along his body, maw dipped in white like snow while a dark, black stripe travels from his tail, up his spine, and feathers out at the top of his head. White sticks out on the fur of his chest and belly, almost completely blended in unless a closer look is given. 

Though not enough to be considered 'long-furred', Burn's fur is on the longer side, especially noticeable around his paws and his plume of a black-tipped tail. His whiskers are equally as long, giving him a significant speed advantage while hunting. With his sharp eyes, cool gold in color, he's not a cat you'd want to come across in the shadows.

There's a prominent scar on his left shoulder, brightly displayed in the shape of a flame, a wound he had gathered at the same time as his sister's death. 

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~ hierarchy (chain of command)
~ silence (see also, nighttime)
~ nighttime (see also, silence)
~ running (especially when in chase or away)
~ rock climbing (up, not so much down)
~ the unknown (a trait taken from this birth mother)

~ high noon (sun too bright)
~ confrontation (words take too long)
~ comparison (he is his own person and no one else)
~ fire (claw wounds heal easy, burns do not)
~ (the slow passage of) time
~ difficult relationships
~ disloyalty

~ loyal
~ clear-headed/decisive
~ confident 
~ fleet-footed
~ stamina 
~ tactical

~ loyal (to a fault)
~ anti-social
~ intense
~ reserved
~ stoic
~ assertive 

~ to give his life for a good cause (ie. Flamewatcher)
~ to meet his birth mother after death
~ to be remembered
~ to forge new bonds and repair the broken ones

~ being unneeded/unwanted/unused
~ breaking a bone
~ not being fast enough
~ his remaining siblings dying
~ to be caught in a fire

Where once an excitable, optimistic kit stood, came a determined and angry to-be; like a phoenix rising from the ashes of that misguided to-be comes the true personality of the scout - determination still runs deep through his core but he is clear-headed now, for a reason other than to prove someone wrong.

Burn That Fire Leaves is a cat many don't even notice is around. Around camp, he is very quiet, reserved, keeping to the edges of camp rather than coming forward and socializing. Relationships don't come easy to him and his need for socialization is very low, so as a result, if he's feeling social, he'll turn to his best friend, or perhaps one of his siblings, depending on which mood he's in. Despite his aloofness, he's still very alert, ready to jump up and do whatever is asked of him, as long as it's Flamewatcher doing the asking.

Outside of camp is an entirely different story. Determination takes its hold the moment he's thrown on a hunt and it serves to fuel him, desire to be stronger, faster, better. He once thought he was meant to be a sentry, and clearly he wasn't, so it's his goal to be the best scout he can be, always trying to break some sort of record for himself. He's quick to plan and plot and typically clear-minded, calling out different strategies to quickly and effortless take down whatever prey is on the table for the day with the least amount of effort and casualties.

Burn is loyal - loyal to a fault. His loyal resides strictly in Flamewatcher, which poses an issue when it's necessary for the whole of the Tribe. Will this decision eventually prove to benefit Flamewatcher in some way? Or is it something that benefits only one cat? If he does this now, will it prevent him from doing something similar later? He's very narrow-minded in his decision making, which is probably why he's able to decide so quickly. 

Relaxation and 'fun-times with friends' are things that never cross his mind, and he finds himself dreading the time after the hunt is over, when time moves so slowly he feels the next day, the next hunt, will never arrive.

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Mother: Quake (birth), Snow On Highest Peak (adopted)

Father: Echo of Eagle's Cry (birth)

Siblings: Star on Silent Night (half), Blooming Fields of Lavender (half), Roar of Shattered Ground (full)

Extended: Rain (unknown brother of Quake, alive)

Mentor: Crack of Distant Thunder

Apprentices: Petal of Bloomed Orchid/Mally (scout - kittypet)

Other: Ripple of Disturbed Pond (childhood friend)

Snow On Highest Peak always knew she was meant to be a wanderer; though she loved and was content with her Tribe life, as she had been in it her entire life, something about the territory and what lie beyond filled her with great fascination - fascination that eventually led her to sneak from camp and explore the outer territories. The forest was vastly different than the rocks she had grown around, soft and pliant rather than sturdy and tough. It was different, and she loved it in a way she loved all things unfamiliar to her. So, she started sneaking out often to explore - never going far enough in to lose her way home, but farther and farther each time as if she were being dared to. 

Quake comes into the picture before long, a beautiful molly of the forest that immediately catches Snow's eye. She is mysterious, egging Snow on to find her while she uses the forest and its trees to slip in and out of vision until Snow finds herself trapped in a maze. Quake leads her out with a cheerful farewell and Snow finds herself hooked, coming out less for the new terrain and more for the molly she knows nothing about.

They accept each other as mates. Two different beings, one of rock and one of forest, but each with the lust of the unknown guiding their pawsteps.

It's not long before Echo of Eagle's Cry figures out what's going on. He's known Snow from the time they were kits, and though he's used to her secrecy, there's a glint in her eyes that signals the discovery of something new - he knows it cannot be something close to home if no one else knows. He follows her one night, discovers Quake, and it becomes something the three of them do often - do their assigned tasks during the day, sneak out at night, meet with Quake, get very little sleep and repeat.

It's not much of a surprise that they both fall pregnant, what must be a week's difference at most. The three are in love - it's a fairytale, Echo loving his childhood friend, childhood friend loving him back, but the loner is still important part of their life and they are all so in love.

It was not meant to be.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, confined to camp for her well-being as well as the kits she holds, she sees smoke on the horizon, watches it wisp high in the air and drift away before ever coming close to their mountain home. Panic rises up in her and before she knows what she's doing, she's heaving herself up and making her way towards the forest, Echo close behind. They don't get far down the mountain before Quake is there, sides heaving with exertion but slender, unlike the fullness they had seen the last time they had parted. Two kits swing from her jaws, looking no older than a day, and they plop softly to the ground as she collapses in front of them. 

She begs them to take them, take the kits she knows she'll be unable to care for, begs with the breath that fights with the smoke in her lungs. Her wounds are too great, and they all know she won't make it much longer, exhausting herself in her efforts to get her kits to safety. Of course they agree, love pooling around their words as they share goodbyes. Echo buries Quake at the bottom of the mountain, halfway between their home and hers as Snow clears the kits from ash and fire. The molly she names Roar of Shattered Ground, in honor of Quake. The other, a smaller tom with a coat color similar to Quake's, frail and weak, she names Burn The Fire Leaves, in memorial of the forest crackling in the distance. 

Snow has her kits on the way back to camp, and she seamlessly lies, claiming all four as her own. 

His life starts there.

Burn that Fire Leaves grew up surrounded by love from his parents and his siblings - never was a day that they fought other than to play or bicker, and they grew close. Burn loved his siblings equally. He and Star would make plans for their future, the closer they got to becoming to-be's, about who they would get for their mentors. Despite his smaller frame, Burn knew he was meant to be a sentry, and that meant training alongside his brother.

When the time came, and Flamewatcher gave the decision, he was devastated. He knew he was wrong, there was no way he was meant to be just a scout! Devastation turned to frustration and anger and he was determined to prove him wrong one day, because what did he know anyways? He was given to a bulkier tom by the name of Crack of Distant Thunder, a tom who, despite his bulk, was fast and agile and was in no mood to put up with Burn's whining. He trained Burn harshly, consistently pressing him to be better, faster, stronger.

It was around that time that Snow fell ill, a sickness that couldn't be cured and he and his siblings watched as she grew weaker and weaker. They all spent time with her, when they were able, and even as she finally passed, it was with a smile on her face; however, she didn't pass until after admitted something she had kept from them - Burn and Roar weren't hers by birth. It wasn't that he was upset all of his siblings weren't his full siblings; he loved them all equally, though he couldn't deny a special closeness to Roar as his full sibling. It couldn't have been a night or two later, after Snow's death, that Roar decided to go visit Quake's old stomping grounds, insisting that Burn follow along. 'you want to prove you can be a sentry, right? prove it now and protect me, you dork.' It was enough to make him follow along, curious in the same way she was. 

They managed to make it to the forest when everything went wrong, a pair of eyes glinting in the darkness before they were attacked. It was over in minutes, Roar's body limp and disfigured at the tree's edge and agony pulsing from his shoulder. Why the foxes left them alone, he couldn't be sure. Instead of pondering it, he set out to dragging his sister's body back up the mountain where he was found by a scouting patrol, his mentor among them.

He had lost two in so short of a time, his heart not fully recovering before another was pulled from him. It hurt.

How could he be so stupid? To doubt Flamewatcher's word, his wisdom? To doubt anything that was said?

Flamewatcher might as well be a God in his eyes.

Burn was changed after that, putting all of his efforts into training. Crash, in return, turned his training into a challenge - how could he be better today than yesterday? It helped. It's then that he finds himself unable to be rid of Ripple of Disturbed Pond, a molly who insists on being his friend and helping him to be better. No matter what he said or how he acted, she stubbornly insisted on staying by his side.

Eventually, he gives up and accepts it.

He graduated to be a scout right on time, head raised and proud at his ceremony. His shoulder was healed, still bright against his fur and noticeable, but healed. Echo dies not long after, defending a group of scouts from, ironically enough, an eagle. He is mourned, missed, and Burn carries on in his honor, for the father who loved them more after there were no mothers left to love.

His training wasn't done. It would never be. But he took his new title with pride and promised that he would continue to be better. He gets an apprentice, a shy cat who doesn't really want to be a scout and he gets that, trains her despite her reluctance until she can pass her exam. He's fast, his one true talent, one he declares he's better at anyone else at with the exception of his mentor, and he teaches her too, how to be fast. The same night of her ceremony, she announces she's leaving for the life of a kittypet, uninterested in the ways of the tribe and she's sorry but her mind is made up. Burn escorts her to the edge of the territory and no further at Flamewatcher's command, wishes her good luck. He doesn't watch as she leaves, turns his back and heads back home.

He is loyal to Flamewatcher; he has no interest in those who do not support his image.

The new Flamewatcher rises to power after the old is lost to the group that screeches their loyalty to a cat called Bonestar. The new Flamewatcher rises with reluctance but Burn shifts his loyalty all the same. It doesn't matter which cat claims the name, he will be loyal regardless. A zealot, who preaches the law of Flamewatcher. When it comes time to the heads to be chosen, he is chosen to be next preymaster, his passion to be better and his loyalty key components in the decision. He will not fail.

The Tribe moves lands, travelling to a new territory to escape Bonestar's so-called supporters. His head is kept high and stable in his new position as they make the travel, asserting himself immediately as the scout's head. He is fair, and allows for mistakes to be made, but rectifies them immediately. His scouts are important. They cannot fail while the Tribe is still newly settled. Their home might be similar to their last, but they haven't spent moons and years familiarizing themselves with how one path will take them to these hunting spots while this will lead to certain death. They will learn, as Flamewatcher wishes it so.
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