A legacy of warriors [TAGGED]

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Apr 24, 2020 1:54:31 GMT


The golden rosette male strolled steadily through the territory; dodging overhanging branches and intentionally avoiding large, murky puddles of water. Epsilon was not lightweight, but he was remarkably stealthy for his size. He hopped from rock to rock, his bright eyes shifting and taking in the small things around him. Patches of moss clung to smoothed rocks, pebbles scattered near the edge of the pond...And of course, the gentle trickling sound of water.

Epsilon approached the water, abandoning his pouncing game with the rocks. He lowered his head and took a few small laps of the cold yet refreshing water. Epsilon noted that the water was shallow, maybe a paw or two deep, maybe more? But, not by much. The large apprentice sat down, his back turned to face the water's edge. It was a nice atmosphere here, he thought. Really a good spot to catch up with Alpha and Omega.

A sigh came from the young warrior in training as he thought back to the last time he had seen his siblings. It hadn't been too long, but they were all training now; or so he presumed. Had the others any good mentors? A frown crept across the male's maw as he recalled the first words spoken by his own mentor. The striped male had questioned him on his intentions, was he to stay loyal to the clan or leave because of dear old daddy. Wavestep had sure made a rather strong impression on Talonflight it seemed. Perhaps he had that way with everyone, not just pretty she-cats.

Epsilon shook the thoughts away and lay his chin down on his paws. The gentle sun warming his short glistening fur.

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May 17, 2020 0:44:18 GMT
She didn't know why she was doing this.

A little lie. Epsilon had managed to grab her before she could escape after dropping off prey in the fresh kill pile. He was meant well but sometimes Omega wondered how blind he really was to the situation between Alpha and herself. Or if he just pretended it didn't exist. And he seemed to genuinely want to catch up with her after all this merging business... And. Well. She. Might have friends? Or friends-to-be. Or they could just be friendly with her because that's how they were and they really didn't want much to do with her outside of that but she had to try didn't she and -

Omega cut herself off with a sharp shake of her head. Friends or friendly acquaintances aside, they gave her a maybe-boost to her courage to be around other cats. And it wasn't like she was expected to hang out around Alpha alone; Epsilon would be there. He'd... He had to care enough to not let their brother be too mean, right?


If only she could make herself truly believe that.

But sooner than she wanted she was already at the Sunning Stones. Her paws kept themselves firmly rooted a good distance from the shore and where one brother already waited for his siblings to arrive. The greeting she meowed to him was quiet, hardly able to be heard over the rushing water she tried to keep from focusing too much on. Omega had to hold herself together - if Alpha caught her like this he'd never let it go. It'd be worse than a nightmare.

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