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"Never underestimate someone who’s fighting for a cause"
the basics
NAME || Pantherleap
CLAN || Creekclan
RANK || Deputy
AGE || 35 Moons
GENDER || Male
SEXUALITY || Homoromantic Asexual
OTHER || he chonky
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || A massive black tom with amber eyes
APPEARANCE || Pantherleap is unusually large and glossy for a wild cat, mostly because he wasn't born a wild cat. He’s several hundred dollars worth of cat that somehow made it to the wild, and wouldn't have life any other way. His coat his jet black and his eyes are a deep amber, easily visible even on a dark night with their vibrance against his pelt. His tail is long, his claws are large and sharp, and his whiskered always clean. He takes pride in his looks and size, and expects others to see that he does just so as well.
the personality
LIKES || birds singing, training, fishing
DISLIKES || Fast prey, heights, and raccoons
DREAMS || To be able to give himself fully to the clan
FEARS ||Failing those around him

Pantherleap is a bold tom cat, with a heavy sense of justice and pride in his clan and his family. He is known for his attentiveness and attention to detail when it comes to organization and teaching. He trained two apprentices at the same time while a friend warrior of his was sick and unable to train their own, and both apprentices excelled in skills. He is a true warriors warrior of the clan, and isnt afraid to put other people in their place. He may come across as a gruff tom but he means well. He doesnt like to show weakness, or what he considers to be weakness, and prefers to be giving orders rather than taking them, leading to butting heads with other rather often.

Once he became deputy he did his best in an attempt to curb this behavior, but its seated with him, and he isn't afraid any more to apologize for it when he’s in the wrong. At least... when he finally admits it to himself anyway.

the history
FATHER || Unknown
MOTHER || Unknown
SIBLINGS || Unknown
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || the clan itself

Little Pantherleap was born into a kittypet’s life, though he doesnt remember it. He is a purebred bombay cat, his parents were show cats, record holders for being massive in size for their already large breed. Panther is a walking living and breathing replica of both his parents, huge in size and stature, with the claws to match, practically a lumbering giant. He’s an exceptional fighter, and a decent fisher (other prey being too fast for him). He could take on a fox if one dared approach!

He was being transported to a new home at the age of 3 moons when the car had an accident. The driver, in the last few moments of life, opened the kitten’s cage so that he could escape the flames quickly beginning to swallow the car. Little panther fled, fast as his legs would take him into the unknown. He tumbled down hills, attacked by bees, chased by dogs, and nearly killed by a raccoon, until he landed on JungleClan’s doorstep. A patrol found him, a nearly dead shriveled and tattered kitten. He was taken in, and cared for. Pantherleap has sworn by all he can swear on, that every cat and the clan who helped him, he will pay them back with his service, and eventually, with his life.

After becoming deputy he believes he may finally have a chance at truly showing his worth, which is all he could have ever wanted. He knows it will be a bumpy road ahead, but he has high hopes of the outcome being favorable... in the end, anyway.

the roleplayer
ALIAS || SilverWings
ANYTHING ELSE || any questions or comments you might have, either to the admin, or other people who wish to interact with your character
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