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The apprentice was curled tightly in his nest, body packed against his sister as he slept through his mentor's initial rousings. So deep in his sleep he was he didn't notice the agitation coming from Applecloud's voice until a hard prod had him jerking in his nest, a yowl of surprise escaping his maw as he looked blurry-eyed at the bright pelt of his mentor. "A-aplecloud!" He exclaimed before shaking the remnants of sleep from his eyes. He was still slightly shaken from his rough awakening, but he simply shook that off as he got up, leaving the warmth and comfort of his nest. He was an apprentice now and as such had new duties and responsibilities. Such responsibilities were honestly unwanted by Valerianpaw and to be truthful the tom wasn't all that excited to become a warrior. He was content to stay a kit forever. At least then he wouldn't have to worry about dying all the time, his mother would worry about that for him. Most would call him lazy if they could ever hear his thoughts, but in the least he is honest with himself.

Gulping the tom turned his amber gaze towards the molly he trailed behind. "H-hey Applecloud?" He stuttered out anxiously, "what will we be learning today?" Valerianpaw nervously licked his jaws, tail flicking behind him and giving away the obvious anxiety he was feeling. 'Oh starclan please don't let it be fighting...' Valerianpaw thought in panic to himself. He didn't know how he'd feel if his mentor decided to do battle training. It would effectively become the worst day of his life and that's not even an exaggeration, it's the dog-gone truth! Valerianpaw eyed his mentor cautiously, awaiting her answer and he mopped behind her.

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only want me back when you can't have me
[attr="class","roxietext"]it had only been a few days since she had announced to spiritsong that he was her mate, and yet she stood now with her own apprentice once more. this time, she had been given an apprentice that was originally from another clan, and for the young former deputy, she had to wonder what the co-leader's game was. she knew that they probably wanted to utilize every single able warrior, but she had not been opposed to it. in fact she had agreed when she had been approached by her former leader and had wanted to see how this former gorgeclan kit would handle the world.

so as the day dawned, she rose from her nest and proceeded to complete her daily routine. a thorough grooming of her long pelt, with each lick leaving her long locks feeling more smooth and silky from the creekclan prey than every before. as she emerged she half expected to see the tom waiting for her, however she noticed - or rather observed the lack there of the tom. valerianpaw, right. time to go get that lazy apprentice. she thought, her paws moving her forward effortlessly, as she poked her head into the den - expecting to see the tom readying himself for the day. to her dismay, the apprentice was sleeping, and as the she-cat sighed, her voice softly calling out; "valerianpaw," she knew that today the apprentice would test her patience.

he did not awake to her soft call, and so with more agitation growing within her, she snapped his name once more, her paw prodding into his side with a heated gaze staring down at the tom. turning on her heel, she left the den with a huff of annoyance, also wanting to cuff the apprentice over the back of the ears. her ears twisted to catch the sound of his own pawsteps as they followed her through the camp entrance and into the territory that even she had trouble still moving through it. h-hey applecloud? the stuttering apprentice spoke, "what will we be learning today? he was almost adorable in his own anxious way, almost.

she remained quiet, leading the tom towards the mossy clearing with little worry to the world around her. let him stew in his thoughts, making me wake him like i was his mother. she thought annoyed. upon arriving, she stopped, her eyes closed as she listen to her surroundings, her lips drawing into a taunting smirk as she turned to face the tom. "we will be learning the basic defenses, or at least, moorclan defenses." her meow was straight forward and strict sounding, her amber eyes flicking over the other tom with curiosity. "i assume you will do well, i will not accept anything less than passable."

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