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Apr 22, 2020 21:39:58 GMT

A mismatched calico laid lazily on a smooth stone, sun shining on her back as her legs stretched out in front of her. Her long feather-like tail trailed behind her, part it falling into the cool stream that tugged gently at her fur, combing the soft tresses with its wet touch. The woman presented a perfectly calm air with her body loose and her head tucked slightly in her chest, eyes half-lidded as she dozed out. The croaks of frogs, chirps and twitters of birds, and buzz of cicadas and dragonfly's created a mesmerizing symphony. A soothing lullaby that transported Vipersting from all her worries and troubles and put her mind at ease. Worrying about the future was so exhausting. The Spore and merging of the three clans would trouble her no more or at this very moment at least. Maybe when she decided to return to the really world she'll entertain such thoughts, but until then her mind will be on radio silence.

Opening an eye, Vipersting glanced down towards the creek, watching the silver flashes of fish swimming by; completely oblivious to the crisis going on. A yawn escaped her jaws causing her to squint her hazel oculars as she flashed her teeth for everyone to see. They were sharp and deadly, fangs she wasn't afraid of showing and using for that matter. Snapping her jaws shut the molly glanced once more at the water, staring at her reflection for any signs of disarray. Seeing a tuft of fur sticking out on her chest fur Vipersting got to work. Her rough pink tongue rasping over her mismatched fur, content to groom herself for the time being.

Or at least she was until the snap of a twig shook her out of her reviere. Black ears swirvled towards the sound, eyes narrowed as she glared in that direction. "No woman likes a peeping tom," Vipersting purred out seductively before continuing with a flick of her tongue over her whiskers. "Why don't you come out so I can see you?"

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May 7, 2020 6:24:23 GMT
i've been by myself all by myself all night long,
hoping you're someone i used to know
[attr="class","bandittext"]He'd been so bored lately. Since Fawnspots had swelled to the point of bursting, he'd done everything he could to avoid her. She slept separately in the nursery now, thankfully, and it gave him an excuse not to follow because there was already another nursing queen there and so many kits. It seemed unfair for him to stumble in so he could wrap himself around his mate and coddle her. Or whatever it was that good mates did. Wavestep was so annoyed with the prospect of more wriggling kits of his own that he found a scowl planted heavily on his face. His only solace was Blizzardberry, irregardless of her childish nature. She was so innocent, it was almost disgusting. He hated the way she stumbled over words, her lack of confidence was appauling, but at least she was something to warm his hardened soul. He needed the company now more than ever since Fawnspots was indesposed.

But lately, he hadn't seen much of the chirpy little she-cat, so he'd found his mind spinning once more for a source of amusement. He needed company, of the female variety, and Wavestep was growing more and more impatient by the day. So he'd set out of camp to try to distance himself from the nagging of his mate, who had spent all morning asking for him to bring her fresh moss since she thought that the kits could come any day now. His mood had darkened considerably.

So when he'd found a dazzling little she-cat laying in the sun, grooming her mismatched fur, he found himself intoxicated by the view. Wavestep wasn't one to stare idly and wait for the attention fo a she-cat, but he'd been so angry lately, that when he'd scented her and she came into view, his eyes had locked on and he'd stared for a moment too long.

The purr that rumbled from the she-cat brought a smirk to his features, his eyes slowly snaking along her frame before returning to her face. An invitation to join, it sounded like to him, and so Wavestep strutted from the undergrowth, his head held high and his chest jutting out slightly to make him appear bigger. He was a lean cat, after all, but attractive. Thankfully, he'd always have that going for him.

"My apologies." He said with a light purr of his own, before stepping closer to the water's edge. He was careful to leap from it and onto the warm stone near hers, before stretching himself out and sitting across from her. Giving her her distance, but allowing himself to come closer to look at the beauty before him. "I didn't mean to stare, I just haven't seen anyone like you before." And that was true, MoorClan only had one calico feline, and Applecloud certainly wasn't doing anyone any favors with her appearance. "May I ask your name?"

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