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3 moons | Oneclan | Female | She/Her

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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Strikekit
prefix: named after the prefixes of her parents
suffix: For her rank as a kit
3 moons

Former Clan:
Born to Gorgeclan, raised in Creekclan (Cross-Clan kit)

Player Alias

Other Characters
Other Characters

Purchased Items

Desired Warrior Name
Strikethorn (if she stays in the clan long enough)

Anything Else
Current pictures are her as an adult is too lazy to find matching kit pics. Is absolutely not loyal to the Clan(s).
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
large black tabby she-cat with green eyes
General Appearance
Knowing the former Gorgeclan leader Fangstar's appearance, it is very clear that she is Strikekit's mother. She has the same black striped, brown tabby body as Fangstar, her sibling Adderkit, and her uncle Talonflight. Her build, however, very much comes from her father Cobrastrike, abandoning the leaner one of her mother.. Even as a kit, Strikekit is larger than her agemates. All signs point to her growing even bulkier with age and proper training. The green eyes also prominent in her family have a faint yellow tint to them that is usually only seen with direct sunlight. The proper lighting also turns her fur closer to the more honey-brown coat of her half-sister Robinflight.

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Her sibling Adder, staying away from Clan life, being left to do her own thing, sparrows, climbing

Berrychirp or her family, being fought over, others being rude to their sibling, fish, swimming

Throwing her weight around, biding her time, following through

Short-tempered, her sibling, apathy, disdain, possessive

Be free of the clans, find a place where Adderkit will be happy

Losing Adderkit, being trapped in the clans forever

Strikekit's issue isn't that she doesn't understand how to love or treat others nicely. Her issue is that she just doesn't care, and in fact will go out of her way to bully others so they're miserable. Because of who their mother was and the circumstances that led to her and Adderkit being adopted by Berrychirp of Creekclan, she finds herself fought over by those formerly of Gorgeclan and Creekclan. This has completely overshadowed the love given by Berrychirp and made her hate how happy the queen seems to be with her own little family. The only one that can prove she does know how to treat others is her sibling Adderkit, who she is extremely protective of as her last acknowledged family member. They dread the day when Oneclan inevitably falls apart and cats fight each other for who gets them without taking into account the siblings' feelings on the matter.

Anyone is a target for her to throw her weight around, physically or verbally. Beekit and Honeykit are her common targets to let out her aggression. Strikekit will sometimes lash out for no reason and other times do it to draw any attention off of their sibling who prefers to stay in the background. Not surprisingly, they do not tolerate anyone who tries to do the same to Adderkit.

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Mother: Fangstar (birth, deceased); Berrychirp (adopted)

Father: Cobrastrike (birth); Huckleberryroot (adopted)

Siblings: Adderkit (littermate); Beekit (adopted littermate), Honeykit (adopted littermate)

Extended: Talonflight (birth uncle), Vervainflower (birth aunt), Valerianpaw (birth cousin), Vrieseapaw (birth cousin); Hornetcall (adopted uncle)

Mentor: N/A

Apprentices: N/A


The story of Fangstar and Cobrastrike had been doomed and self-sabotaged from the start. Just when the two of them had started getting their act together, Fangstar became pregnant and was forced to spend much more time in Gorgeclan's camp while the Spore was at its peak. Unfortunately, the proud leader found all of her lives lost during a difficult birth made worse by the Spore. Her kits, Strikekit and Adderkit, were rushed to Creekclan's camp as the only ones Gorgeclan knew of with a queen who could nurse.

The two kits found themselves adopted by a pregnant Berrychirp who lovingly took them in and raised them alongside her own kits, born a moon later. Strikekit was unknowingly informed of her mother and the position it put her and Adderkit in as talks began about merging the clans into one. She grew to hate her mixed-clan heritage and upbringing, to the point where she was unable to stand the happiness that Berrychirp and her family had and started to set out to ruin it however she could. This has led to her bullying the younger and smaller Beekit and Honeykit and ignoring the adults to the best of her ability.

For now, she feverishly dreams of taking her and her sibling away from Oneclan and its drama.
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3 moons
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