light and dark - a sibling plot

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Apr 22, 2020 7:47:06 GMT
Okay y'all, so hear me out.

I've got a really dark character in mind, and I'm hoping to find someone to play their twin. (It's gonna be awhile since I've gotta earn enough prey to buy the special bonds, but I want this so I'm willing to hoe out my characters for other threads and plots. XD)

For sake of explanation, they'll be light and dark (dark is bad, light is ... good? It's complicated.) Loyalties, clan, ranks, etc are all open.


Light and Dark are twins and from birth, they've competed for everything they've ever had. Their mother's affection, the food in their bellies, a warm place to sleep every night, and from being outcast by their mother. Mother (let's call her Frost), was always pushing one to be better than the other and just when it looked like one had won her affections, she fed the rivalry. Pushing a permanent wedge between them that they could never recover from. The favorite of Frost received everything, prey, affection, a warm nest at her side, and everything they could ever want. The lesser received cruel words, crowfood if anything at all, and brute force to try to whip them into proper cats.

(For the sake of reality, the first 6-10 moons of their lives would have to take place outside of the clans.)

Light and Dark grew close during this time in their lives, needing each other to survive the harshness of their mother. They'd share prey, they'd brainstorm ways to escape the hell they lived in. And neither of them knew it, but a special bond formed between them. Their mother was a former clan cat, banished for something wicked, but believed strongly in the stars, and taught kits to do the same. So when Light escaped and Dark was left behind, the bond became essential. In the beginning, Light promised to return, and Dark pleaded every night that they do. Though as the moons went on and Dark was left under their mother's constant cruelty, they changed.
The pleads turned to anger, the anger to threats, and now Light fears the worst of their sibling. Things have gone quiet for so long, and they wonder if they died. Or worse, lived.

In this, I'd really like to play Dark, who likely has been taken in by the other group (if Light goes to Clans, Dark to Tribe, vice versa) and Dark swears that when Light is found, they will pay for the pain they endured alone. They'll stop at nothing to make sure it happens.


Key Points / Take Aways:

  • Neither character is "good" or "evil". They've both been twisted and have justifiable reasons for being the way they are.
  • Light did not come back for Dark. They likely promised for moons, but in the end, the reason why is up to you.
  • Dark blames Light for leaving them alone and they do intend to kill Light. This may change as the story progresses, but right now, there is a large potential for drama.
  • I am asking everyone who is interested in this to fill out the form below because I want to give people a fair shot. I'm looking for someone who will love this character but also make it their own as this plot will definitely take some time to develop. Feel free to PM your responses if you wish. Otherwise, posting here is fine.

  • I am not asking for you to pay for the Special Bond. I am happy to pay for it but due to the fact that both characters need it (and I'm about 3400 pebbles away, it's going to take some time.) Donations are 100% appreciated though. (But will have no merit on if you receive the character, so I would highly recommend waiting if you do not want to donate if you do not get the character.)

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