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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Vipersting

VIPER: named for her colorful and mesmerizing fur color

STING: named for her biting tongue and quick use of her claws
25 moons
Bisexual & Aromantic; she is not interested in romance, but rather likes the physical companionship of both man and woman.

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance

a thin calico she, hazel eyes
General Appearance
Vipersting prides herself on having a well groomed coat. Maintenance is key and no amount of rough-housing would have her missing out on looking pretty. That said Vipersting harbors an intricate coat design. She's a long haired calico with splashes of red and black fur spotted around her body. White fur breaks up the miasma of colors, adding its own flare. Her pelt colors cohesively go together, much like a puzzle piece set. Large olive yellow eyes stand out against her mis matched pelt, long white whiskers adding to her face and lastly a pinky nose ties everything together.

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+ Fighting
+ Climbing trees
+ Spontaneity
+ Her independence
+ Honest is the best policy
+ Food, any and all (besides fish)
+ Star gazing

- Kits
- Bullying
- Idiots
- Settling down
- Idealistic fools
- Water
- Sappiness
- Fish, even if its food

+ Fighting
+ Coy
+ Her brawn strength
+ "Wrestling" ;p
+ Actual wrestling
+ Honest even if you dont want honesty
+ Her confidence
+ Indepencence

- Persuasion / Charm
- Multi-tasking
- Reckless to a fault
- Blunt
- Can be bossy and rude
- Saying no to a fight; if challenged she'll fight consequences to damned
- Explosive anger
- She's chaotically good
- Can be over confident

To become the best version of herself and rising Gorgeclan's reputation in the biased eyes

She has a rational fear of drowning

A lot can be said of Vipersting, but at the very least you'll find out she's a woman of vision. While it may seem shallow to most Vipersting takes pride in being the most "beautiful molly around." She's a seductress, sultry and invigorating to those who manage to get a taste of her feminine wiles. Playing with men's hearts is considered a past time to her, never committing herself to a single tom with her heart, body, and mind. She is notoriously coy, stringing those along in her self-indulgent ways. She's a free spirit, and as such is very hard to "tame" and lockdown.

And despite her femininity and enjoyment of looking attractive, Vipersting is no lady in the traditional sense. She is a tomboy at heart and thoroughly enjoys rough-housing and physical activity, allowing her to show off her cunning and strength. She isn't afraid to get down and dirty and very much willing to manhandle someone into submission than fight with words. Because of this, you can find her in the company of egotistical males, loving the thrill it gives her by showing those larger and stronger than her that she is not a woman to be trifled with and packs a punch of her own.

She lacks maternal instincts, deflecting from the life of rearing and bearing kits. However, she isn't opposed to providing her clan with a strong and healthy generation: provided she finds a worthy male. Vipersting just wouldn't make an ideal mother with her flamboyant ways and lack of filter, not to mention she's not a very good role-model.

Vipersting is ignorant of things she deems "superfluous". She is by no means stupid - in fact most would deem her cunning, yet she believes more in brawn over brains. Seeing no point in learning things that do not interest her or directly apply to her and her life. She most definitely doesn't go out of her way for the sake of "broadening her horizons", but instead prefers to focus her attention on one or two strengths. She is fiery and unpredictable with a nasty temper, oftentimes flying off the handle when offended and angered. Her unpredictability makes it difficult for others to know what she is thinking, preferring to stay closed off.

It is well known that Vipersting is known for her sharp tongue and blunt nature; very few being able to claim they escaped from her vicious quips. It is safe to assume that she's feeling under the weather if a sarcastic remark does not leave her lips at least once a day. Her bluntness tends to leave others offended and angered. However, Vipersting isn't known for her gentleness. If she has something to say, she'll say it. For better or for worse; consequences and feelings be damned. She is an extroverted individual and has no qualms speaking her mind and voicing her opinions.

Despite growing up in Gorgeclan, Vipersting is a very loose believer in the Starclan, never truly prioritizing them in terms of worship. Rather only paying patronage to the Starclan when it suits her most and is the most convenient. Vipersting is ruthless, her cunning only adding to her fatality. Do her wrong and you'll be met with a viciousness most fear. She isn't above playing dirty and rather enjoys showing off her brutality.

Yet fair is fair and Vipersting has some redeeming qualities. She's a loyalist, always backing her friends and clan in a time of need. A constant support system available to all in need. Not only that but she's passionate and fearless, taking on the role of a protector in her clan. Always protecting and looking out for those who cannot look out for themselves and are less fortunate than her (especially overly submissive cats). Bullies aren't tolerated and often result in a fight instigated by her. Vipersting is actually a very sociable and friendly cat, despite her natural dominance that can offset to some and her violent tendencies, she enjoys connecting and getting to know her clanmates, preferring to have strong bonds with those she lives with.

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Mother: Birdfrost
percieved as deceased, chased from Gorgeclan for being a Bonestar loyalist

Father: Brindleberry
deceased, died from the Spore while in quarintine; not yet known to Vipersting

Siblings: Venompaw
brother, deceased from fatal wounds as a young apprentice

Extended: none

Mentor: Honeyclaw
previous mentor, deceased due to Spore

mentor, alive

Apprentices: None yet

Other: Not applicable


Birdfrost was by far one of the most beautiful she-cats residing in Gorgeclan. She was a staunch supporter of Bonestar and wholly supported the expansion of Gorgeclan. She was the first one to volunteer for patrols and was the last to go to bed. So it came as a surprise when the frosty she-cat announced her pregnancy to the clan and claiming that Brindleberry was the father. The two weren't mates, but their pairing was an odd one. See Brindleberry was softer than Birdfrost, he was kinder and gentler and most importantly didn't approve of Gorgeclan's violent and rapid expansion. It was no surprise that the two clashed much throughout Vipersting's life.

Their parenting style suffered much of the same fate. Birdfrost believed it important that their kits grow up strong and physically adept in fighting. She encouraged them to fight out their problems with tooth and claw instead of using words for she believed diplomacy to be a sign of weakness. Not socially adept, Birdfrost raised her kits rather callously. Brindleberry believed strongly in showing his love and affection towards his kits and encouraged that they think first and react second. He believed that fighting should come after all other options have been exhausted. Quickly the kits took to their separate methods. Vipersting found a balance in her parent's views. She grew to be a fighting machine, however, she also valued fighting for the weak and helpless. Vipers' brother, Venom took their father's teachings to heart. He quickly became the voice of reason to Vipersting's fire and despite their differences, the two were as thick as thieves.

Vipersting was made an apprentice a couple of moons prior to the downfall of Bonestar and as such wasn't impacted much by his tyranny. However, those two moons were the most impactful to Vipersting. A particular bloody battle left Venompaw in critical condition and he died shortly after due to complications. Viperpaw was devastated and as a result, threw herself into her training. On a good note, Vipersting had grown closer to Brindleberry while the father and daughter mourned the loss of a son and brother.

Honeyclaw pushed Vipersting to her limits, focusing primarily on the she-cats ability to fight. Slowly Vipersting recovered from the loss of her brother, however, suddenly things flipped on its backside. Bonestar was killed, leaving Gorgeclan vulnerable. Next thing she knows is Fangstrike was taking on the role as Gorgeclan's new leader, quickly becoming Fangstar. One of the first actions Fangstar did as leader was rid Gorgeclan ranks of Boneclan supporters. Vipersting's mother, Birdfrost was a well known supporter and unwilling to renounce her actions and bow to Fangstar, she was effectively chased out. Banished to never return again. While Vipersting was not close to her mother, it nonetheless hurt watching her dam being chased out and never to be seen again.

Things still took a turn for the worse. Honeyclaw grew ill, now known as one of the earliest cases of the Spore. She quickly succumbed to the sickness, leaving Vipersting mentorless. However, she was quickly given a new mentor, one that acted as a mother figure and taught her to use her brain a little more than her brawns. Littlebird was her name, a she-cat who helped Vipersting become a better warrior for herself and for her clan. And for that, Viper will be forever grateful.

The moons passed and Viper's warrior ceremony came and went. Then the clans merged into Oneclan. Vipersting had to leave her homeland and watch it become a sick bay. Her father caught the disease and was transferred to quarantine. Unbeknownst to her he quickly succumbed to the disease. Only time will tell how things progress.

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25 Moons
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