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Fire of a Burning Sky was the first of many Flamewatchers. 

He had been a strong believer in an afterlife, and after many, many moons old searching for like-minded felines, he amassed a large enough following to form what would soon become a tribe. He spoke of ancestors, that now that they all were one, their love ones who were no longer with them would walk the same sky, the same paths.

He was not wrong.

Loved ones visited the felines in the night, under the orange harvest moon, and whispered tales of the cat with eyes of two colors who would watch for them in the flames of the night's moon. Upon the morning, the felines approached Fire of a Burning Sky, and hailed him Watcher of the Flames for the tom was the only one among them who possessed the two colored eyes and proclaimed him leader.

He lead them to their new home and settled down, bringing about the start of the Sentinel and their Sentries as well as the Preymaster and Scouts. At the beginning there was no Keeper of Stories, for Flamewatcher was an only kit, however when he found a mate that was sent to him as a sign from the stars, he had two litters - and in one two kittens were born with the beautiful multi-colored eyes. 

Flamewatcher named the first of his children whose eyes changed color first, as his successor. When the second child possessed the eyes, Flamewatcher, who loved both his son's dearly named his second son the Keeper of Stories. The ancestors called upon the Flamewatcher He entrusted his son to carry on the stories, to see the stars if they so wished it and when his Keeper whispered he had received a sign - the only sign they ever would receive - he chose the mate for his brother and began his collection of tales.

Moons would pass, with the Flamewatcher being passed from parent to child or parent to niece or nephew and the Keeper of Stories being passed to the siblings of the Flamewatcher.


Flamewatcher and Keeper are both passed down through one family line. Flamewatcher is chosen when a kit develops heterochromia, and a litter mate or age-similar older sibling becomes Keeper.

If more than one kit in a litter develops heterochromia, the one whose eyes change first is the Flame and the second is the Keeper. Any more than two means death, abandonment, or banishment from the Tribe to prevent any incidents.

If kits from separate litters in the family line develop heterochromia, the oldest siblings are the ones chosen and the others are killed, abandoned, or banished.

Any kits born with it outside of the family line are killed.

It is rare for a Flamewatcher to continue having kits after a new Flamewatcher has been born.

Keepers are the ones to choose the mate of the Flamewatcher. A sign is given to them by their ancestors - the only one Keepers receive in their life - on who Flamewatcher must take as a mate. This mate is the one who has the greatest chance of helping a new Flamewatcher be born.

Flamewatchers may take a personal mate, a cat who they love, in addition to their chosen mate. Oftentimes a chosen and personal mate are the same, as most Flamewatchers prefer to wait for their chosen mate.

Keepers are not allowed to take a mate or have kits. This offers a lower chance of multiple cats being born with heterochromia and keeps the family line as pure as possible.


+ Title Held by the Leader and Healer of the Tribe.
+ Must possess the trait, Heterochromia
+ The title is passed through a singular bloodline.
+ They can interpret signs from rock, leaf and water.
+ They have their mate chosen for them when their Keeper receives a sign. 

+ Title held by a family member of the Flamewatcher.
+ They learn the history and tales of the tribe
+ They possess the ability to heal as well
+ They do not wield any power outside choosing the Flamewatcher's mate.
+ The only sign they are given by their ancestors is who the Flamewatcher's mate will be.
+ They are sworn to celibacy and must never have a mate - nor sire kittens.

+ They are appointed by the Flamewatcher for their abilities in protecting/guarding
+ They are not passed down like the Flamewatcher's title
+ They must be renown by their tribe for their abilities.

+ They are appointed by the Flamewatcher for their abilities in hunting and tracking
+ They are not passed down like the Flamewatcher's title
+ They must be renown by their tribe for their abilities

+ They are the protectors of the tribe
+ Usually 1 or 2 attend hunting parties
+ Patrols their borders

+ They are the hunters and trackers of the tribe
+ Usually just attend hunting parties
+ May tag along on a border patrol if in leaf-bare to optimize territory time

+ They are, quite literally, the mothers of the tribe.
+ Currently pregnant, nursing or attending to kittens
+ Normally will return to their previous position upon kittens to-be ceremony.

+ They are apprentices, or those in training.
+ They are assigned to a sentry or a scout.
+ They become to-bes at 8 moons
+ They train until they are 16 moons old.

+ The old who have finally retired. 
+ All former sentries and scouts take the singular title of elder should they retire.
+ They assist in the teachings of the Keeper.

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