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Apr 21, 2020 14:50:56 GMT


Mapleblossom padded around the new camp aimlessly, in search of anything to do. Adjusting to the new atmosphere of Oneclan proved to be a challenge. She found herself tired and a little distressed, but doing as well as she could.

‘Smells weird in here..’ The lady thought to herself. The blend of scents had been too much for the she-cat. She could hardly focus on anything else.

Her gaze averted down and her tail swished close to the ground. Mapleblossom wound herself tightly, trying to escape the stench.

The molly twittered, unsure of what to be doing at the moment. She decided to make her way to the nursery, for she had heard of new kits and thought it would be nice to congratulate their mother.

She pondered for a moment.

‘is it weird if I say hi? Do others do that?’

Alas, she decided to duck her head in anyway. In a quiet, gentle voice as to not disturb the queen or her nursing kits.

Mapleblossom was friendly, but blunt and to the point. She hadn’t thought of introducing herself, or easing into a conversation.

“Hello, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new kits. I’m sure they’ll make excellent warriors one day.”

She glanced to the kits
‘Oh how precious they are!’

Her heart stirred at their cuteness.

‘Their parents must be so proud!’

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Apr 22, 2020 7:07:44 GMT


Proud mama <3

Paws padding into the nursery were no new thing to Berrybloom. She had lived in here for moons, after all, and now that the clans were merged she was not to only one within to be receiving visitors. From apprentices to elders, faces both familiar and not had a tendency to pop in from time to time, either to congratulate their friends or to bond with their family. It was common enough that Berrychirp did not pause from her idle grooming of little Adderkit's dark fluff of fur. They may not be her kits biologically, but she loved the two she-kits as dearly as she loved her own bundles of joy, even if they did not seem quite so interested in being mothered by her. saddened her. However, Berrychirp was happy to be a mother, to have this chance. She would not let any bitterness squander it, she would simply raise them with love and give them time. Their separation from their poor dying mother ought to have been traumatic, after all. Poor little things, they just needed love and patience, and time to heal of course.

As a greeting was offered, however, Berrychirp lifted her gaze from the four drowsy forms at her flank. Being the only nursing queen in the nursery at the moment, no matter how close Fawnspots was to birthing her own litter, there was no illusion to the calico that anyone else was being addressed. So, while a little surprised by the unfamiliar face giving such blunt congratulations, she allowed the slight look of awe on the molly's face to warm her heart.

"Thank you, I hope so too," Berrychirp purred softly, re-positioning herself in her nest with the four kits at her side so they were still warm and protected, but also visible for the older she to admire and fawn over. She knew the feeling, truly, so she would not blame a warrior from time to time coming in to cue over their cuteness. They would not retain that phase forever, after all, even if they would always be her darling kits.

It took a moment, but a name settled on Berrychirp's mind as she eyed the molly. Perhaps she was not so great with toms, but when it came the the she-cats of the clans, they often raised and protected the kits together. Their maternal instincts were often stronger, after all - the scariest creature could be a mother protecting her children. So, it was easier for Berrychirp to remember their names, taking special note of the quieter ones that might need a little more light in their lives. She liked to hope she could provide it to them, if they let her. No one deserved to live in darkness after all.

"Your name is Mapleblossom, right?" She asked gently, gesturing the slightly younger feline to come closer if she wished. To think that if the clans had always been merged like this, the two of them likely would have been denmates most of their lives, raised alongside each other despite their lineages. However, that was not the case, not as it was for the kits of this generation. "It is lovely to meet you. Would you like to come take a closer look?"

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