working through the pain

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Apr 21, 2020 2:37:25 GMT
[attr="class","jelly1"]It was hard.

To have his only solace in life ripped away so harshly. So suddenly. And to have it played on repeat in his mind was torture. He should be over it. Moving forward, looking ahead to brighter days. But when you have a connection to your loved one, and they’re ripped away from you....that connection doesn’t just go away. There was an emptiness. A dark void that he couldn’t fill, it was hollow and a constant reminder of her. Of his sister. They tried to help him. ‘Blessed’ him with an apprentice of some sort. An apprentice without an apprentices name. Talonflight found no humor in it, and yet...he couldn’t let the young cat fail.

For if Epsilon failed, well he did as well. And in Talon’s mind, hidden in the mess of grief and Fangstar memories, was that reminder. Failure was not an option. And so here they were, in Creekclan’s forsaken lands, attempting to make the most out of a lousy situation. 

Tell me, do you and your siblings intend on staying in the clans when all this clears up just because your dear daddy lives here?” The words were cool and collected, perhaps a tad harsh but not much else could be expected from him. While his skills were ones to be longed for, his demeanor was not. 
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Apr 22, 2020 3:50:47 GMT


Excitement gushed through the apprentice; hitting him like a wave. The golden male with evident brown and black rosette patterns hopped eagerly after his mentor. Epsilon knew that his mentor was from Gorgeclan; originally, before the merge. The tom had heard whispers that Fangstar, the former leader of Gorgeclan was also apparently some type of kin to him. Sister was the most common answer, but in truth, Epsilon did not know. Nor did he care much to find out. Epsilon was here to train and become a brave and fearless warrior. The details of who his mentor was before this did not bother him.

The same could not be said for Talonflight, though. Epsilon sat down across from his mentor, waiting for a clear instruction when the tom suddenly queried his intentions with the clans. Would he stay because of dear daddy? The question seemed rude, despite his tone seeming collected. Epsilon narrowed his round eyes curiously. He knew that Talonflight would not try and make him fail at becoming a warrior, but perhaps this was his unusual way of bonding. Rumors were that Gorgeclan cats were a bit.. Unusual like that.

"I plan on staying, but not because of Wavestep. As for Alpha and Omega, you would best ask them," he said. Epsilon had never actually asked Alpha or Omega about whether they longed to stay in the clans. Meeting Wavestep may have changed their views of the clans, or maybe pushed them further towards a life of being a loner again. Epsilon however enjoyed the community feel and the idea of becoming a warrior; protecting and fighting for something bigger than just himself. Meeting Wavestep and Fawnspots had not influenced his decision. Wavestep was barely interested in them and Epsilon was mutual. Midnight had been their mother and had cared for them with all she had. There was no need to replace her with a tom who cared little of his own spawn. But, he imagined his older brother Alpha held very different views. "Anyway, aren't you meant to be teaching me how to hunt and fight?"

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