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Wolf That Howls Past Dusk
Tribe of Fiery Skies
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Tribe of Fiery Skies

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Large smokey tom with luminous yellow eyes
General Appearance
Huge, thick and strong in all meanings. Moons of fighting and defense have built up muscle around the male's shoulders and hind legs. Upon birth, his destiny was set in motion as his large, stocky build screamed no other. Wolf is a large tom with big black paws. He is by far one of the heaviest cats within the tribe. The tom's ancestry presents Wolf with predominantly black flowing fur. However, it stops below his chin and fades into a silvery-gray. The gray extends down his chest and across his stomach. Wolf's back remains black as does his paws. Wolf has an extraordinarily long tail which is completely black on one side and silvery-gray on the other. Wolf has honey coloured eyes, the single trait he inherited from his father.

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Walks alone, kits, night-time, watching the rain fall

Those who kill without mercy, unnecessary bloodshed and death, hunting, the smell of aloe-vera

Public speaking, diplomacy, advising, strategy, protecting others, tracking

Climbing trees, stealth, agility, kits.

To strengthen the Tribe and make it the best it can possibly be

Gaining and then loosing a loved one or litter of kits, spiders.


Wolf is alluring; mysterious and powerful. The smokey tom enjoys the feeling of adrenaline flooding through his veins, being able to throw his weight around and protect those he cares for. Wolf is a clean fighter who will never use disrespectful or cruel tactics to torment his enemies. Despite Wolf's duty being destined upon birth, he has always been happy to serve and fight to protect those unable to do so. Wolf is not fond of catching prey; the agility and stealth required to do so effectively always failed him. Wolf, being as large as he is, simply could not muster stealth.

The tom tends to keep to himself; holding memories of his past to himself like a masked secret. Wolf is unwavering in his actions, confident in his views but loyal to his last breath.

Many cats tend to look up to Wolf for he is composed and calm in the heat of a battle or crisis. Wolf is a strategist, his mind ticking through various situations to determine the best outcome for not only himself but the tribe as well. He is clever and will always use his mind before speaking. Speaking to large groups or discussing matters of strategy or political gain, are no issues for the heavily driven tom.

Putting Tribe business aside - Wolf is easy-going and kind albeit silent at times. The tom tends to enjoy being alone when he can; acting much of a lone wolf outside of his responsibilities. Despite this, he won't turn down company if offered. Wolf likes watching the rain fall, watching the droplets darken and dampen the earth. He is proud of his accomplishments and thrives in the growth of the Tribe.

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Mother: Shadow

Father: Unknown

Siblings: None

Extended: -

Mentor: Jag (Jagged of sharpened rock)

Apprentices: Sky (Sky that is empty of clouds)


Wolf's history is much of a mystery to others. The tom keeps it hidden away like a secret destined to never be told. Wolf was born to a she-cat whom had no love for him. She had never wanted kits, he was a mere stain on her life. There was struggle and hardship sourcing food and shelter. Eventually Shadow stumbled upon the Tribe. At the time, Wolf was only 2 moons old. The Tribe was hesitant but was tempted by the prospect of a new fighter and/or hunter. Wolf; based on his size, was already pre-determined to become a cave-guard. Shadow was in fact a large she-cat, she towered over most others effortlessly. Tribe life was proving to test her however for she was never one to get along with others and act as a community. The prey and shelter were too good to pass up, though.

As the moons went on, Wolf became more and more of a bad taste in Shadow's mouth. So much so, she would whisper vile things to the tom; claiming he would never amount to much. The fae never went as far as to physically harm him although it was clearly tempting her. Wolf never knew that what was going on was abnormal until he became a to-be. The tom learned that aggression, violence and fighting ought to be saved for enemies. Size and strength should be used for good, never bad. Wolf thrived in training, but his mother still detested her son. It seemed no matter what Wolf did, he was always a disappointment.

One day, when Wolf was around 8 moons old, he and Jag went out to the edge of the territory to catch up with a patrol. Reports had stated there were rogues pushing the boundaries and back-up was needed. Wolf by this stage had mastered 1 or 2 good tactics under his paw, but was still learning. Still, Jag was proud of him and thought it was time for him to try a real battle. Wolf was doing well, but he accidentally lost is footing and stumbled; allowing one of the rogues to pin him and take some serious blows. Shadow came steaming out from the bushes. She lost her tongue and started shouting abuse at Wolf, who had simply made a small and honest mistake. Jag quickly went to his to-be's aid and tackled the large enemy off Wolf. Wolf felt frozen in fear; listening as his mother continued to rattle off insults about his abilities. Eventually a rogue caught her by the scruff and they tussled. Again, Wolf simply sat there in horror at his mistakes.

Jag and the others fought off the group of rogues, sending them slithering back to their dens with severe wounds. The patrol was not without it's injuries either, though. Jag, who had watched his confident trainee curl into a crumpled mess at the words of Shadow was furious at her behavior. However, when he looked for her, he found her bloodied and broken. Shadow was not dead yet, but she was gravely injured and was unlikely to make it back to camp. Jag sent for someone to grab a healer for Shadow but then parted her side, picking up Wolf and taking him back to camp. A healer reached the edge of the territory, but by the time she reached there, Shadow was already gone.

Wolf was a mess after that. He was upset about his mother's passing and was riddled with doubt and uncertainty in his abilities. The to-be's wounds were minor and healed with some rest. But, it was his mindset that was trashed. Jag worked hard, day in and day out to help boost the young male's confidence and rework the moons of damage inflicted by Shadow.

Thanks to Jag, Wolf became a sentry and ended up leading small patrols and scouting groups. It had taken 10 moons, but he had managed to instill confidence back into the young tom.

Once Wolf sourced his confidence, he kept most of his history about Jag and Shadow a secret. Jag never told anyone and no one else ever asked. Wolf was blessed with the chance to train an apprentice too - it was a big moment for him and one he did not squander. The apprentice was energetic and clumsy, but Wolf was patient and determined to watch her succeed. After some frustrating and painful sessions, she was named a sentry, thanks to Wolf's hard work.

Midway through Wolf's training opportunity with Sky, the Flamewatcher of the Tribe passed away. The tom had aged considerably and admittedly, everyone felt it within their hearts that the time was near. A pristine white feline took his place, once going by the name Fawn. She spent a little bit of time in her role before appointing Wolf as her sentinel. At the time of his appointment, he had just finished training Sky and albeit young, was ready to take on the challenge Flame had bestowed onto him.
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