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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
prefix: Stone - In remark to his grey and red tinted hide like that of a stone

suffix: Tooth - Skilled Hunter/Aggressive
27 moons
Bisexual (female preference)

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
Massive ticked grey and brown tabby.
General Appearance
Stonetooth is a massive tom, though not necessarily in bulk. One could make a fair argument that he is mostly legs. He tends to stand over most of his clan mates and because of this, it can be hard to tell if he's looking down on others or if it's just his face. A pelt painted in gentle swatches of greys, reds, and cream, almost ivory colors, he couldn't probably be mistaken for a stone if it weren't for the dark stripes that lapped at his limbs though ticked off into a dark color along his back. His fur isn't particularly long like a Persian, or short like a Mau, settled right between, but with a thick coat that hides most of his scars with general ease. There are two scars that stand out against him, One, the end of his left ear that appears to barely be hanging on as is, flopping around as he moves. The second, a deep set of scratch marks etched  near his flank, the wound too deep or wide to get covered up by his fur. To top it all off are a set of dark eyes, a haunting green like an evergreen forest that could swallow you whole.

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Hunting, a Challenge, the Stars

Disloyalty, Overly loud and bubbly personalities, laziness, lying

Fighting, Hunting, Climbing

Very bad at dealing with emotions (his or others), Can't swim, Depressed

To become a warrior spoken of for generations.

To be Forgotten, the water

Stonetooth is as his name would suggest. Hard to read, sharp tongue, and a look that could kill. He seems rather stoic for the most part, keeping to himself for the most part. A sharp wit and apathetic tone leave much to be desired in the eyes of company though. He looks at others expecting rejection and betrayal. Waiting for that turned back he knows all too well. He finds a kind of sick humor in it really. Why would thy turn their backs on someone they don't trust? A back is such an easy thing to sink one's claws into.

But perhaps he's not all thorns and cynicism. He holds onto this hollow feeling deep in his soul, a lonliness that he would yell in protest that he doesn't have, but the weight of it drags him down so often that he has begun to seek to fill it. Reaching for someone, anyone to look at him with anything other than contempt. Stonetooth is starving for the love he was robbed of at such a young age.

Perhaps most of all, he wants to be noticed. As a hero or a villian doesn't matter, but he will be seen.

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Mother: JayFeather (NPC - whereabouts unknown)

Father: ThistleFoot (NPC - Deceased)

Siblings: DewKit (deceased), ShadowKit(deceased)


Mentor: BadgerFoot

Apprentices: None


Jayfeather and Thistlefoot were an odd couple to say the least. Jayfeather had a mind all her own, headstrong, proud, and confidence that sometimes came off as narcissistic. Thistlefoot, his father was a wall flower. He didn't have any enemies, but struggled to form close bonds with fellow clan mates. Jayfeather always seemed to overshadow him, even if unintentional. Realizing he'd do just about anything she, or anyone asked, she often drug him along out of the camp to hunt or patrol. Over time they grew closer and eventually became mates much to the clan's surprise.

It wasn't long after their mateship did they expect kittens, but the first litter wasn't a pleasant one. All 4 kits were stillborn and no one knew why or how this happened. Jayfeather was grief stricken, and spent as much time away from the camp as she could. The sight of other queens and their kits filling her with rage that she'd lost hers. Thistlefoot followed her nonetheless, trying to bring her some comfort. As they grew older, her distress over the loss litter subsided, but never faded. Getting older Jayfeather and Thistlefoot were blessed or perhaps cursed with one more chance at raising kits. To the relief of both, she bore 2 healthy kits. The 3rd was alive, but weak. Nonetheless, the queen guarded them like a mother bear, determined to get all three to apprenticeship.

This was later into the Tyrannical rain of Bonestar and his Conquerers mindset would prove fatal both on and off the battlefield. With prey stretching thin she, like the other queens and warriors, were growing more and more hungry and she was struggling to provide for her kits. It didn't take long before sickness took hold of the smallest of the litter. Dewkit, a runt in every sense of the word, didn't stand a fighting chance in the harsh environment and one morning. Her feeble body just didn't wake up. The Queen's den was filled with the wails of a mourning mother as she once again lost her kit.

With the blistering grief and rage welling inside her, she stood tall for Bonestar who preached of better times to come. Battles grew more frequent and the soil stained red as they claimed more and more territory. While she offered her strength to the front lines, her young kits were left behind in the care of fellow den mothers and her mate, the meek ThistleFoot. This decision would prove to be both of their undoings.

It wasn't long before BoneStar would fall, she returned from a gruesome battle, exhausted, blood both her own and someone else's darkening her already shadowed pelt. But what would greet her was not her mate and her two kits. Rather, her mate and a single, lone kit. He was the largest of the litter, quiet, almost stoic, but his eyes resembled her own. A sharp, antagonizing, accusing look. In her absence, the other denmother was unable to provide enough for the extra kits and Shadowkit, at nearly 4 moons, suffered the fatal consequences.

JayFeather couldn't handle it. That was the final straw and she snapped. All of her blame and fury landed a single, poor unfortunate soul. ThistleFoot. Drowning in a sea of devastation and rage, she went mad. ThistleFoot hardly put up a fight against her onslaught. Whether it was because he couldn't bare to hurt her, or perhaps he thought he deserved it, but JayFeather managed to deal a fatal blow before she could be stopped.

There were several who witnessed the brutality, shocked and terrified by what they'd just seen in their own clan and at a time like this. But this one thing. This one moment in time would change one spectator for good. A small, green eyed Kit. A kit who had lost everything. A kit whose once loving and gentle gaze was permanently stained red as his father lay smeared across the dirt at the paws of the one who birthed him. The blood of a clan may run strong, but the blood of his kin ran cold into the dirt.

Wounded, but deranged, they were left with no choice, but to chase JayFeather out and with her injuries, she most likely wouldn't survive long.

And what was left at the end of their twisted, bloodstained stories but a single lone kit sitting like an epilogue to a Shakspearian tragedy. Stonekit's story seemed to be muted in the chaos though in the fall of Bonestar. Muted, but not forgotten.

With Fangstar's rise to power, Stonekit too rose in ranks becoming Stonepaw. And who else should be shackled with the kit of a killer than Badgerfoot, the only remaining feline from Bonestar's Elite. It was a match made in hell. A warrior shackled with shame that could hardly seem to look anyone in the eye and an apprentice whose gaze no one wanted to meet.

Now, Stonepaw didn't really understand the unease everyone seemed to show his new mentor. In his young eyes, he was just another warrior. Though everything and everyone was shifting and changing so perhaps it was a normal he just didn't understand. Others seemed to treat him just the same as his new mentor so perhaps that's just the way it was.

He was a curious young tom, almost annoying with his questions, but his drive to learn and succeed was unquestionable. At first Stonepaw thought the amount of work was to push him to learn, but it soon began to become evident that this wasn't normal training. It was like nonstop barrage of chores, fighting, hunting. There was hardly a moment of peace. Perhaps it was this grueling treatment that made him the warrior he would become, but instead sewed hatred and resentment into his young body.

He'd grown accustomed to the never ending, days of work, but it all just... stopped. Stonepaw had rose early to meet his mentor's challenges only to find none.  By the time he did find Badgerfoot, the man was shy one of his eyes, but it quickly became evident it was the only thing that had gone missing. He didn't know what had taken the eye, but with it went the man's fighting spirit it seemed. Training was few and far between and when they did occur, his mind seemed elsewhere. The challenges that once pushed young Stonepaw was now nothing more than a time waster.

He even began to miss the intensive training at one point and began to encroach on the training sessions of other apprentices, though no one seemed all too eager to practice fighting with him as if they were afraid he would become his mother, but perhaps pushing him away from everyone was like a self-fulfilling prophecy in itself.

His distaste for his clan mates only continued to fester and grow in his isolation. Stonepaw plastered a smirk upon his face and offered hollow smiles to those around him, but with each turned eye and only drifted further and further away form where he was.

When it came time for him to earn his Warrior's name, he didn't have trouble passing, but his name certainly reflected him as he looked out among the other's with a cold, gaze. From then on he was StoneTooth.

He certainly lived up to his name, Earning scars of his own as if he sought out conflict, and painting war upon his hide.
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27 Moons
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