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Tribe of Fiery Skies
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35 moons
Tribe of Fiery Skies

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large inky tom with lightning colored eyes
General Appearance
Blacker than a matte midnight sky, Firefly stands as a bulky, shadowy figure constantly stalking the borders, lightning eyes flashing in the dark. His build is stocky and large, with a broad face and paws; he easily outweighs most cats on muscle mass alone and trains constantly, possessing the scars along his flank and neck to prove it. Firefly's demeanor is hunched and imposing, often a dark spot at the edge of one's vision as he lurks in the caves and outcroppings making up camp. Relatively, he is much uglier than both of his siblings, and he tends to rely on this to cement his reputation as a pillar of strength.

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Strength, being strong; realism; sparsely populated areas, silence

Frivolous merrymaking; feeling guilty; paranoia; feeling useless; cowardice

Sheer physical strength; intimidation; diligent in his duties

Phlegmatic; childish; quick to pass harsh judgement; insecure

To be the strongest in the tribe and protect himself and his family from further fear and strife.

Disease; things he cannot fight; his lies becoming public (rational). Firefly does not entertain irrational fears.

Unemotive, forceful, and petty, Firefly's personality is opposite his delicate name. He despises cowardice, especially his own, and prefers to meet situations nose-to-nose rather than beat around the proverbial bush. If problems cannot be solved with violence or demands, he quickly becomes frustrated as the thought of his uselessness truly takes hold. Throwing himself into this lifestyle has left Firefly prickly and sullen, a stark contrast to his more lighthearted and reckless childhood self.

Firefly tends to commit things too personally, every insult, every offhand remark, and tries his hardest to direct blame onto others as a deflection mechanism, almost paralyzed by his own insecurity and frantic to hide it. This has earned him a reputation for being overbearing and unapproachable, and internally, Firefly prefers it this way.

True, this dark-furred tom lacks levity in his expression and refuses to humor it outwardly, but inside, all he desires is the forgiveness of his sisters and the return of their affections. He has taken it upon himself to carry the brunt of the blame for the events leading to Butterfly's devastating injuries and Dragonfly's fallen upstanding reputation, but simply cannot bring himself to admit so. He could not protect them then, too weak to fight the foxes off and too cowardly to face the consequences, and that thought has struck him with a heavy burden. Firefly almost resents his family for allowing him to ruin them, and detests most of all feeling as if he'll never be able to make it right. Between Dragonfly's bitter scorn and Butterfly's sickening physical reminders, how could he ever apologize? How could he expect to be forgiven?

To avoid these feelings, Firefly has cultivated a nonchalant and yet unforgiving demeanor, quick to spit scathing remarks and unafraid to speak his mind regarding one's overwhelming inadequacy. He has to look strong, has to be strong, to protect his sisters and protect himself with a shell thicker than the trunk of the oldest tree.

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Mother: Moth that Flies toward Light

Father: Cricket Chirps at Daybreak

Siblings: Butterfly Flutters At Dawn; Dragonfly Hovers over Water

Extended: N/A

Mentor: N/A

Apprentices: N/A


Firefly, born to a she-cat who desired more than anything to forge the perfect family, grew up a third of a unit. He and his sisters, despite their striking differences, possessed a tight bond, even regarding their mother's dissatisfaction and their parents' incessant bickering.

Adored by the camp, the trio often sought out trouble and adventure, though Butterfly was often held back by their overbearing mother from participating in such things. Dragonfly dragged Firefly into her games, but despite his sullen attitude, enjoyed entertaining her curiosity. As they grew into to-bes, however, he became increasingly worried for Butterfly, who seemed to retreat further into herself in response to their mother's inflicted isolation.

The trio soon grew, and in the moons leading to their duty naming, Dragonfly and Firefly caught wind of a rumor that a fox den had cropped up near camp. For the matte black tom, it seemed a chance to show the tribe that he was more than ready to become a full fledged sentry, prepared to protect and eager to fight. He and Dragonfly managed to goad their mother into letting Butterfly accompany them, but only after lying about their true whereabouts.

Daring Butterfly to enter the den first would be a mistake none of them will ever forget. Their sister stepped inside, and moments later, the two outside heard a cry. The grotesque blood-scent wafting through the den curdled Firefly's stomach and bile rose in his throat, the sour taste triggering his hyper-alertness. A fox's nose peered from the den mouth, stained with crimson, and Firefly faced it, shaking. It turned to Dragonfly, who bolted at the sight, and chased after his sister, leaving her siblings at the scene, alone. The remaining fox inside slunk into view and lept at Firefly, who...couldn't move. He couldn't. His paws were frozen, unsheathed and digging into the soil with a deathly grip. Butterfly's blood-scent wrapped around him, soaking into his fur, his nose, and then it was his own. The fox gripped him by the torso and shook him fiercely, launching the young cat into a young tree sprig as it released. His flank burned. He couldn't fight this...this monster. An all-consuming sense of utter hopelessness crept forth, darkening his vision.

It was lucky for both of them that a trope of cave guards arrived when they did to rescue the missing to-bes. Maybe Dragonfly alerted them, or maybe their mother had gotten anxious for Butterfly's return; Firefly didn't know. Sick and bleeding on the ground, he watched the guards fight the remaining fox, watched one of them fall, and watched the remaining drag his sister out into the open, bloodied almost beyond recognition. Perhaps his wounds could heal, but he had a sense that hers would not.

Stingy from Dragonfly's betrayal and crushed by his own inadequacy, Firefly swore up and down that the event was, in its entirety, his sister's idea. She, ever the warrior, took the brunt of it stoically, only annoying Firefly more. Why couldn't she attack him? Get angry, lash out? Something? It was just as much Firefly's fault; he'd goaded them on just as much. Perhaps even more so. And it killed him inside.

Their mother's shame came as an expectation for Firefly. He took it gratefully, thinking it as, finally, the punishment he deserved. Still, he tried to plead for Butterfly's returned affections, for if anything she remained the sole innocent victim. But it seemed their mother could no longer stand a daughter who looked the way Butterfly now did, another nail in Firefly's coffin. His parents' arguments ringing unforgivingly in his ears and Dragonfly's exhausting punishment schedule did nothing to quell the discomfort in his chest.

That discomfort grew to insecurity, and that into anxiety. Firefly threw himself into his sentry training and duties, becoming almost unbearingly stern and refusing to entertain those that before he might have called friends. He barely took into account the tragedy his mother's untimely, quiet death, but bitterly claimed Dragonfly had poisoned the she-cat out of spite, jealous of her outer strength and feeling cheated that she seemed to be doing better than he, despite the terrible circumstances that had befallen all of them.
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